Congressman Pallone Welcomes Offshore Wind Initiative (USA)

U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr. praised the initiative announced on Monday by the Obama Administration to accelerate the development and deployment of offshore wind as an energy source in a strategic plan that includes the Outer Continental Shelf off New Jersey.

Offshore wind energy is a smart way to generate clean, inexpensive electricity,” said Pallone. “This is also a step forward in reducing our dependence on foreign oil, cutting down on the pollution caused by fossil fuels and a means of advancing new technologies that could produce jobs in America.”

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and Secretary of Energy Steven Chu announced the “National Strategic Work Plan for Offshore Wind” as a means of fostering the growth of an offshore wind industry, including the pursuit of breakthrough technologies.

Today’s announcement includes $50.5 million for projects in the mid-Atlantic area, which includes sites off the shores of New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia and Maryland. The first step in the process will be environmental reviews.

Up to $25 million would be designated for the development of new technologies, including designs for wind turbines.

The pursuit of innovative technologies can generate economic activity as well as clean energy,” said Pallone. “It can lead to new businesses and more jobs with a forward-looking energy policy.

In addition to the development of new technologies, the plan announced today would allocate funding to identify business opportunities and to further advance next generation turbines, a core technology of wind energy.


Source: thestatecolumn, February 11, 2011