GEMS adds Normand Tonjer to its fleet (UK)

GEMS has commissioned a high spec DP2 vessel, the MV Normand Tonjer, for geotechnical wind farm work in the North Sea.

The MV Normand Tonjer is fully equipped by GEMS for geotechnical services for wind farm turbine site investigations with new geotechnical drilling spread. A specialist deep 20 ton seabed CPT system will also be added to the vessel’s capability in Q3 of 2010.

Vessel capabilities include Geotechnical and Geophysical services and ROV services.

On board the MV Normand Tonjer is a 50 tonne at 15m rated crane, a helicopter deck, built in Air Dive control room and online positioning and data acquisition suites.

Currently the MV Normand Tonjer is being utilised on a North Sea wind farm contract.


Source: gems-group, August 10, 2010;