Size Matters for Dong

In an effort to cut down the cost of offshore wind energy as much as possible, Dong Energy is investing in bigger offshore wind turbines and plans to take it to the next level.

Apart from using massive high-capacity wind turbines, Dong also aims to diversify its supplier list, on which Siemens has been its Number One so far, especially with its 6MW turbines. However, the company does not want to rely on one supplier in the future, Samuel Leupold, CEO of Dong Energy Wind, told Reuters.

In August, the company signed a deal with MHI Vestas Offshore Wind for the purchase of 32 units of V164-8.0MW turbine for the Burbo Bank Extension and what Dong picks for its upcoming offshore wind projects, such as Race Bank and Walney Extension, could set a standard for the industry.

“We prefer bigger turbines, 5 megawatts or more, going forward as they are a big lever in reducing costs,” Leupold explained.

In this light, future cooperation between the two companies would be a bullseye, if MHI Vestas builds its 10MW turbine.


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Offshore WIND Staff; Image: MHI Vestas