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11 June 2019 Ports & Logistics, Technology

Spanish turbine tower manufacturer GRI has shipped out the four tower sections that will be part of GE’s Haliade-X 12 MW prototype to be installed later this summer in Maasvlakte-Rotterdam. The four segments at GRI’s site in Seville will be arriving in the Netherlands before the end of the month, GE Renewable Energy said. Upon arrival […]

15 January 2018 Operations & Maintenance, Ports & Logistics

CS Wind UK has shipped out the first batch of UK-made offshore wind tower sections from the Campbeltown harbour in Scotland.

3 January 2018 Operations & Maintenance, R&D

CS Wind UK is commencing the transportation of the first nine offshore tower sections from its Machrihanish factory in Campbeltown, Scotland, to the local harbour on 8 January.

13 May 2016 Operations & Maintenance, Wind Farm Update

The first tower components for the 258MW Burbo Bank Extension project have begun arriving at MHI Vestas' pre-assembly site in the Belfast Harbour.  The middle tower sections which arrived this week will support the 32 MHI Vestas V164-8.0 MW wind turbines at the Burbo Bank wind farm located in Liverpool Bay, west of the existing 90MW […]

14 May 2013

The terminal operator, Cuxport, handled a major order for the wind turbine manufacturer REpower Systems SE between the end of February and the middle of May – and completed it without making any errors at all. Cuxport transhipped 22 tower segments, which were manufactured at AMBAU in Cuxhaven. The components are earmarked for 11 offshore […]

3 July 2019 R&D, Technology

GE Renewable Energy has installed three out of four tower sections which will support the prototype Haliade-X 12 MW wind turbine at Maasvlakte in the Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The final tower section will be installed once the nacelle arrives at Maasvlakte during the summer, GE Renewable Energy said. The Haliade-X 12 MW nacelle […]

20 June 2019 Ports & Logistics, R&D, Technology

The four tower sections that will be part of GE’s Haliade-X 12 MW wind turbine prototype have arrived in Rotterdam. The four segments left GRI’s site in Seville, Spain, earlier this month. After unloading the tower segments, a series of pre-assembly works will take place, including the installation of some tower segments, GE Renewable Energy said. The […]

15 November 2018 Ports & Logistics, Wind Farm Update

The Buss Terminal Eemshaven has received the first shipment of wind turbine tower sections for the Trianel Windpark Borkum II offshore wind project.

8 January 2018

CS Wind UK has loaded its first offshore tower section in Kintyre, Scotland, which is now ready to go to the Campbeltown harbour.

12 December 2017 Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance, R&D, Technology

ASM Industries (ASMI) has established a new wind tower production line in Sever do Vouga, Portugal, which will be able to support the company’s new offshore tower production unit in Port of Aveiro, if required.

4 December 2017 Ports & Logistics, Wind Farm Update

The first blades and tower sections for GE Haliade 6MW wind turbines that will spin at the Merkur offshore wind farm in Germany have arrived at the Buss Orange Blue Terminal in Eemshaven port, the Netherlands.

21 September 2017 Business & Finance

The first offshore wind tower section has left the paint shop at CS Wind UK's facilities in Machrihanish, Scotland.

6 March 2017 Vessels, Wind Farm Update

The first turbine tower components built for the world's first floating wind farm, the 30MW Hywind Scotland, have been loaded onto a cargo ship and are en route to the assembly base in Stord, Norway, according to Navacel, the manufacturer of the towers. Statoil, the owner and developer of Hywind Scotland, awarded Navacel with the contract […]

8 June 2016 Wind Farm Update

GE Renewable Energy has shared a photo showing offshore wind towers for the 30MW Block Island wind farm being arranged in a line in Providence after completing their journey from Europe to Rhode Island, US. The five-turbine offshore wind farm is being developed by Deepwater Wind some three miles off the coast of Block Island. Once commissioned in […]

18 May 2016 Business & Finance, Wind Farm Update

Statoil has awarded the Bilbao-based Navacel with a contract for the supply of five towers which will support the turbines at the world's first floating wind farm, the 30MW Hywind Scotland Pilot Park. The turbine towers to be supplied by Navacel will have a height of 83 metres with a diameter of 7.5 metres at the base and […]

18 March 2016 Business & Finance, Wind Farm Update

General Electric (GE) is today officially kicking off the assembly of the towers for the wind turbines to be installed at the 30MW Block Island Wind Farm, the first offshore wind farm in the United States. Built by Deepwater Wind and located three miles the coast of Block Island, Rhode Island, the wind farm is scheduled to […]

7 December 2015

Blue Water Shipping has handled the transport of four gigantic wind turbine towers on their way to Osterild, where the Danish test centre for wind turbines is located.  The tower sections weigh up to 190 tons each and have a diameter of nearly seven metres. The fourth transport was completed in October when the latest turbine […]

18 November 2015 Wind Farm Update

AMBAU started fabricating the 43m long tower sections for Nordergründe wind farm's turbines at its facilities in Cuxhaven. The company said this is a result of an integrated design approach of a tower, transition piece and monopile foundation. The remaining required tower length will be realized by a combined tower-TP (Long-TP). In addition to the tower sections, […]

27 October 2014 Technology, Wind Farm Update

On September 24, the largest offshore tower to date has left the AMBAU plant in Cuxhaven for Scotland. Consisting of four segments, the tower has a total height of 106 metres and a diameter of 7.33 metres at the base flange, making it the largest of its kind.   AMBAU manufactured the tower on behalf […]

27 June 2012

Cuxport GmbH completed another major order for the plant construction manufacturer REpower Systems SE on 20 June 2012 with the tenth loading operation involving tower segments for offshore wind turbines. The components, which were produced by AMBAU GmbH and transhipped at Cuxport, are destined for the Thornton Bank II & III offshore wind park in […]

25 November 2010

Tata Steel is investing £1.3 million in a new processing and distribution centre in Scunthorpe to take advantage of anticipated growth in the wind power sector and help realise the UK’s ambitious renewable energy programme over the next decade. The new hub will handle up to 200,000 tonnes per year (tpa) of steel plate manufactured […]

27 November 2017 R&D, Technology, Wind Farm Update

The tower sections and the nacelle of the first Siemens 7MW wind turbine were installed on the Nissum Bredning demonstration site in Denmark over the weekend.

17 July 2019 Grid Connection, Technology

Visser & Smit Hanab has completed the cable connection which will link the prototype Haliade-X 12 MW wind turbine at Maasvlakte 2 in the Port of Rotterdam to the Stedin high-voltage station. The 1.5-kilometre, 66kV connection was tested on 16 and 17 July, after which it was put into operation, Visser & Smit Hanab said. GE Renewable […]

21 June 2019 Ports & Logistics

LM Wind Power has rolled out the first blade for GE’s Haliade-X 12MW offshore wind turbine at its factory in Cherbourg, France. According to the company, the 107m long blade, the world's largest, has made its first trip outside the factory. Final preparations for the shipment of the LM 107.0 P blade to Maasvlakte-Rotterdam in the Netherlands are now […]

6 June 2019 Contracts & Tenders

Denmark's  Welcon has received an order from MHI Vestas to deliver tower sections for the 950MW Moray East wind farm offshore Scotland. In total, Welcon will manufacture and deliver 70 bottom sections, 34 middle sections and 34 top sections for the project. The sections are scheduled to be delivered from the fourth quarter of 2019 until […]

18 April 2019 R&D

LM Wind Power has produced the first blade for GE’s Haliade-X 12MW offshore wind turbine at its factory in Cherbourg, France. According to LM Wind Power, the 107m long blade, the world's largest, has completed the molding process. The LM 107.0 P will now proceed with post-molding finishing touches, before undergoing testing and validation to demonstrate its ability […]