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1 April 2014 Business & Finance, R&D, Technology


31 May 2019 Wind Farm Update


13 March 2018 R&D, Technology

The Carbon Trust has launched BLUE PILOT, a large-scale demonstration project aimed at reducing costs and underwater noise during construction of offshore wind farms as part of the Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA).

1 May 2018

Rentel NV is holding an Open Yard Day for the Rentel offshore wind farm on 6 May in the Port of Ostend, Belgium.

25 June 2019 Environment


7 June 2017 Grid Connection, Technology

The Seamole (previously Excalibur), a recently upgraded remotely operated vehicle (ROV), has successfully completed its first round of projects burying offshore power cables for Prysmian Powerlink Services Ltd.

24 May 2017 Wind Farm Update

Smulders has put the first upper jacket for the Beatrice offshore wind farm’s foundation on top of the first lower jacket, thus completing the first foundation for the 588MW project.

27 November 2017 Operations & Maintenance, Wind Farm Update

Statoil has used drones to inspect all turbine blades on the Sheringham Shoal wind farm off Norfolk, UK.

21 July 2016 Wind Farm Update


19 October 2016 Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance, R&D, Technology


25 April 2018 Grid Connection, Vessels, Wind Farm Update

Seaway Heavy Lifting’s heavy lift vessel Oleg Strashnov has installed the jacket foundation for the second Offshore Transformer Module (OTM) on the Beatrice offshore wind farm in the Outer Moray Firth, Scotland.

1 March 2019 Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update


25 October 2019 Operations & Maintenance, Vessels, Wind Farm Update


18 February 2019 R&D


12 September 2018 Vessels

Bridgemans Services Group’s floatel MV Bluefort has been fitted with a new boat landing facility that is said to be capable of transferring up to 150 turbine technicians into the field each day.

23 February 2015 Business & Finance, Wind Farm Update


27 July 2015 Vessels


17 October 2016 Authorities, Environment, R&D, Training & Education


31 January 2019 Grid Connection


7 May 2018 Business & Finance, Vessels

Esvagt’s Service Operation Vessel (SOV) business has become a focal point for the company in 2018, as the vessel owner and operator continues working on the optimisation of its core business areas and its finance took a hit by low activity in the oil and gas sector in 2017. 

15 October 2010 Business & Finance


14 November 2018 Business & Finance

SSE plc is consolidating the development, operation and ownership of its renewable energy assets in the UK and Ireland under a single entity.

23 January 2017 Operations & Maintenance, R&D, Technology, Training & Education


21 September 2015 Wind Farm Update


10 October 2017 Wind Farm Update

The U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) has awarded a grant to the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) supporting the development of an offshore wind farm in Jamaica.