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30 November 2018 Authorities, Business & Finance, Contracts & Tenders, Environment

A bill promoting the commercial use of offshore wind in Japanese waters has passed both houses of Japan's National Diet.

7 November 2018 Authorities

The Japanese Cabinet has re-introduced a bill promoting commercial use of offshore wind to the 197th extraordinary National Diet session which started on 24 October and will last for 48 days.

3 May 2016 Authorities

New Jersey's governor Chris Christie yesterday returned the bill S988, which would allow Fishermen’s Energy to build its offshore wind farm off Atlantic City, to the state's Senate without his approval. The Senate passed the bill in March, after its predecessor (S2711), also approved by the Senate, had been dismissed by the governor. Sponsored by senators Bob Smith and Jim Whelan, the bill required New Jersey Board of […]

15 March 2016 Authorities

The New Jersey Senate yesterday cleared the bill S988, which was introduced to the Senate on 4 February, after its predecessor (S2711), also approved by the Senate, had been dismissed by Governor Chris Christie. The Senate voted 53:21 in favour of the legislation that would allow Fishermen’s Energy to build its offshore wind farm off Atlantic City. However, this new bill, the same as its predecessor, […]

22 February 2016 Authorities

On Thursday afternoon, a majority of the parties in the Dutch House of Representatives voted in favour of a new legislative proposal to speed up the offshore wind development, which was introduced by Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp.  The proposed Amendment to the Electricity Act 1998 (timely achievement of the Energy Agreement objectives), which would enter into […]

20 January 2016 Authorities, Wind Farm Update

New Jersey governor Chris Christie chose not to sign Senate Bill S-2711, which would have instructed the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) to open a new window for applications for small offshore wind projects off the coast of Atlantic City. The bill, which got the green light from the New Jersey’s Senate at the beginning of this […]

3 February 2015 Authorities

Two bills that could end New Jersey Board of Public Utilities’ (BPU) blocking of wind energy projects offshore Atlantic City have passed the State Senate Environmental Panel, writes South Jersey Times. The first piece of legislation come from Smith and Senate President Stephen M. Sweeney who proposed two acts, "Offshore Wind Economic Development Act" (OWEDA) and […]

1 July 2013 Authorities

Governor Paul R. LePage signed LD 1472, “An Act to Provide for Economic Development with Offshore Wind Power.” The Governor advocated for an amendment to the bill which requires the Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to conduct a second round of competitive bidding for offshore wind projects. A Norwegian multi-national oil and gas company, Statoil, […]

10 April 2013 Authorities

Governor Martin O’Malley, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr, House Speaker Michael E. Busch, joined by Lieutenant Governor Anthony G. Brown, signed important legislation on April 9, which will create jobs and expand opportunity for more Marylanders. Among the bills signed into law are the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2013, the Employment […]

11 March 2013 Authorities

March 8 marks a momentous occasion for Marylanders – Offshore Wind legislation passed in the Senate with a vote of 30-15. Three years of work has paid off in huge dividends – in health benefits, in jobs, and in truly renewable energy options. The bill is now scheduled to go back to the House of […]

8 March 2013 Authorities

The Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2013 got a preliminary approval from the state Senate yesterday. The debate on the bill is scheduled to continue today, but the final vote is unlikely to come before Monday, reports.  During the yesterday’s debate, the Senate rejected six amendments to the bill offered by the Republicans, […]

27 February 2013 Authorities

The Senate Finance Committee voted 7-4 in favor of the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2013 (Senate Bill 275) on Tuesday, the reports. This is not an unexpected move, as the offshore wind bill, proposed by Governor Martin O'Malley, gained massive public support this year, along with the key Senate figures backing up […]

22 February 2013 Authorities

The Maryland House of Delegates gave preliminary approval to the Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2013, the Baltimore Sun informs. Governor Martin O'Malley's bill passed the second reading in the House on Wednesday and the third reading, and final vote on the bill, is scheduled for today (Friday, February 22). Eight amendments were introduced by […]

18 February 2013 Authorities

The Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2013, proposed by Governor Martin O’Malley, passed the House Economic Matters Committee on Friday, the Baltimore Sun reports. Last year, Governor O’Malley’s similar offshore wind bill passed the House of Delegates, but failed to pass the Senate Finance Committee. On February 13, the Senate Finance Committee held a hearing […]

4 February 2013 Business & Finance

Foreign companies will earn up to GBP 120 billion by 2020 on British subsidies for offshore wind, the Renewable Energy Foundation (REF) claims. This will be done through burdening consumers’ electricity bills. According to REF, owners of nine new UK’s large-scale offshore wind farms, which are expected to be mostly operational by 2020, will acquire […]

9 January 2013 Authorities

Wind energy will be one of the topics at this year's General Assembly in Maryland which starts today. Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller supports O'Malley's wind energy bill which failed twice to reach the Senate floor. Recently, Miller has made a committee change in order to pass the bill. Senator Muse, who swaped […]

4 January 2013 Authorities

Maryland’s Senator C. Anthony Muse from the Senate Finance Committee, who has opposed Governor Martin O’Malley’s plans for the development of offshore wind energy off Ocean City, will switch places with Senator Victor R. Ramirez from the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, The Gazette informs. This move, taken by the Senate leadership, should help the offshore […]

11 December 2012 Authorities

In his attempt to reintroduce the energy bill, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, last week asked a higher authority, i.e. the U.S. President Obama, for support, MD Coast Dispatch reports. The legislation aimed to spur wind power development offshore Maryland failed twice to come before the Senate. Governor O’Malley said that he will introduce a similar […]

29 November 2012 Business & Finance

Gov. Martin O’Malley will again try to introduce a similar bill on ensuring funding for an offshore wind farm which failed twice to make it out of the General Assembly, Gazette Net reports. According to the bill, the project that could cost USD 1 billion would not increase residents' bill by more than USD 2 […]

12 October 2012 Authorities

Governor Martin O’Malley, along with his advisors, will decide in the following couple of months about offshore wind being a part of the legislative priority again, Raquel Guillory, the Governor’s spokeswoman, said to the Gazette news site. He had already pushed offshore wind as a core of his energy policy, but only to be rejected. […]

10 April 2012

Executive Director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Mike Tidwell, released the statement regarding the Maryland Senate not voting for O'Malley's offshore wind bill. “In the face of increasingly extreme weather linked to climate change and in light of new studies showing Maryland is outrageously vulnerable to sea-level rise, it is totally unacceptable that the […]

6 April 2012 Authorities, Ports & Logistics

In anticipation of the much favoured adoption of the offshore wind Bill in the Senate Finance Committee, minority business owners and civic leaders plan to hold a gathering Friday morning to voice the Bill’s importance and thus pave the way for its passing, the Associated Press reports. It is said that the backers of the […]

30 March 2012 Authorities

According to Associated Press, the House of Delegates in Maryland is supposed to vote today on a Bill, aimed at introducing more favourable conditions for development of offshore wind off the coast of Ocean City. A scaled-back measure would reduce monthly costs to residential utility customers and amount to $1.50 a month, a rate adjustable […]

13 February 2012 Authorities

Gov. Martin O'Malley's offshore wind energy bill will face strong opposition tomorrow during the Senate Finance Committee hearing, reports Hometown Annapolis. Some business owners said that the utility bill is their single biggest bill after payroll. The bill would increase the energy bills for Maryland residents at USD 2 a month and nonresidential users' rates […]

24 January 2012 Authorities

A broad coalition of civic, environmental, faith, and business groups yesterday applauded Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s introduction of legislation to incentivize the development of offshore wind power along the state’s coastline. The Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2012 would set up a market-driven process to incentivize the construction of approximately 100 ocean-based wind turbines […]

23 January 2012 Authorities

Gov. Martin O'Malley is to unveil today a new approach to promoting offshore wind power that he hopes the General Assembly...   By Michael Dresser (baltimoresun) [mappress] Source: baltimoresun, January 23, 2012