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  • 11 May 2015

    CAPE Holland will open its doors to celebrate the product launch of the Vibro Lifting Tool on Friday, 22nd May and Saturday, May 23rd 2015 at their facility in Beilen, the Netherlands. Last year CAPE Holland introduced The CAPE Vibro System™ with the main component being the Register’ certified Vibro Lifting Tool (VLT). Equipped with […]

  • 16 April 2012
    Environment, Technology

    A contract has been awarded to Kongsberg Maritime Ltd to conduct underwater noise studies for an offshore renewables project that could eventually lead to 400MW being installed in the Inner Sound of the Pentland Firth. The contract, awarded by MeyGen Limited, will involve Kongsberg Maritime Ltd conducting both baseline and operational noise measurements from prototype […]

  • 3 December 2013
    Authorities, Environment

    From now on, new guidelines apply on the development of offshore wind power in German part of the North Sea, which regulate the protection of the North Sea harbor porpoises. As a result, the pile driving must be organized in a period when porpoises are in retreat, thus sufficiently far away from the place where […]

  • 6 August 2020
    Contracts & Tenders, Vessels

    Vattenfall has selected Northern Offshore Services (NOS) to provide two crew transfer vessels for the Kriegers Flak offshore wind project in Denmark. Under the three-year contract, the vessels will service the project’s turbines as they come into operation over the course of 2021. The CTVs will be based in Klintholm Harbor on Møn, NOS said. […]

  • 24 September 2014
    Business & Finance, Wind Farm Update

    Wpd, the project developer and operator located in Bremen, reports that the installation of the first three wind turbines at the Butendiek Offshore Wind Farm has been successfully completed. At the end of last week the rotor blades were fixed to the nacelles immediately after the installation of all 80 foundations and transition pieces, the […]

  • 8 May 2014

    A coalition of leading environmental and conservation organizations — Conservation Law Foundation (CLF), Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and National Wildlife Federation (NWF) — and Deepwater Wind announced an agreement to implement additional protections for endangered North Atlantic right whales during pre-construction activities for the Deepwater ONE offshore wind farm, which will be developed off […]

  • 16 September 2015
    Wind Farm Update

    At the two offshore wind farms Gode Wind 1 and 2, the last of 97 foundations has been installed. Dong Energy achieved this milestone ahead of schedule due to smooth foundation installation. Altogether, the installation of the 97 monopiles and transition pieces took five months. Trine Borum Bojsen, Managing Director of DONG Energy in Germany […]

  • 6 March 2013

    As part of its on-going investment in driveline innovation, Romax Technology adds two patents granted to its expanding portfolio of inventions. Romax’s Research and Development investment is represented by over 35 driveline, wind and software patent families across the world. With over twenty years in driveline engineering, Romax Technology is a world leader specialising in […]

  • 16 February 2012

    South Boats Special Projects Ltd. announced the launch and commissioning of its 52nd offshore wind farm crew transfer vessel, ‘Abersoch Bay’ to Turbine Transfers Ltd. Designed as a technology demonstration vessel to ‘live test’ new solutions for the industry, ‘Abersoch Bay’ incorporates equipment that will be fitted as standard to the new range of South […]

  • 27 January 2014

    North Sea Systems and Kongsberg Maritime Ltd have teamed up for the project at an Isle of Wight tidal renewables energy site. The two companies conducted a passive acoustic monitoring programme located just off Yarmouth, which is regarded as one of the prime locations in the South for potential tidal turbine development programmes. The project […]

  • 5 September 2014
    Authorities, Business & Finance, R&D, Technology

    The U.S. Energy Department has announced $7.25 million for six organizations that will continue to advance water power as a viable resource for America’s clean energy portfolio. Marine and hydrokinetic (MHK) technologies convert the energy of waves, tides, rivers, and ocean currents into electricity that can be used by homes and businesses, especially in coastal […]

  • 25 April 2016

    BOW Terminal has shared this photo of GeoSea’s Innovation at berth in Flushing and demobilising the equipment used for the installation of foundations at the 332MW Nordsee One offshore wind farm in the German North Sea. The photo shows a pile hammer stored along the heavy quay side and a noise mitigation system. Another noise mitigation […]

  • 12 February 2016
    Wind Farm Update

    Vattenfall has marked the installation of the 72nd and final foundation at the 288 MW Sandbank offshore wind farm with this group photo showing those involved in the project. The offshore construction work started in summer of 2015, and despite adverse weather conditions  in November and December, the installation of the foundations was completed within the […]

  • 2 September 2014
    Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance

    As an alternative to fossil fuels, wind power is plentiful, renewable, clean and produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation. The effects on the environment are generally less problematic than those from other power sources. In 2010, wind energy production was more than 2.5 percent of total worldwide electricity usage, and growing rapidly at more […]

  • 19 October 2015

    JASCO Applied Sciences, under subcontract to Tetra Tech Inc., is providing underwater acoustic measurement and monitoring services to Deepwater Wind during the installation of the Block Island Wind Farm. JASCO is conducting field data acquisition and subsequent analysis and interpretation for short- and long-term studies of noise from pile driving and related construction activities. The […]

  • 10 July 2013

    International renewable energy consultancy Natural Power has collaborated with academia to develop a new framework to inform the impact assessment and consenting of Offshore Wind Farms in Scotland. With over a decade of Planning and Development experience, Natural Power’s principal consultant Nancy McLean has been actively involved in a collaboration which has published a novel […]

  • 23 May 2014
    Wind Farm Update

    DONG Energy is well on its way with the construction of the Borkum Riffgrund 1 offshore wind farm in the North Sea. After nine months of construction work, things are now moving fast. On Friday, 16th May 2014, the team completed the first half of the foundation installation when they installed monopile foundation and transition […]

  • 18 May 2015

    While crew transfer vessels have originally been the main source for transferring technicians and engineers and their work tools to and from the wind farms, the growing trend of wind farms being, and to be built, further at sea has proven to provide quite some challenges for this sector. A challenge not only to maintain or […]

  • 18 May 2015

    Some residents have experienced disturbance from the piling work currently undertaken 7km offshore Herne Bay and Whitstable in Kent. The Swedish energy giant, Vattenfall, is currently installing foundations at the 49.5MW Kentish Flats Extension offshore wind farm comprising 15 turbines. Adam Ezzamel, Foundations Package Manager, pointed out the reasons behind noisy work at different times […]

  • 2 April 2020

    Seiche Environmental has been appointed to monitor and manage the safety of marine mammals at the Triton Knoll offshore wind project site in the UK. Seiche Environmental stated it is in charge of implementing important mitigation measures at the site offshore Lincolnshire, despite it already being assessed as having low potential for marine mammal presence. […]

  • 6 May 2020
    Environment, Technology, Wind Farm Update

    Vattenfall has introduced several upgrades to the design of the Vesterhav Syd and Vesterhav Nord nearshore wind farms in Denmark to reduce their visual and environmental impact. The two wind farms will, if approved, feature a radar system that will turn the light markings on the turbines at night only when there are aircraft nearby. […]

  • 15 January 2014
    Wind Farm Update

    E.ON has started the construction of Amrumbank West wind farm in the North Sea. The first foundation was installed today 37 kilometers northwest of the island of Helgoland. To help build Amrumbank West and other offshore projects, E.ON has chartered the MPI Discovery, a self-elevating turbine installation vessel or jackup rig, for several years. The […]

  • 23 May 2012

    South Boats Special Projects Ltd. announced the acceptance of its 61st offshore wind farm crew transfer vessel, ‘Offshore West Hinder’ by Offshore Wind Services BV at Seawork 2012, where the vessel is currently on display. Her sister ship ‘Offshore Wandelaar’ has passaged to a contract in Denmark following successful trials and acceptance. Offshore Wind Services […]

  • 16 May 2012

    South Boats Special Projects Ltd. announce the launch and commissioning of its 60th offshore wind farm crew transfer vessel, ‘Offshore Wandelaar’. The vessel is the first of two South Catamaran 19m WFSV designs to be delivered to Offshore Wind Services BV, ahead of its sister ship ‘Offshore West Hinder’ which can be seen at Seawork […]

  • 6 November 2014
    Technology, Wind Farm Update

    During October 2014 Inch Cape offshore wind farm accomplished another very important milestone in its development: an offshore met mast has been installed to gather accurate wind resource, wind direction and wind velocity data. The mast has a gravity base foundation mainly made out of concrete. This innovative foundation type reduces the noise generated by […]

  • 28 October 2014
    Business & Finance

    During the course of 2014, Aibel has announced several staff reductions due to reduced workload.  Over the past year, the company’s workload has been declining. This has resulted in several staff reductions. Simultaneously, Aibel has done extensive work to improve its competitiveness within the different business units. Employees within staff functions as well as the […]