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23 September 2019 Business & Finance


6 September 2019 Business & Finance, Grid Connection


23 August 2018 Technology

The Norther offshore high-voltage station (OHVS), which was installed at the offshore wind farm site on 22 August, has been equipped with an nCentric system providing wireless access for monitoring the substation from land.

21 June 2018 Operations & Maintenance, Wind Farm Update

While Vattenfall’s Danish nearshore wind farms – Vesterhav Syd and Nord – will power numerous light bulbs, the developer has requested permission from the authorities to reduce the night-time light markings on the wind turbines themselves.

21 May 2018

Following Crown Estate Scotland’s recent proposals to lease seabed for new offshore wind projects that would be built in the Scottish waters from the late 2020s, the UK offshore wind industry has shown its support emphasizing the positive impact the new sites would have on the country.

8 March 2018

Cathie Associates have performed a study which enabled the reduction of noise in the water column created by monopile driving at the Arkona offshore wind farm site in Germany, the company informed after all the 60 foundations were installed.

31 January 2018 Business & Finance

SSE informed that it expects its 2017/2018 capital and investment expenditure to be around GBP 1.6 billion, instead of previously anticipated GBP 1.7 billion. From 1 April to 31 December 2017, SSE’s capital spend totalled GBP 1.1 billion and has included, among other things, around GBP 355 million investment in on- and offshore wind. 

18 December 2017 Operations & Maintenance, R&D, Wind Farm Update

SGS Germany has awarded the 402MW Veja Mate offshore wind farm with the project certificate, marking the wind farm’s final milestone.

2 December 2016 Business & Finance, R&D


25 July 2016 Business & Finance


9 June 2016 Business & Finance, Grid Connection, Operations & Maintenance, R&D, Technology, Training & Education


6 June 2016 Authorities, Business & Finance, R&D


12 January 2016 R&D, Technology


3 December 2015 Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance


1 October 2014 Authorities, Business & Finance, Technology


8 September 2014 Business & Finance


20 September 2013 Business & Finance, Wind Farm Update