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  • 3 May 2013
    Operations & Maintenance, Technology

    Sea Installer managed to complete the installation of its 14th wind turbine in Anholt Offshore Wind Farm, wind turbine A19, on 4 April at 03:30 in the morning before heading for one of DONG Energy’s other offshore projects, West of Duddon Sands, in the Irish Sea. Even though Sea Installer is still at commissioning, it […]

  • 27 March 2017
    Wind Farm Update

    Following the installation of the jacket foundation on 15 March, the 2,900t topside for the second offshore substation at the Race Bank offshore wind farm was installed over the weekend.

  • 17 August 2011

    NorWind Installer (NWI) provided the construction vessel “North Sea Giant” owned by North Sea Shipping when BAUER Renewables Ltd., a subsidiary of BAUER Spezialtiefbau GmbH, successfully installed a drilled-in monopile foundation structure for a tidal energy turbine at the offshore test site of the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, Scotland, in late July. […]

  • 10 September 2015
    Wind Farm Update

    Westermeerwind has reached another milestone with the installation of the first set of wind turbine blades. The wind turbine blades arrived on Tuesday evening from Oude Zeug where they were preassembled via vessel LD27. The installation was completed the following day via ‘De Schelde’ pontoon fitted with the 11350 Liebherr crane, owned by Van Oord/Mammoet. […]

  • 10 December 2012

    On 7 December 2012, A2SEA’s new installation vessel, SEA INSTALLER, arrives in the port of Esbjerg, Denmark. Her journey began on 20 October 2012 as she departed from Qidong in China where she had spent the last 24 months under construction at COSCO shipyard. ”We are very proud of being able to welcome SEA INSTALLER and […]

  • 25 September 2018
    Wind Farm Update

    Swire Blue Ocean’s Pacific Orca has installed 20 out of 84 Siemens Gamesa 7MW turbines at the Beatrice offshore wind farm in the Outer Moray Firth, Scotland.

  • 10 May 2016

    The installation of Sandbank offshore wind farm’s offshore substation has been completed. It took around three hours to lift the topside from the transport ship and place it on the 51 metres high jacket foundation. The positioning and installation of the substation at sea, placed in water depth of 28 metres, was carried out by the installation vessel Stanislav Yudin. The 288MW Sandbank […]

  • 19 September 2017
    Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    Jan de Nul’s jack-up vessel Vole au Vent has installed the first of five 8.3MW MHI Vestas turbines at the 41.5MW Blyth Offshore Demonstrator project off the coast of Northumberland, UK, EDF RE reports.

  • 24 August 2015
    Grid Connection

    VBMS has been awarded a contract by E.ON for the installation of two 16 kilometre-long export cables for the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm. The 150kV HVAC cables will transport the power ashore from the 400 MW wind farm to the onshore cable in Brooklands Pleasure Park in Worthing, South East England. VBMS will deploy the […]

  • 1 October 2014
    Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update

    The weather did not play along the first couple of times EnBW attempted to anchor the offshore substation for its Baltic 2 offshore wind farm, but yesterday’s bright sunshine and a calm sea provided for ideal conditions to fix the substation to the seabed.  The 4,400-ton platform had already been transported from the port of Kiel in […]

  • 3 May 2016

    Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam (DSAm), part of Damen Shiprepair & Conversion, is currently undertaking a major modification and maintenance project on A2SEA’s jack-up vessel Sea Installer, which arrived at DSAm on 10 April. The yard’s primary focus will be to upgrade the vessel’s main crane. With its increased lifting capacity, the 132-metre vessel – used mainly for offshore wind […]

  • 10 August 2015
    Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update

    TekTube was installed on Westermeerwind near-shore wind farm in the Netherlands marking a major milestone for the company. Tekmar supplied cable installation contractor, VBMS, with 92 of its systems to protect the cables into the 48 wind turbine foundations for the Siemens’ EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) project which is located along the dikes of […]

  • 1 March 2016
    Wind Farm Update

    Siemens has installed the last of the 48 turbines at the 144MW Westermeerwind Wind Farm, the largest near-shore wind farm in the Netherlands. The Westermeerwind will be commissioned following a test phase, and it will provide enough power to meet the demand of around 160,000 Dutch households. Anne de Groot, Director of Westermeerwind, said: “Since almost half of […]

  • 25 September 2014

    Suitable for water depths of 30-60m with a height of 57m and weighing roughly 850 tonnes. The suction bucket jacket is installed at the offshore wind farm Borkum Riffgrund 1 in Germany.  The new foundation concept has been developed by DONG Energy in cooperation with Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) in the UK. The […]

  • 4 December 2014
    Grid Connection

    Bladt Industries A/S, Aalborg, Denmark has awarded Seaway Heavy Lifting the contract for the transportation and installation of the Sandbank substation. The substation platform consists of a jacket, skirt piles and deck and requires to be installed in the Sandbank Offshore Wind Farm. At the substation, electricity from the individual wind turbines will be collected and converted to […]

  • 25 September 2015

    Fred. Olsen Windcarrier International Ltd. has been awarded a contract with Adwen for the transport and installation of 70 units of Adwen 5 MW wind turbine generators for the Wikinger Offshore Wind Farm project located in the Baltic Sea within the German exclusive economic zone. The contract will commence during the first quarter of 2017 […]

  • 2 July 2015
    Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    Northland Power has installed the first monopile at the 600MW Gemini wind farm offshore Dutch coast. The job was completed by Van Oord’s offshore installation vessel, Aeolus, which is install a total of 150 foundations together with Pacific Osprey of Swire Blue Ocean. Located 85 kilometers off the coast of Groningen the project will feature Siemens 4MW […]

  • 17 November 2016
    Wind Farm Update

    Installation of wind turbines at the Nobelwind offshore wind farm in Belgium is underway and some of the works are being done during nighttime due to weather conditions.  “This is a tricky time of year where every ‘good weather’ window must be optimised, which can result in night-time installations,” MHI Vestas said via social media. The […]

  • 18 August 2016
    Wind Farm Update

    The 10th turbine has been installed at Vattenfall’s Sandbank offshore wind farm, the company informed via its social media pages.  The first of 72 Siemens 4MW wind turbines at the 288MW offshore wind farm was installed at the end of July. The erection of the towers on the foundations and the installation of the nacelles and rotor blades […]

  • 21 June 2011

    Walney 2 was planned to be installed in almost half the time it took to install Walney 1. In order to do that, two turbine installation vessels are working side by side with the installation. On Thursday 2 June 2011, both Kraken and Leviathan installed their first turbine in Walney 2, and both vessels have […]

  • 9 August 2013
    Wind Farm Update

    SEA INSTALLER has finished installation of foundations at the West of Duddon Sands Offshore Wind Farm. She is now mobilising for installation of WTGs. The mobilisation takes place in Vlissingen, Holland. Afterwards, she will continue with the installation of 108 WTGs. The work is being carried out by two of the world’s most advanced installation vessels: Swire […]

  • 25 February 2014

    GeoSea Innovation has kicked off offshore construction at Dong Energy’s  Westermost Rough offshore wind farm by installing the first of 35 foundations. The Innovation carried out the first five foundations to the site from the load out port in Aalborg, Denmark. The monopiles – which have a diameter of 6.5 metres and a weight of […]

  • 24 July 2015
    Wind Farm Update

    The rough sea is proving too much for what it is to be the US first offshore wind farm offshore Block Island. Due to the bad weather, which is expected to last longer than anticipated, Deepwater Wind has decided to dock the barge carrying turbine foundations off a pier in the Quonset Business Park to […]

  • 15 February 2013

    Pelamis Wave Power developed a unique system for quickly and safely installing and removing the machine from its anchoring system and electrical connection. The following video demonstrates a typical installation process, with this system that allows the machine to be connected to its mooring and electrical system in around 90 minutes and disconnected in less […]

  • 6 March 2015
    Business & Finance, Technology

    Conquest Offshore, together with deugro Denmark A/S, has developed a highly efficient installation system for monopiles and transition pieces, supported by the engineering knowledge and experience of Temporary Works Design (TWD) and Barge Master. Parties have combined their experience and in depth knowledge of floating installation, offshore skidding, upending, pile handling and motion compensated tools […]

  • 10 April 2017
    Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    A2SEA’s jackup Sea Installer is mobilising at the shipyard WD Close in Newcastle as the vessel is getting ready to start installing the 91 Siemens 6MW turbines at DONG Energy’s Race Bank offshore wind farm at the end of April.