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  • 6 October 2014

    Chesapeake Biological Laboratory of University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science in cooperation with Marine Scotland Science and Institute of Biological and Environmental Sciences of University of Aberdeen worked on recent publication reviewing the assessments carried out for offshore wind farms. The article describes the lessons learned from recent experiences in the European offshore wind industry […]

  • 22 April 2014
    Environment, R&D

    Researchers at the Graduate School of Oceanography and Department of Geosciences at the University of Rhode Island have compared top-down and bottom-up approaches to benthic habitat mapping, as a response to increased interest in ocean renewables in the United States. The research was conducted at two sites offshore Rhode Island considered for wind farm development. […]

  • 10 May 2011
    Grid Connection

    A planned undersea electricity cable could disturb more than a million tons of unexploded bombs, chemical and biological weapons,… By Ted Purlain (bioprepwatch) [mappress] Source: bioprepwatch, May 10, 2011;

  • 15 April 2014

    The Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum Fachhochschule Kiel GmbH has chosen Tideland’s Nova-65HI LED lanterns to mark its FINO1 research platform in the North Sea approximately 45 kilometres offshore from Borkum. The research platform is in the immediate vicinity of Alpha Ventus, the first German offshore wind farm and it was built to measure and analyse ambient […]

  • 24 October 2013

    It is less than a month to this year’s big offshore wind event. MMT will be exhibiting on stand 30F80 at EWEA Offshore 2013, 19-21 November 2013 in Frankfurt. They offer a complete set of marine surveys within the offshore wind energy market and the marine cable sector. As specialists, they have the experience to […]

  • 15 May 2017
    Environment, R&D

    Scheduling wind farm construction activities in the Maryland Wind Energy Area (WEA) to take place during summer months, from June to September, could reduce the likelihood of disturbance to harbour porpoises, according to a new study.

  • 21 March 2019
    Business & Finance

    The Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) has issued the federal consistency concurrence for the Vineyard Wind offshore wind project. The news follows Vineyard Wind’s submission of a commercial fisheries mitigation proposal and a commercial fisheries biological assessment monitoring plan summary to CRMC. The Massachusetts office of coastal zone management is expected to issue […]

  • 23 April 2020
    Wind Farm Update

    TerraSond has started conducting geophysical studies at the 2.6 GW Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) project lease area. TerraSond began the work earlier this month at the 112,800ha site 27 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach where the 2.6 GW project will be built beginning in 2024. The surveys will provide the geological, biological, […]

  • 27 October 2015

    The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is inviting input in identifying potential study ideas for consideration on Alaska, Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Pacific OCS areas. BOEM is responsible for ensuring that the effects on the natural and human environment are taken into consideration during the leasing and development of oil, natural gas, renewable […]

  • 30 September 2011
    R&D, Technology

      Andrie Specialized will be deploying the WindSentinel at various locations throughout Lake Michigan and Muskegon Lake. The WindSentinel will be used to help conduct a comprehensive Great Lakes wind assessment review that features offshore wind assessment and related environmental studies on Lake Michigan and Muskegon Lake. The buoy will provide near real-time wind data […]

  • 16 April 2014
    Environment, R&D

    The Center for Conservation Biology has become part of an initiative to develop wind farms off Virginia’s coast.  Making Wind Turbines More Bird FriendlyThe CCB is part of a team with the Richmond-based Timmons Group, an engineering and technology firm that is one of four Virginia businesses participating in the endeavor to accelerate the development […]

  • 24 October 2016
    Authorities, Environment, Grid Connection, R&D, Technology, Training & Education

    Burial of submerged power cables would not appear necessary strictly for biological reasons, according to a study funded by the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), as the electromagnetic fields (EMF) from energized subsea cables neither attract nor repulse fish or invertebrates. EMF strength dissipated relatively quickly with distance from the cable and approached background levels at […]

  • 1 November 2013

      The proposal for E.ON’s Rampion Offshore Wind Farm has been accepted for consideration by the Planning Inspectorate, writes BBC. E.ON plans to build a 700MW wind farm 13 kilometers off the Sussex coast. The wind farm would consist of up to 175 wind turbines. The proposal will be examined at the Brighton Centre from […]

  • 2 June 2017
    Authorities, Environment, Operations & Maintenance, R&D, Technology

    A Belgian consortium of research institutions and companies has started a project to investigate if mussels could be grown on offshore wind farms.

  • 6 January 2014
    Grid Connection

    Danish transmission system operator and its Dutch partner Tennet are looking for consultancy providers that will assist in obtaining the permits to install and operate the COBRAcable in Germany. The consultant will help the project team in the dialogue with key German authorities and in preparing the applications to German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic […]

  • 25 March 2019
    Business & Finance

    U.S. Berger Geosciences and Integral Consulting and France’s Akrocean have established BIA Offshore Studies to deliver site characterization services for the U.S. offshore wind market. According to the parties, the global ambition of BIA Offshore is to support and accelerate U.S. offshore wind development by providing tailor-made services through a single structure. The partnership is […]

  • 18 February 2020
    Contracts & Tenders, R&D

    Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum Fachhochschule Kiel GmbH (R&D centre of Kiel University of Applied Sciences) has won a contract to continue operating the FINO1 research platform in the German North Sea. The contract was awarded to FuE-Zentrum FH Kiel by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). BMWi is extending the operational life of […]

  • 21 November 2017
    R&D, Wind Farm Update

    On 15 November, a bio mussel force line was installed at the Belwind offshore wind farm as part of a research project investigating mussel farming at offshore wind farms. 

  • 23 March 2011

    Lost in the excitement of last week’s EWEA 2011 Annual Event in Brussels was a press release from the American Bird Conservancy noting that at least 500 million birds are killed in the US each year by cats. A comparison of that figure to the 440,000 birds reportedly killed annually in the US by collisions […]

  • 9 April 2013
    R&D, Technology

    AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS) announces a contract award from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to provide up to 24 TRIAXYS™ Next Wave Directional Wave Sensors as a component of the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI). The OOI, a project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and managed and coordinated through the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, […]

  • 24 August 2016

    The US Bureau of Ocean Energy Managemen’s (BOEM) Office of Renewable Energy Programs (OREP) is working to update the Guidelines for Providing Avian Survey Information for Renewable Energy Development on the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf.  OREP will discuss the proposed changes to the guidelines at a webinar on September 8, when it will also give participants the opportunity to […]

  • 11 April 2014
    R&D, Wind Farm Update

    First Flight Wind Ltd has announced that a geophysical survey off the south east coast of County Down, which was due to start later this month, is being delayed to later in 2014 or early 2015. “In the areas we were intending to survey we had agreed disturbance payments with fishermen for them to remove […]

  • 9 July 2020
    Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    Fugro has mobilised two additional vessels for the site characterisation work currently under way at the Atlantic Shores offshore wind lease area off the coast of New Jersey. The company, which has been carrying out surveys at the site since May, now has three vessels on site, with a fourth to be deployed later this […]

  • 28 June 2018

    EMS Maritime Offshore GmbH (EMO) and Van Laar Maritime BV have christened the new offshore wind multi-purpose and support vessel EMSWIND.

  • 13 October 2016
    R&D, Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    RV Fugro Synergy has started a geotechnical survey at the site of DONG Energy’s proposed Bay State Wind offshore wind farm south of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA. The survey is expected to be carried out in 15 days, weather permitting. During the survey, bottom conditions in 18 specific locations identified in the previous survey will be tested. […]

  • 4 October 2016

    The Massachusetts Research Partnership (MRP) members have attended their first meeting at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI), where a two-day workshop on offshore wind energy resource characterization was held. Representatives from the offshore wind industry, government agencies and universities came together to discuss the state-of-the-art in site characterization research and how to transition that science […]