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7 February 2019 Authorities, Business & Finance

The Federal Parliament of Belgium has proposed a target of 4GW of total installed offshore wind capacity by 2030 in the draft of the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP). The draft of the NECP was presented on a workshop that the Federal Parliament organized with EUFORES (the European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources) on 5 […]

4 February 2019 Wind Farm Update

The first MHI Vestas 8.4MW wind turbine has been installed on the 370MW Norther offshore wind farm in the Belgian North Sea, Norther NV, the owner and developer of the project, said. The wind turbines are being transported in sets of four by Van Oord's installation vessel Aeolus from Vlissingen in the Netherlands and installed […]

11 January 2019 Wind Farm Update

The 309MW Rentel wind farm in the Belgian North Sea has become Belgium's fifth fully operational offshore wind farm. Rentel has now joined the ranks of C-Power, Belwind, Northwind, and Nobelwind. The combined capacity of the five wind farms is 1,186MW provided by 274 wind turbines. With the addition of the capacity from Rentel, Belgium is now fifth […]

3 December 2018 Authorities

Belgium’s Secretary for the North Sea Philippe De Backer has proposed an increase of the country's planned 221km² offshore wind zone by additional 60km².

31 October 2018 Contracts & Tenders

Hellenic Cables has signed a contract with Vos Prodect Innovations for the design and delivery of sealed cable hang-off systems for the Modular Offshore Grid (MOG) in Belgium.

20 April 2018 Authorities, Business & Finance, Contracts & Tenders

Belgium plans to open a second offshore wind zone which will allow the development of further 2GW of capacity post-2020, according to Belgium's Secretary for the North Sea Philippe De Backer. 

31 January 2018 Business & Finance

More than 40 UK offshore wind supply chain companies and the key Belgian offshore wind players met on 25 January in Brussels to discuss opportunities for collaborating in the framework of three future Belgian projects: Mermaid, Seastar and Northwester 2.

12 January 2018 Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update

The topside for the Rentel offshore substation left the Saint-Nazaire Port last night and is now sailing to Belgium. 

11 December 2017 Authorities, R&D

Department for International Trade (DIT) Belgium is organising an event to brief UK companies on the supply chain opportunities of the Mermaid, Seastar and Northwester 2 offshore wind farms.

22 November 2017 Grid Connection

On 21 November, Belgian transmission system operator Elia officially inaugurated the Stevin high-voltage line which will, i.a., transport the wind energy generated offshore to the mainland via the connection to the Modular Offshore Grid (MOG).

3 November 2017

Belgium has the potential to almost double its installed offshore wind capacity planned for 2020, according to Flemish Minister for Energy Bart Tommelein, who sees the 2,200MW capacity planned for 2020 going to 4,000MW.

27 October 2017 Authorities, Business & Finance, Wind Farm Update

Belgian government today (27 October) reached an agreement with the developers of three offshore wind projects on a price of EUR 79/MWh as part of the government's support scheme. 

23 October 2017

On Sunday, 22 October, wind turbines off the Belgium's coast generated a record-breaking 20 GWh of electricity, according to WindEurope's Daily Wind Power Numbers.

24 April 2017 Authorities, Business & Finance, Contracts & Tenders, Wind Farm Update

Belgium's Secretary for the North Sea Philippe De Backer has suggested that the government should revoke concessions granted to three offshore wind projects and instead carry out a tendering procedure similar to those in Germany, Denmark or the Netherlands, according to local media.

6 April 2017 Wind Farm Update

Only a few days after the final turbine was installed at the Nobelwind offshore wind farm in Belgium, works on setting up a further array of wind turbines in the Belgian part of the North Sea started. Namely, the construction of the Rentel offshore wind farm has begun, according to the project's social media pages.

21 December 2016 R&D

The construction of a new maritime research centre in the industrial area of the Port of Oostende will start early next year. The centre will house a wave pool and a towing tank for research into the impact of waves, tides and wind on ships and objects at sea. The wave pool is a 30 x 30-meter […]

10 June 2016 Authorities

Belgian Council of Ministers has approved, on second reading, a draft bill to amend the system of granting green certificates for electricity produced by wind farms in the North Sea. The mechanism for granting of green certificates concerns Rentel (296MW) and Norther (350MW) offshore wind farms, and will provide for an LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) of EUR 124/MWh for […]

7 December 2015 Operations & Maintenance, Wind Farm Update

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind has signed a 10-year contract with the offshore operator Esvagt for a purpose built service operation vessel (SOV) to support technicians working on projects located up to 50 km from the Belgian coast. Due to the distance from shore, the technicians will work and live on the vessel for two-week periods. The […]

6 November 2015 Authorities

India and Belgium have vowed to cooperate on renewable energy by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which was approved by India's Union Cabinet, chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The two countries will focus on the development of renewable energy technologies, including wind and marine energy sectors. "The objective of this Memorandum […]

26 June 2015 Business & Finance

The Belgian Council of Ministers has, on suggestion of Minister of Energy Marie Christine Marghem, given approval to a royal decree which allows offshore wind farms Rentel and Norther to connect directly to the Elia onshore network. This royal decree was granted because of the framework of the law from May 8, 2014 containing various […]

27 February 2015 Authorities, Business & Finance, Grid Connection

Elia, the Belgian electricity transmission system operator, and the UK National Grid will today sign a joint venture agreement to move ahead with the Nemo Link- the first electricity interconnector between the two countries. The interconnector, able to provide 1000 MW of capacity, will run 140 kilometres between Richborough on the Kent coast and Herdersbrug, […]

17 December 2014 Authorities, Grid Connection

Belgium will have their say in early 2015 about a project that would see excess energy stored and used later when needed. The project aims to store energy produced by offshore wind farms when there is low demand, or storing it for when there is no wind,  writes Reuters. It comprises a donut-shaped island, located […]

2 July 2014 Training & Education

Demowfloat will have its second workshop (English spoken) in Ostend, Belgium today (July 2), in the frame of the event Clustering the Future – a new opportunity for business development: current practices & strategies (Flemish spoken) organized by Greenbridge and Power-Link Universiteit Gent.  The Demowfloat project was set up by a consortium of 12 entities who […]

30 June 2014

Energy Knowledge Platform Power-Link organizes two energy workshops under the event named “Clustering the Future”, one on energy efficiency and the other on blue energy (offshore wind, wave and tidal energy). The event, which will focus on business cases for professionals, will take place at the Science Park of the University of Ghent in Ostend […]

27 November 2013 Authorities, Business & Finance

India and Belgium have discussed to enhance their cooperation in renewable energy at a bilateral meeting between Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Minister for New and Renewable Energy, Government of India and Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid of Belgium. Dr. Abdullah briefed the visiting delegation on the energy situation in India and the rapid growth of the […]

20 November 2013 Wind Farm Update

This weekend, Alstom completed the seaside installation of its new-generation offshore wind turbine, the 6-MW Haliade™ 150, off Ostend harbour at the Belwind site in Belgium. This is the largest offshore wind turbine ever installed in sea waters. Thanks to its 150-metre rotor (with blades stretching 73.50 metre), the turbine is more efficient since its […]