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  • 24 June 2020

    Ulstein Verft has delivered the Service Operation Vessel (SOV) Windea Jules Verne to Bernhard Schulte Offshore, who chartered the hybrid vessel to GE Renewable Energy for operations at the Merkur offshore wind farm in Germany. Based on the ULSTEIN SX195 design, Windea Jules Verne is 93.4 metres long, has a beam of 18 metres, and […]

  • 13 July 2020

    Bernhard Schulte’s service operation vessel (SOV) Windea Jules Verne has started working at the Merkur offshore wind farm in Germany. At the 396 MW project, Windea Jules Verne will support operations and maintenance of the 66 GE Haliade 150-6 MW turbines, which were commissioned in June last year. GE Renewable Energy contracted Bernhard Schulte to provide an […]

  • 3 March 2020

    Bernhard Schulte’s new service operation vessel (SOV), which will work for GE at the Merkur offshore wind project, is set to be named Windea Jules Verne. The vessel received its name after one of the world’s most popular adventure writers, who was born in Nantes, France, where GE’s Offshore Wind business is located. To remind, […]

  • 3 March 2020
    Contracts & Tenders

    GE Renewable Energy has contracted DHSS for vessel agency and port logistics services during the O&M phase of the Merkur offshore wind project in Germany. DHSS has been the service provider for GE since the start of the project’s construction phase in 2018 with regards to logistical services for the involved service operation vessels (SOVs) […]

  • 29 June 2020

    The new Service Operation Vessel (SOV) Windea Jules Verne arrived in Eemshaven on 29 June, according to the vessel’s AIS data and social media posts from DHSS. The vessel will soon start working at the Merkur offshore wind farm in Germany, under a charter with GE Renewable Energy, whose 66 Haliade 150-6 MW turbines are […]

  • 10 July 2020

    Siem Offshore’s vessel Siem Barracuda has been demobilised from the Merkur offshore wind farm and left the project on 8 July. The Offshore Subsea Construction Vessel (OSCV) has been in service at the German offshore wind farm for almost two years, under a contract with GE Renewable Energy. The equipment fitted onto the vessel for […]

  • 11 July 2013
    Operations & Maintenance

    The Damen Fast Crew Supplier 2610 (or FCS 2610) is becoming a great vessel in the offshore wind industry. Recently, WINDEA Offshore GmbH & Co. KG signed a Letter of Intent with Damen Shipyards for the FCS 2610 in order to expand its all in all service portfolio for offshore wind farms. Windea plans to […]

  • 13 June 2013
    Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance

    The WINDEA Offshore GmbH & Co. KG has signed a Letter of Intent together with DAMEN Shipyards regarding the sale of one  CTV new building in order to expand its all in all service portfolio for offshore wind farms. The vessel captivates through very good sea characteristics and high flexibility during operations. The WINDEA Offshore […]

  • 2 September 2016
    Operations & Maintenance, Vessels

    Ulstein has shared several photos of the second wind farm support operations vessel (SOV) to undergo construction at the Ulstein Verft shipyard in Norway as she is getting ready to be painted. The Norwegian ship designer and shipbuilder plans to launch the SOV in late October, with sea trials scheduled to start immediately after the launch. The SOV […]

  • 8 October 2013
    Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance

    Since the commissioning, the WINDEA one catamaran has had its schedule fully chartered out. After two short termed charters, the WINDEA one and its crew is now operating for the wind farm Borkum West II for a longer period. The WINDEA one is directly chartered by TRIANEL Windkraftwerk Borkum GmbH & Co. KG and performs […]

  • 10 July 2013
    Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance

    At the end of June 2013, Knut Gerdes, CEO of EMS Maritime Offshore GmbH, signed the sales contract for the service crew transfer vessels Emswind and Emsstrom. “With the Emswind and the Emsstrom, we did the first successful steps in the offshore business in 2007. Both vessels did a great job in the past and […]

  • 20 November 2011

    The BTC Business Technology Consulting AG (BTC) and WINDEA Offshore GmbH & Co. KG (WINDEA) are willing to work together for an extensive planning and coordination tool for the offshore windenergy sector. The WINDEA with its domicile in Hamburg is currently working on a coordination tool for its services in the offshore wind sector. This […]

  • 30 May 2014
    Training & Education

    As part of the WindForce 2014 in Bremen, Thomas van der Laan, Head of Marine Coordination in Windea group, will hold a presentation entitled “Safety for Offshore Work.” The presentation will be held on Wednesday, 18th of June, between 15.00 and 17.00 o’clock. For the construction of offshore wind farms, a company must establish an […]

  • 26 August 2014

    On 19 August 2014 a new catamaran was christened at Knock Jetty in Emden. The ship’s godmother, Insa Stoidis-Connemann from Leer, gave the name “Windea Two” to the “Twin Axe Bow” type catamaran from Damen Shipyards and she wished: “Safe voyages for the crew and always a handbreadth of water under the keel for the […]

  • 6 October 2014
    Business & Finance, Technology

    On 22 September, EMS Maritime Offshore GmbH opened the new Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) in Berne, Germany. The VTMS was launched by Thomas van der Laan (Head of Marine and Offshore Coordination), Ina Winkler (Team Leader of the control center) and Caspar Spreter (Managing Director of Windea Offshore GmbH & Co. KG). The new office is affiliated […]

  • 22 November 2017
    Operations & Maintenance, Ports & Logistics, Vessels

    Offshore support vessel (OSV) Windea La Cour has completed repair and modification works at Niestern Sander Ship Repair in Delfzijl, the Netherlands, prior to returning to the Gemini offshore wind farm.

  • 18 December 2014
    Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance, Vessels

    On December 15, 2014, a launching ceremony was held at the terminal in Emden’s outer harbour for a further Windea catamaran that is entering service under the German flag. The ship’s godmother Miranda van Laar-Prikkel, wife of co-partner Paul van Laar from IJmuiden in the Netherlands, gave the “Twin Axe Bow” type catamaran from Damen […]

  • 21 April 2017
    Operations & Maintenance, Technology, Vessels

    Guidance Marine’s RangeGuard Monopole system has completed its sea trials on-board the Service Operation Vessel (SOV) Windea Leibniz on the Sandbank offshore wind farm in Germany.

  • 31 August 2016
    Training & Education, Vessels

    Early August saw an initial training session in the North Sea involving Bernhard Schulte Offshore GmbH’s new service operation vessel (SOV) Windea La Cour, chartered out to Siemens Wind Power, and the Northern Rescue 01 offshore rescue helicopter, Northern HeliCopter GmbH reports. The training was focused on the communication between the bridge of the SOV and the […]

  • 8 December 2017

    Buss Offshore Solutions will become a new shareholder of the offshore wind service company WINDEA Offshore on 1 January 2018, after the two companies recently reached an agreement on the details of the transaction and signed the relevant contracts.

  • 18 January 2019
    Contracts & Tenders, Vessels

    Ulstein Verft has contracted Red Rock to deliver a 3D-motion compensated knuckle jib crane for the service operations vessel (SOV) ordered by Bernhard Schulte for the Merkur offshore wind farm. Red Rock also delivered cranes and davits for the two previous vessels, Windea La Cour and Windea Leibniz, that Ulstein built for Bernhard Schulte. To remind, Bernhard […]

  • 19 September 2013
    Operations & Maintenance

    On 18 September 2013, a new catamaran of Windea Offshore GmbH & Co. KG – a joint venture of EMS Maritime Offshore GmbH (EMO), the Bernhard Schulte Group and SSC Wind GmbH – was baptized in Emden by the name ‘WINDEA one’. After a welcome speech by Dr. Bernhard Brons (EMS’ Executive), Knut Gerdes (EMO […]

  • 29 November 2018
    Business & Finance, Vessels

    EMS Maritime Offshore (EMO) has taken over agency services for the service operations vessel (SOV) Windea La Cour in the port of Eemshaven, the Netherlands.

  • 4 August 2016
    Operations & Maintenance, Vessels

    AG EMS and its subsidiary EMS Maritime Offshore GmbH (EMO) had three reasons to celebrate last Saturday as they inaugurated their upgraded Landemole Knock in Emden, the SWATH Windea FIVE received a new name, and the new offshore catamaran, Windea FOUR, was christened. “We have not only renovated the Landemole Knock, but have also strengthened it sustainably for […]

  • 6 September 2018
    Contracts & Tenders, Operations & Maintenance, Vessels

    EMS Maritime Offshore (EMO) has secured more work for the Nordsee One offshore wind farm in Germany, with the crew transfer vessel (CTV) Windea Four obtaining a charter extension and the recently-christened Windea Six beginning its first deployment.

  • 12 May 2020
    Operations & Maintenance, Vessels

    EMS Maritime Offshore (EMO) has signed a charter contract for the WINDEA Three crew transfer vessel (CTV) to service the operating phase of the Trianel Windpark Borkum Phase I offshore wind project. WINDEA Three began the three-year charter in February, succeeding its sister vessel WINDEA One which has been operating on the project since 2013. […]