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21 March 2019 Business & Finance, Ports & Logistics


18 June 2018 Ports & Logistics, R&D, Technology, Vessels

GustoMSC and Barge Master have joined forces to develop a motion-compensated feeder solution for the first wave of US offshore wind projects.

16 October 2018 Contracts & Tenders, Vessels

US-based Aeolus Energy has signed an agreement with Norway’s Ulstein Design & Solutions, B.V. to design a Service Operations Vessel (SOV).

28 January 2019 Business & Finance, Ports & Logistics, Vessels


28 October 2019 Training & Education


5 April 2012 R&D

GL Garrad Hassan will undertake a detailed analysis of the current and future needs of the US offshore wind industry for port facilities, namely by examining the suitability of ports to meet the technical requirements of the industry for the assembly, construction, and operational staging of offshore projects

7 June 2017 Business & Finance, Vessels

UK port operator Peel Ports Group and A&P Group, a ship repair, defence, conversion and marine specialist, have announced a strategic partnership at the Peel Ports Great Yarmouth to bolster the service offering to East of England’s thriving offshore energy sector.

17 November 2016 Business & Finance, Ports & Logistics


18 October 2019 Operations & Maintenance, Ports & Logistics


14 August 2012 Operations & Maintenance, Ports & Logistics


2 October 2014 Operations & Maintenance, Ports & Logistics


29 May 2019 Ports & Logistics


4 April 2018 Vessels

Florida-based Aeolus Energy Group (AEG) has committed to constructing a fleet of offshore wind farm vessels and port facilities as part of its expansion into the US offshore wind market.

29 October 2013 Ports & Logistics


27 October 2017 Business & Finance, Ports & Logistics

The Port of New Bedford, Massachusetts, has applied for a USD 15 million government grant to make room for an increase in activities, including offshore wind.

27 March 2012 Business & Finance


12 January 2018 Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance, Ports & Logistics, R&D

The Port of Blyth is investing GBP 12 million in terminal infrastructure and the construction of new warehousing, as well as strengthening quays and installing new cranes.

21 November 2018 Business & Finance, Environment, Grid Connection, Ports & Logistics

The New Bedford Port Authority has reached an agreement with all offshore wind developers operating in the Massachusetts/Rhode Island market to serve as the designated Fisheries Representative of the commercial fishing industry to each of the development companies.