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  • 5 March 2020
    Contracts & Tenders

    Germany’s Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) has issued a tender for ecological investigations of benthos and fish in the N-6.6 and N-6.7 offshore wind areas. The contractor will carry out the preliminary investigation of the areas to assess their suitability for the construction of offshore wind farms and to prepare them for a government tender.  The […]

  • 21 November 2019
    Contracts & Tenders, R&D

    Energinet has contracted Ramboll to carry out the strategic environmental assessment (SEA) and environmental investigations for the Thor offshore wind project in Denmark. Ramboll will provide a SEA of the plan for the Thor project, as well as a number of surveys and technical reports on specific environmental and other themes. These are primarily meant […]

  • 20 March 2018
    Environment, R&D

    Vineyard Wind has entered into a collaborative agreement with the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s School for Marine Science and Technology (SMAST) to assess fisheries, which is expected to further public understanding of offshore wind development impacts.

  • 27 October 2015

    The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is inviting input in identifying potential study ideas for consideration on Alaska, Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Pacific OCS areas. BOEM is responsible for ensuring that the effects on the natural and human environment are taken into consideration during the leasing and development of oil, natural gas, renewable […]

  • 3 June 2013
    Training & Education

    Nearly 200 professionals and managers from the wind energy industry and career changers took advantage of the occupational study programs at the University of Oldenburg for their career advancement. The University offers two programs: Continuing Studies Program in Wind Energy Technology and Management (Wind Study) or the new Continuing Studies Programme Offshore Wind Energy (Offshore […]

  • 20 December 2012
    Business & Finance

    RTE France (Réseau de transport d’électricité) is seeking contractors to provide offshore wind farm impact assessments and related documents for the electrical connection of offshore wind farms. The work relates to part-marine and part-terrestrial connections, bibliographic and measurement studies undertaken for campaigns at sea and ashore and landfill alluvial mapping. Within this contract, RTE also […]

  • 7 November 2013

    Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD ) is conducting a global forward-looking assessment of the ocean economy to 2030, with special emphasis on the development potential of emerging ocean-based activities. Ocean Energy Systems Implementing Agreement (OES) is collaboration with this OECD study, organising a workshop in Paris, in May next year, to explore the […]

  • 29 September 2015
    Authorities, R&D

    The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has begun a new study to conduct real-time, independent observations and data collection during construction of offshore wind turbines. Field work took place in August and September of this year through the Real-time Opportunity for Development Environmental Observations study, or RODEO, which is taking direct measurements of […]

  • 1 December 2015
    Environment, R&D

    The offshore wind industry has a broadly positive impact on human well-being, according to two new reports created by the Plymouth Marine Laboratory. ”Understanding the impacts of offshore wind on well-being” and ”Public perceptions of Offshore Wind Farms” represent the outcomes from a study by PML scientists, commissioned by The Crown Estate. The first review explores how […]

  • 6 October 2015

    TNEI Services have completed a series of studies on behalf of ORE Catapult into Marine Energy Electrical Architectures. Three reports have been produced that take a detailed look at marine energy converter components and how these place constraints on how a multi-device array can be implemented. The first report consists of a landscape map and […]

  • 28 September 2015
    Environment, R&D

    Offshore wind farms which are to be built in waters around the UK could pose a greater threat to protected populations of gannets than previously thought, research led by the University of Leeds says. It was previously thought that gannets, which breed in the UK between April and September each year, generally flew well below […]

  • 10 April 2017

    Knowledge of impact forces is an important aspect in the design and subsequent operation of offshore wind turbines. Offshore wind turbines are typically monopile or space frame structures. In addition to their basic operational loading, these structures are designed to withstand the environmental loads experienced offshore from waves, currents and wind.

  • 24 January 2020

    RPS Group has been appointed to carry out environmental studies for Start of the South, Australia’s first offshore wind project. RPS will undertake marine mammal and bird surveys to support the project’s offshore planning approvals. The deal was signed by Star of the South Chief Executive Casper Frost Thorhauge and RPS Executive General Manager for Place and […]

  • 28 January 2011

    The Clallam County Economic Development Council has taken the first step toward making the North Olympic Peninsula a hub for the renewable…   By Tom Callis (peninsuladailynews) [mappress] Source: peninsuladailynews, January 28, 2011

  • 8 April 2016
    Authorities, Business & Finance, Grid Connection, R&D

    A Massachusetts energy plan containing a requirement that utilities contract for approximately 2,000 megawatts of offshore wind power by 2030 would position the state as a national leader in offshore wind, allowing it to capture first-mover economic advantages, according to a new study released by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). If the state positions itself as a leader in […]

  • 4 January 2019
    Business & Finance, R&D

    The University of Delaware in the U.S. has found that the distance at which turbines are located from shore has a significant impact on how tourists feel about offshore wind projects.

  • 26 December 2019

    PGE Group has launched a research project on the productivity of offshore wind farms, which is expected to help estimate the profitability of investments in the Baltica 2 and 3 projects. The aim of the study is to estimate the impact of wind slowdown caused by large projects in their surroundings, i.e. the so-called blockage effect. […]

  • 27 September 2017
    Contracts & Tenders

    As part of the Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) program, Carbon Trust has issued a tender seeking companies interested in undertaking a study to provide a reference document for active fender systems.

  • 21 August 2011

    Scientists have requested a two-year extension to the L-Aħrax Point wind mast permit to confirm results on the viability of an offshore wind… by Matthew Xuereb (timesofmalta) [mappress] Source: timesofmalta, August 22, 2011

  • 22 November 2011

    ABPmer has recently been appointed to lead three studies for Marine Scotland under a Scottish Government Framework contract. Following on from an earlier commission to prepare a Habitats Regulations Appraisal (HRA) for the draft plan for offshore wind energy in Scottish territorial waters, ABPmer have now been commissioned to prepare a similar HRA to support […]

  • 26 September 2011

      Are investments in green energy programs worth it?   By Brandon Butler (wbjournal) [mappress] Source: wbjournal, September 26, 2011

  • 4 January 2013
    Grid Connection, R&D

    RTE France is seeking for contractors who will undertake geotechnical and geophysical studies of the seabed prior to the installation of high voltage subsea cables connecting offshore wind farms to land. This includes seabed geotechnical studies to a depth up to about 5-6 m. Works could require geotechnical studies to a depth of about 10 […]

  • 10 May 2013

    Marine renewable energy has enormous potential, however, due care should be taken that possible environmental impacts are brought to a minimum to address public and other stakeholders’ concerns for such projects. To be able to propose technical mitigation measures, a clear understanding is needed of the likely environmental impacts of noise (during both installation and […]

  • 9 February 2016
    Operations & Maintenance, R&D

    A new project has been launched to take a close up look at attaching organisms living on renewable energy devices below the waves, with an aim of better informing the operation and maintenance of subsea equipment. The project is being led by the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult, in conjunction with researchers from SAMS Research Services Ltd (SRSL), PML […]

  • 5 February 2014
    Environment, R&D

    TÜV SÜD PMSS will play a key role in reducing uncertainty for ornithological impact assessment in wind farm development. TÜV SÜD PMSS’s Kit Hawkins has been invited by the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) to be a member of the Steering Group for a Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) funded study, which is […]

  • 29 May 2013
    Environment, R&D

    As a part of an investigation of wind and tidal energy potential of the Channel Islands, the Alderney Wildlife Trust is conducting a study on the island’s seabirds. The trust will observe feeding and foraging habits of shags and gannets for three years, using GPS technology to track their movements, the BBC reports. As explained […]