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15 August 2013 Business & Finance

During this summer, Kaj Lindvig, Senior Advisor at A2SEA, celebrated his 60 years birthday. By the end of August, Kaj' Lindvig then says goodbye to A2SEA, a company on which he has left his mark to a great extend since the establishment in 2000. A reception will be held for Kaj Lindvig on 22 August […]

5 December 2018

Semco Maritime and ISC Consulting Engineers have completed the design of the offshore substation and the Reactive Compensation Station (RCS) for the Hornsea Project Two offshore wind farm.

6 March 2018 Operations & Maintenance, Technology

Systematic has designed a new software solution called SITE which is said to improve employee safety and streamline logistics at offshore wind farms.

19 June 2017 Business & Finance

The Trade Council of Denmark’s Offshore Wind Alliance has kicked off a week-long roadshow in the USA.

21 September 2016 Business & Finance

With Offshore WIND heading towards the launch of its International Business Guide 2017, the new Business Focus articles will update you on the companies that appeared in the news every two weeks. A2SEA A2SEA’s vessel Sea Installer has installed the first of 32 MHI Vestas 8MW wind turbines at the Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind […]

14 July 2016

Following a three-day journey of Nordsee One's substation platform from Aalborg, Denmark, a floating crane yesterday placed the 2,100-tonne substation onto a 50-meter tall foundation.  Matthias Esken, Package Manager for the substation, added: “I’m glad to report that the design and fabrication phase was successfully completed on schedule. With installation complete, we are now in the process of offshore […]

26 January 2016

"It is almost like winning the lottery," Meewind Director Willem Smelik says when reflecting on how a group of small investors have managed to participate in three major offshore wind farm projects. "We are now investing in a third wind farm 'Nobelwind' and raising funding of €25 million a year!" Meewind is an umbrella investment […]

25 February 2015 Business & Finance

INTPOW has announced that its 6th Offshore Wind Supply Chain Seminar will be held in Copenhagen on the 9th of March 2015, one day ahead of EWEA Offshore Wind 2015. In addition to the Norwegian offshore wind industry, this year, given the international setting, INTPOW is going to host Danish and other international delegates and has […]

21 July 2014 Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update

A wedding was celebrated on the Nordsee Ost offshore wind farm construction site of RWE Innogy: This is what the construction process is called when the foundation is successfully married to the substation platform. As a result the sea-based transformer substation and all its electrical components have now been successfully completed. The journey of the […]