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17 June 2019 Operations & Maintenance


31 January 2019 Operations & Maintenance, R&D


26 March 2018 Environment, Operations & Maintenance, R&D, Technology

The Environmental Hydraulics Institute of Cantabria (IHCantabria) is carrying out an experiment campaign to evaluate the performance of different scour protection solutions on jacket foundations at the 714MW East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm.

8 November 2017 Vessels, Wind Farm Update

Boskalis’ fallpipe vessel (FPV) Rockpiper is carrying out scour protection works at the Aberdeen Bay Offshore Wind Farm. According to a notice to mariners, Rockpiper will be working at the project site for three weeks and was scheduled to start on 28 October.

8 May 2017 Wind Farm Update

HR Wallingford is currently conducting physical modelling in its Fast Flow Facility to test the scour development and the performance of a frond mat scour protection system to protect the jacket piles for the East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm.

9 June 2016 Wind Farm Update


20 November 2014 Vessels, Wind Farm Update


12 June 2013 Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance


7 August 2012 Operations & Maintenance


13 February 2019 Contracts & Tenders, Operations & Maintenance


8 June 2018 R&D

European scour researchers have kicked off PROTEUS, a new EU Hydralab+ project, which aims to improve the design of scour protection around offshore wind turbine monopiles and future-proof them against the impacts of climate change.

10 May 2018 Grid Connection, Operations & Maintenance

Deltares and HSM Offshore have updated the scour protection design for the Borssele Alpha and Beta offshore high-voltage substation (OHVS) platforms that connect offshore wind farms in the Borssele Wind Farm Zone, the Netherlands, to the grid.

23 March 2018 Business & Finance, Environment, Operations & Maintenance, Technology

Scour Prevention Systems has won a full US patent for its Scour Prevention Mattresses (SPM), designed to protect offshore structures, cables and pipelines from scour.

4 October 2017 R&D

HR Wallingford has completed a ten week project with Oxford University’s Department of Engineering and Science and E.ON as part of the research aiming to minimise the effects of scour on wind turbine foundations.

5 July 2017 Technology

Norfolk Marine’s Tyre Filled Net (TFN) scour prevention system will be installed as scour protection for the foundation of the 5MW Elisa prototype under construction in the Canary Islands.

4 February 2016 Operations & Maintenance