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17 June 2019 Operations & Maintenance

DHI and LICengineering have designed the scour protection systems for three Vattenfall's Danish offshore wind farms, which is expected to save 30% in installation costs. The companies provided the systems for the Vesterhav Syd and Nord nearshore wind farms and the Kriegers Flak offshore wind project, which together have 113 turbines producing a combined capacity of […]

31 January 2019 Operations & Maintenance, R&D

A new UK consortium is developing a self-installing scour protection system said to be able to save an average offshore wind farm approximately GBP 8.6 million over its lifetime. The Self-Installing Scour Protection for Offshore Wind Farms (SISProtect) project is being led by Seabed Scour Control Systems (SSCS), who will carry out the design of the prototype Frond […]

26 March 2018 Environment, Operations & Maintenance, R&D, Technology

The Environmental Hydraulics Institute of Cantabria (IHCantabria) is carrying out an experiment campaign to evaluate the performance of different scour protection solutions on jacket foundations at the 714MW East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm.

8 November 2017 Vessels, Wind Farm Update

Boskalis' fallpipe vessel (FPV) Rockpiper is carrying out scour protection works at the Aberdeen Bay Offshore Wind Farm. According to a notice to mariners, Rockpiper will be working at the project site for three weeks and was scheduled to start on 28 October.

8 May 2017 Wind Farm Update

HR Wallingford is currently conducting physical modelling in its Fast Flow Facility to test the scour development and the performance of a frond mat scour protection system to protect the jacket piles for the East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm.

9 June 2016 Wind Farm Update

The installation of scour protection around the 51 foundations of the Nobelwind (Bligh Bank II)offshore wind project finished yesterday, 8 June. The erosion protection consists of a light filter layer (first phase) and a heavier coating layer specifically designed for various locations and water depths. This protection will remain stable for the next 25 years, […]

20 November 2014 Vessels, Wind Farm Update

The rock dumping vessel Seahorse will be commencing operations at various locations within and around the Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind Farm in late November 2014 until further notice.  This is to support the rock dumping vessel Tideway Rollingstone with scour protection / rock armour layer works. The vessel will require a wide berth of […]

11 March 2014

Offshore Marine Management (OMM) has teamed up with Geofabrics Australasia, a provider of geotextiles and geosynthetic engineering solutions to create a new and effective, environmentally sensitive and sustainable solution for scour protection at the base of wind turbines. OMM will be using Geofabrics ELCOROCK System, a robust sand filled container made from the highest durability […]

25 November 2013

Peter Madsen Rederi A/S has completed work on Amrumbank West Offshore Wind Farm in the North Sea. The Danish company has laid 45,000 sand bags around wind turbine foundations to prevent scour forming which would destabilise the foundation. The bags were filled with 60,000 tons of dredged sand, which were laid in a period of […]

12 June 2013 Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance

Ridgeway Renewables have successfully supplied the first “Kyowa Filter Units” from Japanese manufacturer Sumisho Kyowa Limited for offshore wind turbine monopile scour protection in Europe. Using a combination of the 4 & 8 tonne type units filled with specific aggregate in a circular formation around the monopile, engineers were able to achieve tough design criteria […]

29 May 2013 Wind Farm Update

In April 2013 E.ON started preparations for constructing the Amrumbank West offshore wind farm. So-called scour protection is currently being installed north-west of Helgoland. This comprises two layers of special sand bags on the seabed to prevent the sea current from washing away the sand around the foundations of the wind turbines, thus ensuring turbine […]

23 April 2013 Environment

Specialist sea bed protection work is being undertaken on the Teesside offshore wind farm that could help to increase the marine biodiversity of the area. EDF Energy Renewables has appointed Marske Site Services (MSS) of Stokesley, near Middlesbrough, to carry out the ‘scour protection’ of the steel monopile foundations sunk up to 30 metres into […]

12 February 2013 R&D

In the framework of the Marinet program, IMDC, in a partnership with HR Wallingford, University of Ghent and the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, finalised the physical model tests at the University of Aalborg (DK) at the end of December 2012. The test program was set-up to investigate an innovative scour protection […]

2 March 2012 R&D

Scour - the movement of sediment that can erode the seabed around a fixed structure – is one of the major concerns when designing offshore wind turbine foundations. Indeed, turbine foundations are more susceptible to scour than predicted, as shown by Anders Wedel Nielsen, who recently joined DHI's team in Denmark. The most common strategy […]

30 March 2015

In the previous article we spoke about the importance of accurate wind measurement for an optimum wind farm design. But also underwater there are elements that need to be taken into consideration when designing the foundation and cable structures for each wind turbine. Waves and currents can cause erosion of the seabed around a fixed […]

7 August 2012 Operations & Maintenance

The new offshore rubber mats from ContiTech fit the contours of the seabed perfectly, and their elasticity allows them to absorb the energy of waves and vortices to prevent sand from being washed away around the foot of the turbine. These firm foundations for the piles that support them are absolutely vital. Electric power from […]

13 February 2019 Contracts & Tenders, Operations & Maintenance

Pipeshield International Limited has secured a contract by DeepOcean to supply the scour protection for the East Anglia One offshore wind farm in the UK. According to the Lowestoft-based company, more than 300 bespoke fronded concrete mattresses (FCMs) have been manufactured at the port of Great Yarmouth within close proximity of the deep water berth. Pipeshield […]

8 June 2018 R&D

European scour researchers have kicked off PROTEUS, a new EU Hydralab+ project, which aims to improve the design of scour protection around offshore wind turbine monopiles and future-proof them against the impacts of climate change.

10 May 2018 Grid Connection, Operations & Maintenance

Deltares and HSM Offshore have updated the scour protection design for the Borssele Alpha and Beta offshore high-voltage substation (OHVS) platforms that connect offshore wind farms in the Borssele Wind Farm Zone, the Netherlands, to the grid.

23 March 2018 Business & Finance, Environment, Operations & Maintenance, Technology

Scour Prevention Systems has won a full US patent for its Scour Prevention Mattresses (SPM), designed to protect offshore structures, cables and pipelines from scour.

4 October 2017 R&D

HR Wallingford has completed a ten week project with Oxford University’s Department of Engineering and Science and E.ON as part of the research aiming to minimise the effects of scour on wind turbine foundations.

5 July 2017 Technology

Norfolk Marine’s Tyre Filled Net (TFN) scour prevention system will be installed as scour protection for the foundation of the 5MW Elisa prototype under construction in the Canary Islands.

4 February 2016 Operations & Maintenance

Norfolk Marine Ltd has installed its Tyre Filled Net (TFN) Scour Remediation System at E.ON’s Scroby Sands Offshore Wind Farm. The system has been installed on 5 monopile foundations at the site to provide protection against further scouring of the seabed at the foundation bases. After extensive testing and development, including scale modelling at HR Wallingford’s new Fast Flow […]

31 July 2012

DHI's research into long-term scour predictions has borne fruit in the form of a specialty tool - WiTuS. With WiTuS, it is now possible to model long-term predictions on scouring around monopile type foundations – structures which form the bases of majority of the current and planned offshore wind farms. Offshore wind farm establishment is […]

20 February 2012

All possible weather windows are used to ensure progress in the commissioning of the wind farm. As of 20 February, 27 turbines in Walney 2 have had first power, and all periods with reasonable weather are used to bring the turbines in operation. Tideway Rollingstone has also used weather windows in installation of armour stones […]

4 January 2012

Wind energy is taking an increasing battering, with vulnerability to storm damage, under-performance and increasing social and environmental impacts giving cause for concern. It also appears offshore turbine towers are more susceptible to scour than predicted, according to the latest issue (164 MA4) of the ICE’s Maritime Engineering journal. A team of research engineers from […]