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15 May 2017 Environment, R&D

Scheduling wind farm construction activities in the Maryland Wind Energy Area (WEA) to take place during summer months, from June to September, could reduce the likelihood of disturbance to harbour porpoises, according to a new study.

23 January 2017 Operations & Maintenance, R&D, Technology, Training & Education

Starting in April 2017, five universities in the UK will launch a three-year project to combine drone technology for the robotic inspection of offshore wind turbines, artificial intelligence (AI) to discover the fault patterns, and intelligent physics modelling to reduce costs and improve performance levels in this rapidly growing industry. The GBP 3.8 million project, funded by […]

23 November 2016 Environment, R&D, Training & Education

A group of researchers from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) and Cornell University are investigating how the proposed offshore wind farms off Ocean City, Maryland, could affect the travels of marine mammals in the area. Every three months, a crew of scientists and assistants rides a boat out into the Atlantic Ocean off Ocean City […]

17 March 2016 Authorities, Business & Finance, Grid Connection, R&D, Technology

French researchers gathered around the Omdyn R&D project are working on developing dynamic umbilical cables which will find particular application in floating turbines. The project is dedicated to the development of the dynamic cables used in floating marine energy applications. The cables, which can be up to several hundred meters long, pose considerable technical challenges, notably biofouling, […]

1 March 2016 Environment, R&D

Climate researchers at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) are coordinating a research project to study the interaction between wind farms and their potential effect on local climate in the North Sea. So far, mutual interactions of wind farms and their potential effects on local climate have been approximated with models only. Thanks to their wide installation, however, it […]

22 September 2015 Environment

Underwater noise in the marine environment is the focus of a new UK-wide research partnership to monitor the ‘soundscape’ in UK waters. The Centre for the Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) has teamed up with Marine Scotland Science and the University of Exeter to analyse underwater noise data from subsea sound recorders located around […]

20 April 2015 R&D, Technology

EU-funded researchers have developed a prototype wind energy system that works at much higher altitudes, where winds are stronger and more constant, dramatically increasing electricity production. A commercialised product is in the pipeline. Most wind energy comes from turbines 150 metres above ground level. Winds at this altitude are however weak and intermittent, with most […]

27 February 2015 Environment, R&D

In a new paper, environmental scientists from Brown University (Rhode Island, USA) suggest that the way to fill vast gaps in knowledge about the ecological and socioeconomic impacts of ocean energy development is to consider how the benefits provided by ocean ecosystems change before and after the placement of ocean energy infrastructure. The authors examine […]

26 February 2015 Authorities, R&D

The King and Queen of Norway embarked on their first official visit to Australia on Monday, 23rd February, in Canberra. On Friday, 27th February, the last day of the visit, Their Majesties will be present at a mini-seminar in Perth, Western Australia, devoted to maritime and offshore related research and business. The royal visit from Norway […]

5 January 2015 R&D, Technology

After investigating methods for reducing power fluctuations in wave energy parks, five Swedish scientists published their findings in AIP Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy in July 2014. "One of the major challenges in constructing effective and economically viable wave energy parks is to reduce the large fluctuations in power output," the scientists said in the abstract. Malin Göteman, Jens Engström, Mikael […]

27 August 2014 Authorities, R&D

Plans to pin offshore wind turbines to the seafloor in the Atlantic Ocean has raised questions about potential risks to commercial shipping traffic, as vessels maneuver around the installations. To address this potential risk, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) scientists have developed an assessment of navigation safety risks, with support from the U.S. Bureau of […]

10 July 2014 R&D, Technology

Nanoelectronics research center imec, Ghent University, and their partners in the European FP7 project SMARTFIBER have demonstrated the world’s first miniaturized fiber-optical sensor system than can be fully embedded in a composite material. This achievement paves the way toward smart composites that enable continued and automatic monitoring of the structural health of the composite material […]

26 June 2014 Authorities, R&D

U.S. scientists recently embarked on a mission to map the ocean floor off the coast of North Carolina.  The new data aims to find areas that would be ideal for wind farms with minimal impacts to sensitive fish habitats and ocean resources. This comes after the federal government allocated funds for wind energy projects off […]

5 May 2014 Environment, R&D

Lena Bergström, a researcher in marine and coastal ecology, has published a study called Effects of offshore wind farms on marine wildlife—a generalized impact assessment, together with her colleagues from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The abstract of the study reads: “The present study synthesizes the current state of understanding on the effects of […]

24 June 2013 R&D

  In cooperation with the transmission system operator TenneT TSO GmbH, scientists from the Fraunhofer IWES intend to develop a new method to set the operating reserve on a daily basis. The advantage of this new method is the possibility to include forecasts, e.g. for the power input for wind energy and photovoltaics. With this, […]

14 March 2013 Environment, R&D

Scientists are to extend a popular basking shark tracking project for another year, it was announced yesterday. For the last seven months the public have been able to follow the progress of eight of the giant sharks online, after they were tagged off the west coast of Scotland in July last year. Two of the […]

27 July 2012 R&D, Technology

Although there are no signs of actual offshore wind farm proposal for Lake Michigan, scientists from the Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center (MAREC) are operating a research buoy and collecting information on its wind conditions. Currently, scientists are analyzing the information they have got from the first set of data cards, the Michigan Radio […]

17 July 2012

A barge carrying the latest technology for generating electricity from ocean power has been launched from Fairhaven's Union Wharf on Friday, reports the South Coast Today news portal. The barge has been deployed to Muskeget Channel, where it will test a tidal current generator. Due to a narrow passage in that area, tidal currents can […]

16 July 2012

UK scientists will measure the effect on the marine environment and wildlife of devices that harness tide and wave energy using sonar technology that has, for the first time, been successfully deployed on the seabed. Renewable energy from tidal currents can be generated using turbines in the tidal flow, and wave energy can be captured […]

11 June 2012

Belinda Batten, the director of the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center will hold a free public presentation about wave energy development offshore West Coast, reports the Gazette Times. Namely, scientists are working with businesses, communities and policy makers to consider wave energy options. The presentation will be held today at the Old World Deli, […]

8 May 2012 Authorities

At a workshop to show the eThekwini municipality’s plan to partner US HAE (Hydro Alternative Energy) in building a R 155 million sea-power project off the KwaZulu-Natal coast, scientists said that the research and technological knowledge were available in their country, reported the Iol. Professor Wikus van Niekerk, director of the Centre for Renewable and […]

30 April 2012 Technology

Academics from the Robert Gordon University and the University of Aberdeen working together as part of the Scottish Sensor Systems Centre (S3C), funded by the Scottish Funding Council, will host an Open Laboratory Day for Subsea Sensor Technologies on Tuesday May 22. The event will offer professionals working in sectors which use sensor applications in […]

18 January 2012 R&D, Technology

Recent findings show that the intelligent software protects wind turbines against overload and avoids breakdowns. This development of the BMBF-funded joint project "Wint-LES" will be tested in practice. Offshore wind farms play an important role in energy transition, but the requirements for wind turbines are enormous. Weather conditions do not allow constant access to the […]

8 November 2011 Environment

A team of scientists are sailing from Suffolk to the North Sea to find out more about harbour porpoises... (bbc) [mappress] Source: bbc, November 08, 2011;

21 September 2011 Authorities

A panel of scientists and industry experts on offshore energy opportunities in North Carolina have found a few options worth exploring that... By Cullen Browder and Kathy Hanrahan (wral) [mappress] Source: wral, September 21, 2011

30 August 2011

  The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the strongest tides in the country.   By Ashley Ahearn (opb) [mappress] Source: opb, August 30, 2011;