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  • 1 October 2018
    Ports & Logistics, Wind Farm Update

    Rostock-based EEW SPC has loaded out and delivered 116 out of 174 monopiles for Ørsted’s Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm.

  • 28 November 2017
    Business & Finance, Contracts & Tenders

    Rostock-based offshore foundations manufacturer EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH (EEW SPC) has acquired Bladt Industries’ shares in Offshore Structures Britain Ltd. (OSB) and is now the sole owner of the British site on the River Tees.

  • 25 October 2018
    Business & Finance, Contracts & Tenders, Wind Farm Update

    Rostock-based EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH (EEW SPC) has won a contract to produce 47 monopiles for Ørsted’s Borssele 1 and 2 offshore wind farm.

  • 11 July 2018
    Business & Finance, Contracts & Tenders, Wind Farm Update

    Ørsted has placed an order with EEW Special Pipe Constructions (SPC) for 165 monopiles for the 1.4GW Hornsea Project Two offshore wind farm in the UK.

  • 27 January 2015
    Business & Finance, Wind Farm Update

    DONG Energy has signed a contract with EEW SPC, which covers the supply of 32 monopile foundations and the associated transition pieces for the 258MW Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm to be built in Liverpool Bay. Under the contract, a high proportion of the transition pieces will be manufactured at the Teesside plant by Offshore Structures (Britain) […]

  • 26 June 2018
    Contracts & Tenders

    EEW SPC and Jan de Nul have signed a contract for the production of 20 monopile foundations for the Formosa 1 Phase 2 offshore wind farm in Taiwan. 

  • 27 July 2016
    Business & Finance, R&D, Wind Farm Update

    A Japanese consortium led by Marubeni Corporation has entered into an agreement to carry out a feasibility study for the 145MW Akita offshore wind farm project off Akita Prefecture. The public offering of the project at Akita Port and Noshiro Port was made by Akita Prefecture for the purpose of expanding the installation of renewable energy and industrial […]

  • 19 August 2014
    Business & Finance, Wind Farm Update

    EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH has been awarded a contract for the manufacturing of foundations for the Sandbank offshore wind farm.  In total, 72 monopiles and transition pieces will be produced with a total weight of 78,000 tons. The average diameter of the piles is 6.4 metres and they are meant to be placed at a water […]

  • 21 June 2013

    EEW SPC produced the first pipe with a 10 m diameter from one plate in June 2013. The new Haeusler bending machine in the Rostock plant has only been installed recently. A cylindrical pipe section with a diameter of 10 m has now been successfully produced from one plate of 31.4 m long, 3 m […]

  • 25 November 2016
    Business & Finance, Wind Farm Update

    DONG Energy has awarded the Rostock-based EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH with a contract to manufacture 116 monopiles for the 174-turbine Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm in the UK. “Due to the scale of the project, Hornsea Project 1 has changed the way we are doing offshore wind projects. With EEW SPC we will get the […]

  • 8 November 2017
    Wind Farm Update

    On Tuesday, 7 November, the 60th and final monopile built for the Arkona offshore wind farm was lowered into water at the port basin of EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH prior to being towed to the installation site some 35 kilometres northeast of the Rügen Island in the German Baltic Sea.

  • 21 November 2014
    Business & Finance

    The German steel fabricator EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH and the Danish steel construction company Bladt Industries A/S have  invested in a new joint company based by the River Tees in the UK to manufacture offshore steel structures. The new joint company, Offshore Structures (Britain) Limited, will become a key part of the European manufacturing […]

  • 21 December 2017
    Wind Farm Update

    The first six monopiles EEW SPC produced for Ørsted’s Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm were loaded onboard SAL Heavy Lift’s crane vessel Svenja in the Rostock port and will now be on their way to Able Seaton Port in the UK, where they will be stored until the installation starts.

  • 12 November 2013
    Business & Finance

    Van Oord Offshore Wind Projects B.V. has assigned EEW Special Pipe Constructions (EEW SPC) GmbH to manufacture and deliver 75 monopiles for the Gemini offshore wind farm. The monopiles with a diameter of up to 7 meters weigh up to 850 tons. The contract was signed at the beginning of November 2013, and the financial […]

  • 2 July 2015
    Wind Farm Update

    A joint venture between Volker Stevin International and Boskalis, which was recently contracted for the design, procurement, fabrication, supply, transportation, installation and testing of 67 foundations for the Veja Mate offshore wind farm, has chosen Bladt Industries and EEW Special Pipe Constructions (SPC) for the supply of monopiles and transition pieces. EEW SPC will fabricate the 67 monopiles at their facilities […]

  • 18 August 2017
    Wind Farm Update

    DONG Energy has awarded EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH (EEW SPC) with a contract to manufacture all monopiles for the 174-turbine offshore wind farm, the 1.2GW Hornsea Project One.

  • 3 March 2016
    Environment, Wind Farm Update

    The heaviest monopile ever produced for an offshore wind project left the production site of EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH in Rostock on 2 March, and will be ready to be installed at the 402MW Veja Mate offshore wind farm within the next few months. This monopile weighs a total of 1,302.5 tons, its diameter is 7.8 […]

  • 18 February 2013

    EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH, located in Rostock (Germany) announced that they received an order to manufacture 80 foundations for the Offshore wind project Butendiek. Contract signing with their customer Ballast Nedam was in November 2012 in the Netherlands. Since the beginning of February the financial close of the 288 MW project has also been […]

  • 13 March 2014
    Business & Finance

    After the news that Bladt Industries and EEW SPC  will manufacture wind turbine foundations for the U.S. Cape Wind offshore project, the two companies have teamed up again for the supply of foundations to DONG Energy’s Gode Wind 1 and 2 offshore wind projects. In November last year, Bladt Industries announced that it had signed […]

  • 13 April 2012

    Bladt Industries and EEW SPC have successfully completed the load-out of the first two foundations for the Gwynt Y Môr Offshore Wind Farm located in the Irish Sea. Monday April 9th the Transition Pieces were loaded out from German facilities in Lubmin and subsequently load-out of the two Monopiles, fabricated by EEW SPC in Rostock, […]

  • 21 April 2020
    Wind Farm Update

    Rostock-based EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH has manufactured and delivered the first monopile foundations to be installed off the United States. EEW SPC built the two heavy monopile foundations and two transition pieces for the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) demonstration project offshore Virginia. The load-out of the heavy steel structures has recently been completed […]

  • 10 March 2015
    Business & Finance

    The facilities of Offshore Structures (Britain) Limited (OSB), a joint venture between EEW Special Pipe Construction GmbH and Bladt Industries A/S, are currently undergoing modifications in order to accommodate the most optimized production set-up for its future purpose. Bladt Industries and EEW SPC said that they are combining their extensive knowledge in the foundation production area to […]

  • 22 August 2017
    Business & Finance, Wind Farm Update

    Dutch marine contractor Van Oord has assigned the Rostock-based EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH to manufacture and deliver 31 monopiles for the 252MW Deutsche Bucht (DeBu) offshore wind farm.

  • 28 April 2017
    Business & Finance, Contracts & Tenders, Wind Farm Update

    The winners of the tender to build the Hibikinada nearshore wind farm off Kitakyushu, Japan, have established a special purpose company (SPC) – Hibiki Wind Energy.

  • 19 November 2019
    Wind Farm Update

    EEW Special Pipe Construction has completed steel construction on all of the monopiles for Vattenfall’s Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm at its plant in Rostock, Germany. 72 monopiles are now structurally ready and the next step is to coat the units, some of which are up to 65.6 metres long. This work should be completed […]

  • 17 October 2016
    Wind Farm Update

    The final six transition pieces for the 402MW Veja Mate offshore wind farm were delivered to Offshore Windforce M V.O.F. from Bladt Industries’ production facilities in Aalborg at the end of the third quarter of 2016. The six transition pieces were the last of a total of 67 units which were all finished within 14 months from contract commencement, Bladt […]