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20 June 2019 Contracts & Tenders


17 June 2019 Operations & Maintenance


26 July 2018 Technology

Rotech Subsea has launched a new cable grab system, which recently debuted at an offshore wind project in the North Sea.

7 July 2016 Business & Finance, Technology


4 March 2015 Business & Finance


19 September 2012 Grid Connection, Operations & Maintenance


13 November 2011 Business & Finance


15 March 2018 Business & Finance, Jobs & Recruitment


21 February 2018 Business & Finance, Contracts & Tenders, Grid Connection, Operations & Maintenance

NSG Wind has teamed up with Wilhelmsen Ship Management to jointly provide a complete technical maintenance solution for TenneT’s onshore and offshore transformer stations and AC electricity transmission systems.

19 February 2018 Contracts & Tenders, Grid Connection, Operations & Maintenance, Technology

TenneT has awarded Aker Solutions, NSG Wind and Fichtner with contracts for the maintenance of onshore and offshore converter station components and AC power transmission systems in the Dutch and German North Sea.

2 February 2018 Operations & Maintenance

The International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) Technical Committee will discuss a newly proposed global wind farm Technical Specification, IEC61400-28, at its upcoming meeting in Glasgow in April. The initiative introduces the concept of independent verification of the strategies for equipment maintenance throughout the entire life-cycle of a wind farm.

12 July 2017 Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update

STX France AS has completed the steel works on the offshore distribution station for the 385MW Arkona wind farm in the Baltic Sea.

10 May 2017

SgurrEnergy, part of Wood Group, has informed that its Power Performance Testing (PPT) services, which deliver wind turbine power curve tests, are fully compliant with the recently issued 2nd edition of IEC 61400-12-1 wind turbine standard from the International Electrotechnical Commission.

30 March 2017 R&D

Variability in wind speeds offshore the UK is significantly lower than previously understood, according to a new study on the UK’s offshore wind resource, carried out by DNV GL on behalf of the Crown Estate.

15 March 2017 R&D, Technology

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has published a new standard, IEC 61400-12-1:2017, formally allowing LiDARs as a supplementary or alternative measurement technique to mast-mounted cup anemometers.

26 November 2015 Operations & Maintenance, Technology


6 July 2015 Technology


12 January 2015 Business & Finance, R&D, Technology