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26 April 2017 R&D, Technology, Training & Education

innogy-led research project to test a new method of installing foundations on offshore wind farms has entered its next phase.

11 October 2016 R&D, Technology, Training & Education

Pile driving during construction of offshore wind farms in the German North Sea has little to no effect on local harbour porpoise population, according to a study commissioned by the Offshore-Forum Windenergie (OFW) in partnership with the offshore wind industry leaders.  "The study shows that offshore wind farms have no negative consequences for the harbor porpoise population," […]

24 May 2016 Environment, R&D

Seals avoid offshore wind farms during periods when the turbines are installed using pile driving, but return to the area within a matter of hours after pile driving has finished, according to new research by scientists at the University of St Andrews. The findings have important implications for the wind farm planning consent process and […]

28 May 2015 Technology

Huisman has reached an agreement to participate as shareholder and investor in Fistuca BV. Fistuca BV is developing a new pile driving technology, BLUE Piling Technology which will allow silent installation of large piles offshore. BLUE Piling Technology is expected to significantly reduce the foundation installation costs for offshore wind turbines. The technology uses a large […]

17 July 2014 Environment, Wind Farm Update

The Bremen-situated planner and operator wpd takes positive stock for the construction of the offshore windfarm Butendiek. “We are about to complete pile driving, we are well within our time schedule and we have fallen short of the predefined sound levels”, said Achim Berge Olsen, managing director of Butendiek and wpd offshore. Of the 80 foundation […]

29 August 2013 R&D, Technology

Fistuca has announced that it had finished a series of successful near-shore piling tests with a 2.2m prototype. Two piles have been driven, a Ø2.2 meter open-ended pile and a Ø0.7 meter closed-ended pile. Extensive measurements of underwater sound levels and pile driving properties have been performed. The company collaborated with Van Oord Offshore Wind […]

15 March 2016 Technology

Dutch research institute TNO has measured underwater noise levels during pile driving trials conducted by Fistuca on a testpile, during which BLUE Hammer device demonstrated that very low noise levels can be achieved. All underwater sound levels measured during these tests were far below the most stringent industry limits that currently apply (in German waters), […]

7 April 2014 R&D, Technology

RWE Innogy, DONG Energy, EnBW, E.ON and Vattenfall are running a one year onshore demonstration project near Cuxhaven on the German North Sea coast to validate the vibratory driving of wind turbine monopile foundations, in comparison and as evolution to current impact driving of these piles. The potential benefit is faster and more environmentally benign […]

7 December 2013 R&D, Technology

Since 2010 Fistuca BV, a spin-off of the TU Eindhoven, Van Oord and TNO, have been developing BLUE Piling Technology, an innovative method of driving hollow piles into the seafloor that is quieter and more cost effective than traditional methods. This revolutionary offshore piling method, BLUE Piling, is currently being tested at scale at Van […]

2 January 2012

Machines to drive foundations for offshore wind power platforms could become a new market for a small Kent pile driving company... By Steve Wilhelm (bizjournals) [mappress] Source: bizjournals, January 02, 2012; Image: nortrade

1 April 2019 R&D

GBM Works, a TU Delft spin-off, is set to conduct pilot tests of a new method for installing turbine monopile foundations in the Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Together with project partners, GBM will conduct the pilot at Maasvlakte beginning in May or June by using a vibro drill method in which foundation piles are […]

29 June 2018 Wind Farm Update

Seaway Heavy Lifting's (SHL) vessel Stanislav Yudin has installed the first monopile at the Trianel Windpark Borkum II (TWB II) in Germany. 

1 June 2018 R&D, Technology, Vessels

Heerema Marine Contractors and CAPE Holland have installed a Delft Offshore Turbine (DOT) monopile at the site of Eneco's Princess Amalia offshore wind farm (Prinses Amaliawindpark) by using a Vibro Lifting Tool from Heerema's vessel Aegir.

23 April 2018 Technology

ZPMC has announced its first official step in developing a 4,500KJ hydraulic pile hammer for large scale offshore wind turbine foundation which will, according to the company, break the ongoing foreign technological monopoly in the sector and provide for further improvement in marine equipment and marine resources development capacity of China.

21 July 2017 Wind Farm Update

Half of the wind turbine foundation piles have been installed at the Beatrice offshore wind site, the developer informed via social media. The piling is being carried out by Seaway Heavy Lifting (SHL) with their heavy lift vessel Stanislav Yudin.

2 March 2017 Technology, Wind Farm Update

Seaway Heavy Lifting (SHL) has awarded Bauer Renewables with a subcontract to design, build, test and operate specialized equipment – the BAUER Dive Drill C40 – to execute relief drilling services for the foundation piles at the 588MW Beatrice offshore wind farm in the Outer Moray Firth, Scotland. SHL will install 84 jackets for the […]

30 March 2016 Technology, Wind Farm Update

The S-4000 Hydrohammer pile-driving system installed its first monopiles at an offshore wind farm in the North Sea, IHC IQIP, a business unit of Royal IHC which recently launched the system, reports. The fully operational S-4000 unit was delivered to DEME Group’s offshore marine engineering division GeoSea for the Nordsee One offshore wind farm project in the German North […]

19 June 2015

Wagenborg has transported a so-called Pile Gripper Tool from Middelburg to Esbjerg where it was fitted on a wind turbine installation ship, Pacific Orca. The manufacture and transportation of the Pile Gripper Tool, including a hydraulic HSD-frame, took around three months. After driving the Pile Gripper out of the construction hall, Wagenborg placed the Pile Gripper upon prepositioned construction […]

23 February 2015 R&D

The annual International Conference on Offshore Wind Substructures was held in Edinburgh last week, where the latest trends in foundation design and innovations in substructure technology were discussed. This two day event facilitated lively discussion among attendees from across the supply chain regarding how foundation engineering may contribute to reducing the levellised cost of energy. […]

25 November 2014 Business & Finance, Wind Farm Update

In October 2014 the first phase of the pile testing campaign for the Wikinger offshore wind farm project was launched, after the site’s geotechnical investigation on the Baltic Sea had been completed. German engineering and services group Bilfinger was awarded the test pile contract and chose SAL Heavy Lift as subcontractor to transport and install […]

1 September 2014 R&D, Technology

Off the shores of South Korea, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology professor Sangchul Bang is designing a suction pile foundations for a 2,500-megawatt (MW) wind farm, his nearly $200,000 contract with Korea Electric Power Corporation Research Institute (KEPRI) will result in foundations for 500 windmills ranging from 3 MW to 7 MW each […]

15 January 2013

IHC Handling Systems, part of IHC Merwede, has delivered a pile guiding tool for the installation of 80 wind turbine foundations at sea. This innovative tool was designed and constructed by IHC Handling Systems, and then installed on board Seajacks' new jack-up vessel, ZARATAN, in autumn 2012. The company was awarded the contract on the […]

26 June 2012

Halfway June APE Holland started on the North Sea near the German island of Borkum with a special offshore project, vibrating 30 steel piles (monopiles) on which 30 windmills will be installed. The piles will be driven with the Super Quad Kong (SQK), an innovative and modular vibratory driver/extractor consisting of four APE vibros, which […]

5 April 2012 Wind Farm Update

As of 1 April 2012, 37½ of the 111 monopiles that make up Anholt Offshore Wind Farm are installed, and as such one third of the driving is complete. As expected, there are great challenges associated with the seabed where both very soft areas and very hard areas are present. The driving of monopile number […]

7 February 2012 Wind Farm Update

Since the first monopile was installed at 19.00hrs on New Year’s Eve, periods of good weather have been used to install foundations. On 1 February 2012, Svanen had erected 14 monopiles. Even though the January weather has been rough, it has been good for foundation installation. Since 27 December, the area has been hit by […]

17 May 2011 Business & Finance, R&D

Today, eight builders and operators of German offshore wind farms have concluded a joint venture agreement under the umbrella of the German Offshore Wind Foundation. The aim is to research and develop the efficiency of various noise reduction methods in the construction of offshore wind farms. The following companies are involved in the project: # […]