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  • 1 June 2020
    Wind Farm Update

    DEME Offshore’s jack-up vessel Innovation has arrived at the Borssele 1+2 offshore wind farm in the Dutch North Sea with the final monopiles. Innovation picked up the monopiles last night at Sif Rotterdam, a spokesperson from DEME Offshore said. Sif was in charge of providing 47 monopiles for the project, with EEW SPC, the parent […]

  • 28 May 2020
    Wind Farm Update

    The first monopile foundation has been installed at the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) project, the first in U.S. federal waters. CVOW will comprise two Siemens Gamesa 6 MW turbines installed some 27 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach. Ørsted’s spokesperson told that the second monopile foundation is also due to be installed in […]

  • 26 May 2020

    Jan De Nul has started the construction of its next-generation jack-up installation vessel Voltaire with a steel cutting ceremony at the Cosco Shipping Shipyard (Nantong) in China. The Voltaire is specifically designed to transport, lift and install offshore wind turbines, transition pieces, and foundations for current and future developments. The jack-up is equipped with a […]

  • 18 May 2020
    Contracts & Tenders, Operations & Maintenance

    Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) has won the contract for a structural measurement campaign at Vattenfall’s Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm. The scope of the contract covers the design, production, and installation of instrumentation on two offshore wind turbines which will monitor the monopiles and the transition pieces. The instrumentation system supplied by NGI will provide […]

  • 15 May 2020
    Wind Farm Update

    The first foundation at the Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm is now in place. Van Oord’s heavy lift vessel Svanen arrived at the project site off Denmark a few days ago to begin the installation work. The vessel will install a total of 72 monopile foundations, with the work expected to be completed in the […]

  • 14 May 2020
    Business & Finance, Wind Farm Update

    Dutch foundation manufacturer Sif has started the production of monopile foundations for the Akita-Noshiro and Saint-Nazaire offshore wind farms in Japan and France, respectively. According to the company’s latest trading update, the production started during the first quarter of 2020, when Sif also delivered monopiles and transition pieces to the Triton Knoll and Borssele 1, […]

  • 13 May 2020
    Ports & Logistics, Wind Farm Update

    Over the past few weeks, Manora Logistics has been transporting upper jacket foundation sections from Spain and Belgium to Newcastle, UK. Given the facts at hand, inquired about the jacket parts being for the Moray East offshore wind farm. However, Manora Logistics declined to confirm this. Namely, on 12 May, the company dispatched the […]

  • 12 May 2020
    Wind Farm Update

    The first three transition pieces for the Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm have been loaded onto a barge and are ready for installation, Bladt Industries said. The remaining 69 transition pieces will follow during the year. The last transition piece is scheduled to leave Bladt’s facility in Aalborg in the third quarter of 2020, Bladt […]

  • 11 May 2020
    Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    Van Oord’s heavy lift vessel Svanen has arrived at the Kriegers Flak offshore wind project in Denmark to begin the installation of monopile foundations. The monopiles, manufactured by EEW Special Pipe Constructions, will be transported floating from Rostock, Germany, to the project site. The transition pieces are produced by Bladt Industries in Aalborg, Denmark. Van […]

  • 30 April 2020
    Wind Farm Update

    The last of the 90 transition pieces for the Triton Knoll offshore wind farm has been transported from Smulders’ Hoboken yard to the collection port. To remind, in September 2017, the Sif-Smulders joint venture secured a contract to manufacture the monopiles and transition pieces, as well as two foundations for offshore substations, for the 857 MW project. […]

  • 23 April 2020
    Contracts & Tenders

    CTCI MAC, a subsidiary of Taiwanese engineering services provider CTCI, has secured a contract with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) to supply pin piles for the Changfang and Xidao offshore wind farm. The company will deliver 186 pin piles for the wind farm’s 62 jacket foundations. So far, this is the largest number of pin piles […]

  • 21 April 2020
    Wind Farm Update

    Rostock-based EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH has manufactured and delivered the first monopile foundations to be installed off the United States. EEW SPC built the two heavy monopile foundations and two transition pieces for the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) demonstration project offshore Virginia. The load-out of the heavy steel structures has recently been completed […]

  • 16 April 2020
    Contracts & Tenders, Wind Farm Update

    FairWind has a won a contract by Bladt Industries to install the electrical scope on 135 transition pieces for the Hornsea Two offshore wind project in the UK. FairWind’s scope of work is full electrical installation, including light study design of cable support system, as well as installing all components and free issued items from […]

  • 15 April 2020
    Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update

    The first Triton Knoll offshore substation platform (OSP) is now standing at its designated location at the project site.

  • 10 April 2020
    Wind Farm Update

    DEME has installed half of the 94 monopile foundations at the Borssele 1+2 offshore wind farm site.

  • 8 April 2020
    R&D, Technology

    Dutch offshore foundations manufacturer Sif has upended the slip joint transition piece built for the Borssele V innovation site at its facility on Maasvlakte 2 in the Port of Rotterdam. The slip joint monopile is in the company’s storage area at Maasvlakte 2. The slip joint monopile foundation will support one of the two MHI […]

  • 7 April 2020
    Wind Farm Update

    Sumitomo Electric Industries has started working on its part of the project to build offshore wind farms off Akita Port and Noshiro Port in Akita Prefecture.

  • 6 April 2020
    Contracts & Tenders

    Following innogy’s news on reaching the Final Investment Decision (FID) for the Kaskasi project and Bladt Industries being awarded contracts for monopile foundations and offshore substation (OSS), Bladt informed that it will execute the EPCI contract for the OSS in cooperation with Semco Maritime and ISC Engineering.

  • 30 March 2020
    Business & Finance

    Dutch offshore foundations manufacturer Sif has reached a milestone with the production of its 2,000th monopile. This special monopile was made for Ørsted’s Borssele 1&2 offshore wind farm in the Netherlands. Sif stated it is currently in the final phase of the project and is planning to complete the works in early April. The company produced its […]

  • 27 March 2020
    Wind Farm Update

    FairWind has completed the electrical installation of 59 transition pieces for the Borssele 1+2 offshore wind farm for Bladt Industries. The project scope included mounting circuit breakers, lights, cabling, filling high voltage switchgear with liquid air, and all other electrical components. The TP segments were assembled in Aalborg harbor, Denmark, before installation at the 752MW wind […]

  • 11 March 2020
    Contracts & Tenders, Wind Farm Update

    The Buss Terminal Eemshaven, in the Netherlands, has secured a contract to serve as a base port for installing the foundations of the Hornsea Two offshore wind project. Under the deal secured with DEME Offshore, the Buss Terminal is responsible for the handling, storage and terminal logistics of the 165 monopiles and transition pieces at […]

  • 10 March 2020
    Business & Finance

    Century Bladt Foundations’ offshore wind foundation production workshop in Taiwan is shaping up, according to Bladt’s recent post. The 33,000m2 workshop will soon be finished and ready for the installation of cranes and equipment, the Danish company reported. A 4,000m2 administration building, canteens to host 400 employees, 3,000m2 warehouse facilities and 9ha of outdoor storage […]

  • 5 March 2020
    Wind Farm Update

    ProCon Wind Energy has completed the electrical construction of 35 transition pieces for the Borssele 1 & 2 offshore wind project at EEW Offshore Structures (Britain) Ltd. ProCon stated that all its tasks have been finished and now only an O&M manual remains for total completion. The company has been providing electrical pre-assembly, installation and […]

  • 3 March 2020

    The China Merchants Heavy Industry (CMHI) shipyard has launched the hull of Offshore Heavy Transport’s (OHT) Alfa Lift vessel into the water, so it could be shifted to a site where the final assembly will take place.

  • 3 March 2020
    Contracts & Tenders, Wind Farm Update

    Jumbo Shipping has secured a contract with DEME Offshore for the transport of foundations for the Hornsea Two offshore wind project. Jumbo will transport 165 monopiles from Rostock, Germany, and 135 transition pieces from Aalborg, Denmark, to Eemshaven, the Netherlands, with a K3000 class vessel. Additionally, the company will undertake the project management for the […]

  • 3 March 2020
    Wind Farm Update

    Sif has signed a final contract with Kajima Corporation to deliver the monopiles and transition pieces for the Akita-Noshiro offshore wind project in Japan. The Dutch company is in charge of manufacturing 33 monopiles and 33 transition pieces which together make 25KTon of steel. Sif will store the structures at its MV2 facility, with delivery at […]