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18 January 2016 Business & Finance


9 November 2017 Business & Finance

The 7th edition of our annual Offshore WIND International Business Guide (IBG) will be published in February 2018.

14 November 2017

The Offshore WIND International Business Guide 2018 will be launched in February 2018 and will continue to successfully display many companies active in offshore wind industry.

30 September 2016 Business & Finance, Technology, Vessels


17 November 2017 Business & Finance

In 2018 there will be plenty of offshore wind projects starting construction, and others reaching full operation, and perhaps even one or two ready for decommissioning.

14 June 2017

More insights into the worldwide supply chain and a wider selection of companies and organizations: the 2017 version of the online Offshore WIND International Business Guide promises to take the reference guide to the next level.

18 January 2018

To bring the industry easily digestible, in-depth and on-topic market information Offshore WIND and the DOB-Academy have started to co-produce HORIZONS. These are two minute (tops) animated explanation videos on various topics like technology, market developments or finance. Offshore WIND and DOB-Academy strive to bring overview in this fast paced and growing industry. Follow this link for the first edition. 

9 August 2017

This year Offshore WIND Conference will boast two chairmen who will be guiding and moderating the sessions while also offering their vision on the challenges and opportunities on the road ahead. A first for the event.

2 November 2016 Business & Finance


15 September 2015 Authorities, Business & Finance


18 September 2015 Business & Finance


21 September 2016 Business & Finance


3 June 2014 Grid Connection


23 November 2016 Business & Finance