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2 May 2019 Technology

Van Oord and AdBm Technologies have demonstrated the new AdBm Noise Mitigation System (NMS). According to the parties, the system has proved that, in combination with only a single big bubble curtain, it meets Belgian and Dutch standards for noise emissions at sea. As a result, Van Oord will deploy the AdBM NMS for construction […]

21 November 2017 Environment, R&D, Technology

Lloyd's Register (LR) has assessed Fistuca's BLUE Hammer technology showing that it has the potential to produce "far less" underwater noise during the installation of offshore wind foundations compared to hydraulic hammers.

30 August 2016 Environment, Operations & Maintenance, Wind Farm Update

E.ON's Rampion Project Team has completed piling work on 55 out of 116 foundations on the 400MW Rampion offshore wind farm, off the coast of Sussex, UK. The update on the project was revealed in E.ON's apology to residents living near the Sussex coastline who once again complained about suffering sleepless nights recently due to a 'thumping noise' […]

11 January 2016 Business & Finance, Environment, Operations & Maintenance, Wind Farm Update

Baker Consultants has won a contract with Iberdrola to provide an underwater noise and marine mammal activity monitoring service during the construction phase of the Wikinger offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea. Baker Consultants will monitor underwater noise emissions as well as the activity of harbour porpoises that may be present within and around […]

19 October 2015 R&D

JASCO Applied Sciences, under subcontract to Tetra Tech Inc., is providing underwater acoustic measurement and monitoring services to Deepwater Wind during the installation of the Block Island Wind Farm. JASCO is conducting field data acquisition and subsequent analysis and interpretation for short- and long-term studies of noise from pile driving and related construction activities. The […]

22 September 2015 Environment

Underwater noise in the marine environment is the focus of a new UK-wide research partnership to monitor the ‘soundscape’ in UK waters. The Centre for the Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) has teamed up with Marine Scotland Science and the University of Exeter to analyse underwater noise data from subsea sound recorders located around […]

24 August 2015 Environment

During the foundation installation at 582MW Gode 1 & 2 offshore wind farm in Germany, Dong Energy has kept a noise pollution to a minimum. For the installation of 7.5-metre diameter monopiles, the company used a large bubble curtain and a tailor-made soundproof pipe which lowered the sound level below the limit of 160 decibels. […]

23 June 2015

Matt Simpson, a Member of the Institute of Acoustics with over fifteen years experience, has joined Baker Consultants as Senior Underwater Noise Consultant. Baker Consultants’ expanding Marine team carries out marine mammal monitoring and underwater noise mitigation work for a range of projects, including offshore wind farms such as Borkum Riffgrund 1 and Gode Wind […]

23 June 2015 Environment, Technology

Supported by Vattenfall and Geosea, W3G Marine recently achieved an underwater noise reduction of 25dB in SEL (Sound Exposure Level) and 35dB in peak pressure using its patented HydroNAS™ system. The trial was conducted during the installation of a 5m diameter monopile with no energy restriction, using an S1200 hammer. The result confirms numerical modelling […]

16 June 2015 R&D

The Germany's Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) is inviting tenders for the establishment of a specialised information system for hydrophones. The development of the systems in close coordination with the acousticians is required as similar developments are missing in Europe so far. Underwater acoustics in the civilian sector focuses on research and development during […]

1 June 2015 Environment

The developer of the 332 MW Nordsee One project has invited tenders for environmental monitoring and reporting during the construction phase of the offshore wind farm. The contract covers underwater sound monitoring, marine mammal monitoring and acoustic deterrence in accordance with BSH Standard 'Investigation of the Impact of Offshore Wind Turbines on the Marine Environment (StUK4)' […]

18 May 2015 Environment

Some residents have experienced disturbance from the piling work currently undertaken 7km offshore Herne Bay and Whitstable in Kent. The Swedish energy giant, Vattenfall, is currently installing foundations at the 49.5MW Kentish Flats Extension offshore wind farm comprising 15 turbines. Adam Ezzamel, Foundations Package Manager, pointed out the reasons behind noisy work at different times […]

12 May 2015 Business & Finance, Technology

ABPmer has been contracted by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) to create a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) tool that generates data to map the distribution of man-made continuous underwater noise in the south marine plan areas. The outputs of the tool will improve the MMO’s understanding of underwater noise. They may also inform marine planning […]

26 March 2015 R&D, Technology

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) has recognised Lloyd's Register (LR) Consulting's poster “New Method for Accurate Prediction of Underwater Noise from Pile Driving” with the Best Poster Award in the joined category: Planning and Environment / Health and Safety. This LR Consulting-headed contribution was recognised above nine other posters at EWEA Offshore 2015. The work […]

21 October 2014 Environment

AdBm Technologies released a report on its recent offshore demonstration at the Butendiek offshore wind farm. A demonstration of the AdBm Technologies underwater noise abatement system was conducted on 11–12 July, 2014 in partnership with WPD and Ballast Nedam. During pile driving operations for monopiles BU 32 and BU 21, a peak reduction of almost […]

16 October 2014 Environment, R&D

German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) has revealed that the noise created during the construction of offshore wind farms is pretty much in line with BSH's limit, which has been set to protect harbor porpoises.  "We have seen some noticeable progress in the reduction of noise levels during construction of offshore wind farms," stressed the President of BSH, Monika Breuch-Moritz. She added […]

3 October 2014 Environment

As governmental bodies are trying to protect the marine life, companies are facing more regulations and restrictions on the offshore installations. During the foundation installation, hydraulic impact hammers create a lot of noise harmful to marine mammals as well as to other sea life. Hamburg-based engineering and services company, Bilfinger Marine & Offshore Systems, developed […]

9 September 2014 Technology

The Austin Technology Incubator (ATI), part of the IC2 Institute at The University of Texas at Austin (UT), detailed the recent successful offshore demonstration of AdBm Technologies’ underwater noise abatement system. AdBm, a portfolio company of ATI’s Clean Energy Incubator, worked with its Dutch partner, Ballast Nedam, to deploy its system at the in the […]

12 August 2014 R&D

SMRU Marine - collaborating with a team of researchers at the University of St Andrews, led by Prof. John Harwood - has developed Population Consequences of Disturbance (PCOD), an interim framework for assessing the consequences of noise disturbance on marine mammal populations that may result from the underwater noise generated by offshore renewable energy developments. […]

10 July 2014 Environment

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) extended the noise modelling report for Horns Rev 3 with more impact assessments. The underwater noise impact assessment undertaken for Horns Rev 3 was considering a worst case of the installation of large 10 MW turbines with 10 meter foundations being installed with the largest hydraulic hammers available. For comparable […]

25 April 2014 Environment, R&D

The UK's National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has published a Good Practice Guide for Underwater Noise Measurement, giving guidance on best practice for in-situ measurement of underwater sound, for processing the data, and for reporting the measurements using appropriate metrics. From a scientific point of view, accurate acoustic measurements are needed for a diverse range of […]

13 March 2014 Environment, R&D, Technology

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is continuing to work closely with colleagues based in its Grimsby coastal office, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the developer Dong Energy, to gain a better understanding of the concerns about noise in Withernsea, East Riding of Yorkshire and the Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm. The MMO said […]

3 March 2014 Environment, R&D, Wind Farm Update

The UK's Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is currently looking into concerns about noise in Withernsea, East Riding of Yorkshire and the Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm.  The MMO regulates development in the seas around England, this includes offshore wind farms construction with a capacity of up to 100 megawatts. The organization licensed DONG Energy to […]

4 February 2014 Environment

Baker Consultants’ marine acoustics team has won a contract to provide a noise and marine mammal monitoring service during the construction phase of the Borkum Riffgrund 1 offshore wind farm. The construction work for the 77 turbine DONG Energy project was won by GeoSea which is using the vessel Pacific Orca for the piling operations […]

3 December 2013 Authorities, Environment

From now on, new guidelines apply on the development of offshore wind power in German part of the North Sea, which regulate the protection of the North Sea harbor porpoises. As a result, the pile driving must be organized in a period when porpoises are in retreat, thus sufficiently far away from the place where […]

23 September 2013 Environment

 The potential ecological impact of the introduction of anthropogenic sound to the marine environment has received increasing attention in recent decades. Most interest has focused on acoustically sensitive or ecologically or commercially vulnerable species. Potential impacts vary in severity from direct physical trauma and hearing damage through to behavioural disturbances, exclusions, fright responses and the […]