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19 October 2015 Business & Finance, Wind Farm Update

Navitus Bay developers have decided not to challenge the decision of the Department for Energy and Climate Change to refuse consent for the offshore wind farm. "We would like to thank the communities on the South Coast and all our stakeholders for their engagement throughout the project. We would also like to extend a thank you to […]

11 September 2015

RenewableUK has expressed disappointment that the Energy Minister Lord Bourne has refused planning approval for Navitus Bay offshore wind farm off the south coast of England. The 970 megawatt (MW) project was due to be built in the English Channel 13.4 miles off the coast from Bournemouth and 10.9 miles from the western tip of […]

11 September 2015 Authorities, Wind Farm Update

UK government has rejected the GBP 3.5bn Navitus Bay wind farm project planned off the south coast of England. The decision to dismiss a planning application for up to 194-turbine project was announced by Energy minister Lord Bourne today. A reduced project version, comprising of up to 105 turbines, was also rejected. Minister named “seascape, […]

7 September 2015 Authorities

UK Secretary of State is to issue a decision about up to 121-turbine wind farm in the English Channel near the Isle of Wight. The call is expected to be negative as some Jurassic Coast will lose UNESCO World Heritage Site status in case the wind farm gets built, writes the Telegraph. For the same […]

1 September 2015

ABS Group Ltd. has been named as the ‘Preferred Supplier’ for a multi-year project certification contract by Navitus Bay Development Ltd. for the proposed Navitus Bay Wind Park project in the United Kingdom. Located off the Dorset and Hampshire coasts of England and west of the Isle of Wight, the offshore wind park could help […]

27 August 2015

Jan De Nul UK Ltd. (JDN), Portland Harbour Authority Limited (PHAL) and Portland Port Limited Ltd (PPL) have joined forced to bid for a major phase of the Navitus Bay wind farm project. The Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) provides JDN with exclusive use of Portland Harbour if it secures the contract to construct the foundations of […]

10 August 2015 Authorities, Wind Farm Update

Navitus Bay has reached an agreement with The Crown Estate to hand back the remaining, unused parts of the original wind farm development zone. This means that the parts of the seabed in the zone that have not been used for the application submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for consent will no longer be under […]

31 July 2015 Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update

Siemens Energy Management and VBMS (UK) Ltd have been selected by the proposed Navitus Bay wind farm as the preferred electrical transmission system supplier. The two companies will come together to form a joint venture to deliver the project and will aim to use UK supply chain partners to maximise the economic benefit to the region […]

15 July 2015 Business & Finance

Navitus Bay has announced the creation of £8.6 million (€12.1 million) in funding for skills and supply chain engagement as part of its commitment to maximise the benefits felt across the South Coast from the proposed offshore wind park. The funding is part of the s.106 Agreement, negotiated with the local authorities within the project area […]

21 May 2015 Business & Finance, Wind Farm Update

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind has been appointed preferred supplier for the delivery of V164-8.0 MW turbines for the Navitus Bay project in the UK. As soon as the project translates into a firm and unconditional order, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind will disclose further details about this, the company said. CEO Jens Tommerup said: “If the project […]

20 April 2015

Fugro has been awarded a contract by Navitus Bay Development Ltd to provide real-time bankable wind profile data for a twelve month period using the Seawatch Wind LiDAR Buoy. The LiDAR buoy has achieved close to 100% data availability despite experiencing several storms since its deployment at the beginning of February. This compact and robust […]

11 March 2015

UK government body has closed an examination of the application for the project comprising up to 194 turbines capable of producing electricity for around 700,000 homes. The examination that started six months ago saw impact on tourism as the main concern. Bournemouth Borough Council is claiming 4,923 jobs would be lost while GBP 6.3 billion […]

30 January 2015 Environment

Two of APEM’s experienced ornithologists provided expert opinion at an inquiry in Bournemouth on the potential effects on birds of the proposed Navitus Bay Wind Park. Principal ornithologist, Dr Roger Buisson, along with technical specialist, Sean Sweeney, answered questions on the potential effects of the proposed windfarm on bird populations in and around the proposed […]

14 January 2015 Authorities, Wind Farm Update

Following a submission to the UK Government’s Planning Inspectorate by local councils, which have argued that Navitus Bay’s turbine mitigation option should be considered as a separate development application, the Inspectorate has decided to deny that request and to continue with examining the "Plan B" for Navitus Bay as an additional option.  Navitus Bay Development Limited (NBDL), a […]

12 January 2015 Wind Farm Update

Dorset County Council and Bournemouth Borough Council have voiced their opinion on the Navitus Bay proposal in regard to the examining process at the UK Planning Inspectorate, stating that the Turbine Mitigation Option (TMO) should be submitted and considered by the Inspectorate as a completely new application, the Dorset Echo news site informs.  The TMO has been submitted […]

28 November 2014 Authorities, Business & Finance, Wind Farm Update

According to Bournemouth Borough Council, Navitus Bay Development Limited (a joint venture between Eneco and EDF) should pay GBP 975 million over 30 years to compensate for an adverse impact of the Navitus Bay on local tourism, should the project be built.  Mark Smith, Bournemouth's Service Director for Tourism, has presented a report which says that the local economy […]

17 November 2014 Authorities, Business & Finance

Navitus Bay Development Limited has submitted an alternative proposal for fewer turbines that will be further from the Coast. The examining authority for the Navitus Bay Wind Park Application recently set out a number of written questions and requests for information. A question aimed at Navitus Bay Development Limited (the Applicant) asked whether it was […]

14 October 2014 Authorities

The UK Planning Inspectorate is holding the first open floor hearing for the Navitus Bay offshore wind farm in Bournemouth. In six open floor sessions, 84 speakers will comment on the offshore wind proposal and after each session the applicant will have an opportunity to respond. Due to the high level of interest, each interested party that has […]

10 October 2014 Authorities

New Forest District Council decided not to submit a formal objection against Navitus Bay offshore wind farm, according to Daily Echo. However, the council reserved the right to lobby a planning inquiry due to start in Bournemouth next week. They raised concern over the onshore underground cable installation which will create a 40 meter corridor […]

29 September 2014 Authorities, Wind Farm Update

Planning board of Purbeck District Council, Dorset county, stated that the authority will not support the development of the Navitus Bay wind farm.  The planning board has issued a Local Impact Report on behalf of Purbeck District Council in response to the application by Navitus Bay Development Limited to the UK Planning Inspectorate for a development consent order to construct and […]

27 August 2014 R&D, Training & Education

A survey vessel deployed at the Navitus Bay offshore wind site to examine the seabed has helped the Portland Coastguard carry out its rescue exercise. Horizon Geosciences is performing site investigation works on behalf of Navitus Bay Development Limited, using its Horizon GeoBay DP 2 vessel. On August 16, the coastguard contacted the vessel to […]

12 August 2014 R&D, Wind Farm Update

As part of the site investigation works, Navitus Bay Development Ltd recently kicked off works on soil sampling at the Navitus Bay offshore wind farm site, which will help with choosing the right design of wind turbine foundations. To figure out the foundation design, fifteen samples of soil will be taken by drilling boreholes in […]

23 July 2014 Authorities, Business & Finance

UK Planning Committee held a meeting yesterday regarding the proposed Navitus Bay offshore wind farm. Isle of Wight Council gave no objection to the proposal but recommended requesting more information in relation to noise and ecology. The council presented the main considerations in its report: The Council’s role in the application process The sustainability benefits […]

23 July 2014

Horizon Geosciences is performing site investigation works on behalf of Navitus Bay Development Limited. DP II vessel Horizon Geobay commenced work on 30th June and was expected to stay at the site for up to three weeks. The proposed Navitus Bay Wind Park is being developed by joint venture between Eneco Wind UK Ltd (Eneco) […]

16 July 2014 Authorities, Environment, Wind Farm Update

Isle of Wight Council officers have voiced their opinion on the Navitus Bay offshore wind project, which is due to be reviewed by the Council’s planning committee next week. In their report on the project, which will also be considered by the committee, the officers stated that the wind farm developers have “underplayed” the impact […]

4 July 2014

 The deadline to register as an interested party with the Planning Inspectorate for the Navitus Bay wind farm proposal has passed. According to Daily Echo, the majority of 2,700 participants who applied have a negative opinion about the project. “What is striking when you look at the comments is that the vast majority of businesses, […]