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23 August 2013 R&D, Technology

Rick Arthur from GE wrote an article on the company's website about a research that GE is conducting to solve the issue of ice accumulation on wind turbines and other offshore infrastructure operating in extremely cold environments: I’m excited to highlight some progress GE Research has made in modeling the formation of ice from water […]

15 August 2013 R&D, Technology

GE Global Research, the technology development arm of the General Electric Company (GE), today announced research that could significantly impact the design of future wind turbine blades. Utilizing the power of high-performance computing (HPC) to perform complex calculations, GE engineers have overcome previous design constraints, allowing them to begin exploring ways to design reengineered wind […]

15 August 2013 R&D, Technology

The University of Minnesota’s St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL) has announced the launch of new collaborative industry-academy project to advance research, innovation and training in marine and hydrokinetic (MHK) technology, an emerging renewable energy that harnesses the power of rivers, tides and waves. The project is funded by a two-year, $600,000 grant from the National […]

12 August 2013 Technology

IBM today announced an advanced power and weather modeling technology that will help utilities increase the reliability of renewable energy resources. The solution combines weather prediction and analytics to accurately forecast the availability of wind power and solar energy. This will enable utilities to integrate more renewable energy into the power grid, helping to reduce […]

3 July 2013 R&D

Christine M. Voss, Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Institute of Marine Sciences is leading the next discussion on off-shore wind energy in North Carolina, at the next Coastal Science Cafe on July 8th from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Capt. Bill's Waterfront Restaurant located at 701 Evans […]

21 June 2013

Twenty-five offshore wind farms have been approved in the German North Sea, with a total of more than 1,350 turbines and a capacity of over 5,600 megawatts. The design of an offshore wind turbine (OWT) and structure of the foundations plays a crucial role in the realization of offshore wind farms in water depths of […]

22 May 2013 R&D

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) have announced a new partnership to advance research for the strategic planning and development of offshore wind energy projects. Under this partnership, UMBC will draw on its expertise with light detection and ranging, or LIDAR, to conduct critical wind speed and direction […]

1 May 2013 Business & Finance

The Energy Department announced up to $13 million in funding to develop and test advanced components and technologies to boost the performance of marine and hydrokinetic (MHK) energy systems. The Department plans to select up to 10 awards aimed at developing advanced controls, power systems, and device structures specifically for MHK applications, which harness energy […]

12 April 2013 Business & Finance

 Wind turbine OEMs and wind park operators are always looking to lower the cost of wind power production. An optimized turbine electrical drivetrain is one way to help lower these costs. At ABB, extensive experience in wind power generation combined with the company's electrical drivetrain laboratories provide its customers with modeling, simulation and testing capabilities […]

6 March 2013 R&D, Training & Education

Forward-looking questions on wind power were addressed by experts in the field of wind energy last week at a symposium sponsored by the University of Delaware Energy Institute (UDEI). The two-day event, titled “The Importance of Meteorology to Wind Energy: Research Needs for the Next 10 Years,” convened researchers from academia, industry and government on […]

20 February 2013

One of Scotland’s leading sites looking to service the offshore renewables market is launching the second phase of its masterplanning process with a public consultation event. Kishorn Port Ltd (KPL), a joint venture between Leiths (Scotland) Ltd and Ferguson Transport (Spean Bridge) Ltd, is holding a public open day on Wednesday 20 February at Lochcarron […]

17 February 2013 R&D, Technology

A Stanford economist pitches open-source software for evaluating potential offshore wind turbine sites for optimal energy production and minimal disruption of other marine industry. Offshore wind has significant potential to help the United States meet its growing energy needs, but the U.S. marine renewable energy industry has lagged behind Europe for decades. Recent legislation has […]

7 February 2013 R&D

The control unit is the “brain” of the wind turbine. It reacts immediately to the wind speed. In stormy weather it switches the turbine off if necessary, or immediately decides how the rotor blades need to be adjusted to achieve the best energy yield. Using a robust simulation system, researchers are testing the control unit […]

19 December 2012 R&D

Mapping the wind patterns off the Oregon coast is just one part of the innovative work that scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory will be performing in a new demonstration project just announced by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). As part of the U.S. government's "all of the above" strategy to develop more secure, […]

4 December 2012 Business & Finance

Langlee Wave Power announces the establishment of its Spanish subsidiary Langlee Wave Power S.L.U. It was established as a ZEC company in Las Palmas in 2012, with the purpose to move all the R&D activities of the Norwegian company to the island. Currently, it is employing one Canarian engineer and there is a plan to increase […]

29 November 2012 Technology

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, has announced the release of SACS version 5.5 – software that expands installation capabilities, integrates new wind turbine platform design functionality, and introduces floating analysis for offshore vessels. Leveraging Bentley’s November 2011 acquisition of Perth-based FormSys and its Maxsurf technology, […]

7 November 2012

The 1st AWTEC (Asia Wave and Tidal Energy Conference) will be held in Jeju, Korea - Nov. 27 to Nov. 30, 2012. AWTEC is an international technical and scientific conference under EWTEC organization, focused on ocean wave and tidal renewable energies and widely respected for its commitment to maintain high standards in the quality of […]

22 October 2012 Business & Finance, Technology

Ocean Power Technologies, Inc.(OPT), a leading wave energy technology company, today announced that the Company has received a ¥70 million (approximately US $900,000) contract from Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding (MES) for further work towards development of the Company’s PowerBuoy technology for application in Japanese sea conditions. Under this contract, OPT will continue to analyze methods […]

10 October 2012

Under the direction of the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy, Timmons Group collaborated with researchers and scientists from the Virginia Center for Wind Energy at James Madison University and WeatherFlow Inc. to develop the Wind, Weather and Energy Viewer on the recently deployed Virginia Offshore Wind Website. The Wind, Weather and Energy Viewer […]

28 September 2012 R&D

An evaluation of the UK’s offshore wind potential carried out by Senergy’s industry-leading renewable energy consultancy has shown that the Government could more than double its offshore wind target for 2020. The findings reveal that the Government could not only surpass its aim of achieving 18GW of offshore wind generation connected to the grid by […]

11 September 2012 R&D

Adapting a sophisticated climate model, researchers show that there is plenty of wind available to supply half to several times the world’s total energy needs within the next two decades. In 2030, if all energy is converted to clean energy, humans will consume about 11.5 terawatts of power every year, all sources combined. If there […]

30 August 2012

MAKE Consulting will be attending the 4th Annual Wind Turbine Supply Chain Conference in Berlin where Steen Broust Nielsen, a partner at the company, will chair the conference and deliver a presentation on “The Global Supply Chain-Predictions for the Future”.   The Conference will be held from Tuesday, 4th September – Wednesday, 5th September. The […]

24 August 2012 Training & Education

Haus der Technik e.V., together with the ForWind Academy organizes a seminar called "Offshore Wind Energy: Design and Installation of Support Structures in the North Sea" on 5 - 6 September 2012 in Bremerhaven, Germany. The two-day seminar, conducted by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Schaumann (ForWind), aims to provide participants with well-founded, up-to-date knowledge on drafting […]

31 July 2012 Technology

MSC Software Corporation (MSC), the leader in multidiscipline simulation solutions that accelerate product innovation, today announced the new 2012 version of its Advanced Wind Turbine Modeling (AdWiMo) solution. AdWiMo allows rapid modeling and accurate system simulation of wind turbines. As a plug-in to Adams, the multibody dynamics analysis software from MSC, the new version of AdWiMo fully supports the […]

31 July 2012

Research and Markets has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new book "Wind Resource Assessment. A Practical Guide to Developing a Wind Project" to their offering. This is a practical, authoritative guide to the siting and installation of a high-quality wind energy project, providing analytical methods for assessing the wind resource. The […]

31 July 2012 R&D

Sandia National Laboratories’ wind energy researchers are re-evaluating vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) to help solve some of the problems of generating energy from offshore breezes. Though VAWTs have been around since the earliest days of wind energy research at Sandia and elsewhere, VAWT architecture could transform offshore wind technology. The economics of offshore windpower […]