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6 October 2016

Data buoy manufacturers Ocean Scientific International (OSIL) have recently supplied eight 1.2m buoys to Jan De Nul Group, which will use them on different dredging and renewables projects as platforms for environmental monitoring. Each buoy incorporates a variety of sensors from different manufacturers, including AML Oceanographic, Campbell Scientific and Nortek, with specialist seabed frames for current monitoring work, […]

2 August 2016 Grid Connection, Vessels, Wind Farm Update

Jan De Nul has installed the transition piece which will support the Offshore High Voltage Station (OHVS) on the ‎Nobelwind‬ ‪offshore‬ ‪‎wind far‬m in the Belgian part of the North Sea. The 165 MW Nobelwind offshore wind farm is expected to be completed in the second half of 2017 and will feature 50 Vestas V112-3.3MW turbines […]

13 July 2016 Vessels, Wind Farm Update

DONG Energy has awarded Jan De Nul with a contract for the transport and installation of 36 monopiles and transition pieces for the Borkum Riffgrund 2 offshore wind farm in Germany, Jan De Nul reported today. Jan De Nul will also be in charge of the supply, transport and installation of scour protection for all foundations. The works […]

19 May 2016 Business & Finance

In early 2016, Jan De Nul signed a contract for cable installation at a Geman offshore wind farm, the company reported in its financial results yesterday. However, Jan De Nul did not reveal any further details, such as the client's name and the project in question. Offshore WIND contacted the company via email, but it has […]

28 April 2016 Vessels

Her Majesty the Queen of Belgium christened the new offshore installation vessel of the Jan De Nul Group today. The vessel, named Vole au Vent, was christened in the Port of Ostend – the base port of Jan de Nul's team for the Nobelwind (Bligh Bank Phase 2) project – in the presence of the family and employees of […]

15 March 2016 Business & Finance, Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update

Finnish wind power producer Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy has chosen Jan De Nul as the main contractor for marine construction, and Prysmian Finland as the supplier of the undersea cable for the 40MW Tahkoluoto offshore wind farm in Pori. The construction of the wind farm will begin in April. The Luxembourg-based Jan De Nul NV will be responsible for dredging, seabed construction work, and […]

7 December 2015 Operations & Maintenance, Technology

Jan De Nul Group is now licenced for the use of Mojo Maritime's Mermaid®, which will help the offshore construction company to better assess weather risk for offshore operations. Mermaid allows users to realistically simulate marine operations to uncover the risks and identify critical operations before going offshore. Rich Walker, Senior Marine Operations Analyst at Mojo Maritime […]

1 December 2015 Vessels

The world’s largest multipurpose cable laying vessel, Jan De Nul's Isaac Newton, was delivered to its owner on Friday, 27 November.  The ceremony took place at the Uljanik shipyard in Croatia, where the Isaac Newton was the first DP2-class dynamic positioning vessel built. "While the construction of this ship was an incredibly challenging task, our shipbuilders showed […]

1 October 2015 Vessels

Ulstein Power & Control has been awarded a contract with AVIC Weihai Shipyard Co. Ltd. on power and control deliveries for two subsea rock installation vessels for Jan De Nul Group.  The Ulstein Power & Control delivery includes the Power package consisting of generators, switchboards, motor control centre, thruster frequency converters and motors, the automation […]

25 September 2015 Vessels

On Tuesday 15th September 2015, Jan De Nul Group and the offshore wind project Nobelwind signed the first offshore wind contract for Jan De Nul’s recently acquired offshore jack-up heavy lift vessel Vidar. It concerns the engineering, procurement, construction and installation of 51 monopile foundations for 50 wind turbines and for the Offshore High Voltage […]

17 September 2015 Vessels

On Tuesday 15 September, Jan De Nul Group signed the taking-over of the offshore jack-up crane vessel Vidar, formerly operating for the German company Hochtief. “With the Vidar in our fleet we considerably extend our specialized services for the installation of offshore windparks,” says Peter De Pooter, Manager Offshore Renewable at Jan De Nul Group. […]

27 August 2015

Jan De Nul UK Ltd. (JDN), Portland Harbour Authority Limited (PHAL) and Portland Port Limited Ltd (PPL) have joined forced to bid for a major phase of the Navitus Bay wind farm project. The Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) provides JDN with exclusive use of Portland Harbour if it secures the contract to construct the foundations of […]

6 May 2015 Vessels

Jan De Nul Group has ordered two 6,000 ton Subsea Rock Installation vessels at AVIC Weihai shipyard in Weihai, China. The vessels will be able to install rock at depths up to about 600 m by means of a flexible fall pipe. An inclined fall pipe will enable accurate rock installation around structures such as […]

21 April 2015 Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update

Jan De Nul Group has secured two contracts with Dong Energy to execute cable installation works for the Burbo Bank Extension Offshore Wind Farm in Liverpool Bay. Jan De Nul Group will install and bury a 25km long export cable between the wind farm's offshore transformer platform and the beach, as well as 32 infield cables between […]

12 March 2015 Business & Finance, Grid Connection

Dong Energy has signed an agreement with the Jan De Nul Group for the installation of subsea export cables at the Race Bank offshore wind development project in the UK. Jan De Nul Group has experience within dredging, and has now extended its business into cable installation. Race Bank offshore wind farm, when operational, will […]

9 March 2015 Vessels

Jan De Nul's new multipurpose vessel Isaac Newton was launched at the Croatian shipyard Uljanik Brodogradiliste on Saturday, March 7.  The vessel can be deployed on a variety of projects: installing subsea cables, trench dredging and subsea rock installation. In cable-installation mode, Isaac Newton will be capable of transporting and laying cable in a single length with […]

22 December 2014 Vessels

Isaac Newton, Jan De Nul's new multipurpose vessel is now well under construction at Uljanik Shipyard in Pula, Croatia. The shipyard has been visited by Belgian students, who came to get acquainted with the vessel's construction process, the company informed at its official social media pages. Isaac Newton, the 76th vessel in the fleet of Jan De […]

30 October 2014 Grid Connection, Operations & Maintenance, Vessels

In the North Sea, off the Belgian coast, Alstom has installed its first Haliade turbine within the Belwind facility. Jan De Nul Group earlier installed the rock scour protection around the jacket foundation of the turbine with its Fallpipe Vessel ‘Simon Stevin’. This time, the ‘Simon Stevin’ returned to the wind farm to install a 33kV […]

22 September 2014 Business & Finance, Wind Farm Update

Jan De Nul Group is in charge of the installation of scour protection for the 80 monopiles of the offshore wind farm Butendiek,  located in the North Sea west of Sylt. The filter rock, approximately 71,000 tonnes, was loaded at the quarry and installed by the Fall Pipe Vessel Simon Stevin before installation of the monopile. […]

9 September 2014 Business & Finance, Technology

SpeedCast International Limited (SpeedCast), a global satellite telecommunications service provider, today announced that it has been awarded a multi-year contract from Jan De Nul Group, a leading expert in dredging, marine construction, and specialized services for the offshore oil & gas, and renewable energy industries. The new satellite service provides high-performance broadband connectivity for mission […]

5 June 2014 Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance, Technology

This week, Uljanik Brodogradilište (Uljanik Shipyard) in Pula, Croatia, started with the construction of Jan De Nul's new Multi-Purpose Vessel JDN8628. The versatile vessel will operate as a trenching and offshore support vessel, a subsea rock installation vessel and a cable laying vessel.  It can be equipped with two cable turntables with a total capacity of 10,000 […]

14 August 2013 Business & Finance

Last week, Jan De Nul Group ordered a new vessel at the Uljanik Shipyard in Pula, Croatia. The vessel with a deadweight of 10,500 tonnes and a total length of 138 m will be a multipurpose vessel. It will be a trenching and offshore support vessel, a subsea rock installation vessel and a cable laying […]

19 December 2012 Business & Finance

Jan De Nul Group awarded a contract to supply a 5,400 tonnes capacity cable turntable to offshore handling systems specialist Caley Ocean Systems. The turntable, including a 5 tonnes and 10 tonnes deck tensioner, is destined for the vessel Willem de Vlamingh. In addition to this turntable, Caley is supplying a modular loading tower assembly comprising loading […]

14 November 2012 Grid Connection, Technology

Offshore handling systems specialist, Caley Ocean Systems, has been awarded a contract to supply leading dredging and marine engineering company, Jan de Nul NV, with a 5,400Te capacity cable turntable for the MPV Willem De Vlamingh. Mid 2013, Jan de Nul is installing 245kV export cable connecting the Northwind Offshore Wind power plant, on the […]

18 July 2012 Business & Finance, Wind Farm Update

Eurotech Benelux has teamed up with Jan de Nul Group for the winning bid to design and manufacture sixteen anchor cage structures for a major offshore wind farm. The wind farm, in the Swedish region of the Baltic Sea, will be owned and run by E.ON Sweden. Eurotech Benelux is creating the anchor-bolted cages to […]

13 May 2012

In the Swedish part of the Baltic Sea, in close vicinity of the city of Kårehamn, E.ON has ordered the construction of a wind farm consisting of 16 wind turbines. The contract for the design, construction and installation of the 16 foundations was awarded to Jan De Nul in 2011. These foundations are constructed on […]