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16 July 2012 Grid Connection, Operations & Maintenance

Accounting for around 16% of total project cost, submarine cabling procurement and installation for offshore wind developments is a significant commercial investment. Unfortunately for developers submarine cables do not exist in a static environment, and are subjected to a number of potential threats both natural and manmade. Manmade hostile seabed intervention can include fishing, anchoring […]

13 June 2012 Grid Connection

JDR Cable Systems has won its first ever offshore wind farm export wire supply contract. Danish developer Dong has selected the subsea inter-array specialist to manufacture a 12km medium-voltage link for the two-turbine Gunfleet Sands demonstrator. The cable is being produced in JDR’s Hartlepool facilities and will be finished by the end of next month […]

6 June 2012 Grid Connection

Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, inaugurates its new submarine cable plant in Finland, having invested approximately €40 million to increase its production capacity at the Pikkala facility, already one of the Group's centres of excellence for high voltage cable production. In particular, the Pikkala plant has started up […]

8 May 2012 Grid Connection

Enventi announces the completion of its comprehensive investigation into power cable installation in the offshore wind industry which forms part of the company’s strategic move into the design of offshore wind farm infrastructure. Enventi’s General Manager, Scott Macknocher commented on the findings: “Until now, we have found it difficult to understand why power cable installation […]

13 April 2012 Ports & Logistics

The port of Grenaa can play its trump card in the offshore wind energy game, simply by pointing out that its location is 10-18 nautical miles from the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm. This DOZG Energy project, costing €1.5bn, is attracting companies working in and from Grenaa, including A2SEA, MTH,, Ballast Zedam, Seaway Heavy Lifting, […]

6 April 2012

The offshore wind industry, it would appear, has been plagued by schedules and budgets that have far exceeded expectations, a trend that will inevitably become less of a headline-grabber as more farms come on line and experience is gained. The oil and gas industry, after all, went through similar teething issues in its heady early […]

9 February 2012 Wind Farm Update

Offshore Marine Management (OMM) has announced the completion of a GIS-based data study for the first stage of Forewind’s planned Round 3 Dogger Bank offshore wind farm development. Undertaken by OMM’s Survey and Subsea department, the work utilised the company’s in-house Esri GIS facilities to undertake an initial study of Forewind’s existing data as well […]

28 November 2011

Export and inter-array cables are exposed to a hostile, high-risk environment during a wind farm’s operational life. Given that they comprise a hefty portion of an offshore wind farm’s capital expenditure costs, preventive maintenance for submarine conductors should be a priority for operators, according to the latest Offshore Operations and Maintenance report from Wind Energy […]

24 November 2011

Narec expects to run a concession tender process to choose project partners to deliver the maximum benefit to industry commensurate with appropriate public procurement rules. They are now engaging with the market regarding the concession opportunity and their initial proposal on structure is to offer: - A concession opportunity for up to three exclusive “owners” […]

18 October 2011 Business & Finance

  Reef Subsea AS announced that its new UK subsidiary, Reef Subsea Power & Umbilical Ltd. - based in North East England - is able to provide subsea installation and trenching services to its clients in both the Offshore Oil & Gas and Renewables markets. The company has just announced an order for a new […]

16 September 2011 Technology

  Pharos Offshore Group has started construction of a newly designed remotely operated vehicle (ROV) specifically for the offshore wind farm cable market. The new Inter Turbine Array Trencher, the ITAT 800™, is an 800 HP (600 kW) self-propelled trenching ROV that can be more easily manoeuvred by the operators onboard its support ship than […]

25 August 2011 Technology

  Pharos Offshore Group has started construction of a newly designed remotely operated vehicle (ROV) specifically for the offshore wind farm cable market. The new Inter Turbine Array Trencher, the ITAT 800™, is an 800 HP (600 kW) self-propelled trenching ROV that can be more easily manoeuvred by the operators onboard its support ship than […]

3 June 2011

  P&O Maritime Services announces the arrival of its Multipurpose DP2 Cable Installation vessel, the CS European Supporter, to Tyneside in the UK. Following an extensive conversion, the European Supporter has been specially equipped to install inter-array power cables in the rapidly expanding European Offshore Renewables market. Furthermore, the vessel has retained its capability to […]

10 May 2011 Business & Finance

  Siem Offshore, an international supply and subsea shipping company, today announced results for the first quarter of 2011. The operating revenue for the first quarter was USD 68.9 million compared to USD 49.8 million for the same period of 2010. The operating margin was USD 21.8 million compared to USD 12.0 million for the […]

3 May 2011 Grid Connection

Offshore Marine Management (OMM) has recently secured a contract with Fluor for the installation and subsequent trenching of 29 inter-array cables at the Greater Gabbard wind farm 14Nm from Felixstowe, East Anglia. OMM will start work immediately on the 500MW Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm project, which is the most prestigious cable installation project the […]

24 February 2011 Grid Connection

Nexans, worldwide expert in the cable industry, has been awarded a contract by DONG Energy, based in Fredericia, Denmark, to supply the submarine cables and related accessories for the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm. The order, worth around 30 million euros, also includes the installation and commissioning of the cables. Roughly 160 km of medium voltage […]

9 February 2011

ODS-Petrodata today announces the release of the International Offshore Wind Vessels Market Report. Covering the growth of the global offshore wind vessel market, this report examines market dynamics such as the events leading us to an oversupply of installation vessels in the near future. With 23 new and specialised installation vessels due to be delivered […]

10 January 2011

Draka Offshore will provide subsea array cabling for the 576 MW Welsh Gwynt y Mor Offshore Wind Farm under a €25 million inter-array cabling... (renewableenergyfocus) [mappress] Source: renewableenergyfocus, January 10, 2011

7 January 2011

RWE npower renewables has today announced the award of a multi-million pound inter-array cabling contract to Draka Offshore for Gwynt y Môr... By Anna Ohlden (science20) [mappress] Source: science20, January 07, 2011

19 October 2010 Business & Finance

Fluor Corporation (NYSE: FLR) today announced that its third quarter results will include a charge of approximately $163 million, or $0.90 per share, for estimated cost increases on the Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Project. During the third quarter, the project experienced a variety of execution challenges, including material and equipment delivery issues, primarily relating to […]