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  • 24 August 2012

    Incat Crowther announced the launch of Sure Pride, a 19.5m Catamaran Wind Farm Service Vessel. Built by BLRT Marketex in Estonia, Sure Pride is the first in a series of four such vessels to be delivered to Sure Wind Marine. Sure Pride is Incat Crowther’s most flexible and capable WFSV yet, with dual work decks […]

  • 13 April 2015
    Business & Finance, Vessels

    Incat Crowther has opened an office in Southampton, United Kingdom, to support a growing European client base and meet the demand for Incat Crowther’s products and services in the region. The company said that this is a result of a strong track record, robust and innovative vessel designs and consulting services. The office in Southampton is a […]

  • 24 March 2011

    Incat Crowther is pleased to announce the launch of the 17.5m catamaran, Santa Ana, a vessel specifically designed for the wind farm service industry. Built by Lyme Boats in the UK, Santa Ana features Incat Crowther’s proven hull form, which brings new levels of stability, safety, comfort, efficiency and flexibility to the wind farm service […]

  • 17 May 2012

    Incat Crowther announced the launch of ASP Tyne and ASP Thames, two 18 metre Catamaran Wind Farm Service Craft. ASP Tyne and ASP Thames were constructed by Topaz Marine at their Abu Dhabi yard in the UAE, and will be delivered to ASP Holdings in the UK. ASP Tyne and ASP Thames are the latest […]

  • 18 March 2019
    Business & Finance, Vessels

    Danish company MH-O&C has taken delivery of crew transfer vessels (CTVs) MHO Gurli and MHO Esbjerg, destined for Ørsted’s Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm in the UK. MH-O&C launched MHO Gurli in November last year, with the vessel’s naming ceremony held this February. According to Incat Crowther, the designer, the two 39m long vessels are the largest […]

  • 4 July 2012
    Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance

    Incat Crowther announces that it has been awarded a contract to design a 25m Catamaran Wind Farm Service Vessel (WFSV). Construction of the vessel has commenced at MMS Ship Repair in Hull, in the UK.  Designed to meet an industry demand for increased cargo capacity and flexibility, the vessel will feature a large forward cargo deck that caters […]

  • 9 June 2011

    Incat Crowther licensee Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding, Duclos Corporation, has announced the availability of a new work boat for developers and service providers of offshore wind farms in the United States. Incat Crowther’s first Catamaran Wind Farm Service Vessel, built by Lyme Boats in Exeter, England, is now in service in the North Sea for P&O Maritime […]

  • 15 June 2020
    Contracts & Tenders, Vessels

    Danish company MHO-Co has signed a contract with Afai Southern Shipyard in China for the construction of two crew transfer vessels with hybrid propulsion for the Hornsea Project Two offshore wind farm. The two vessels are scheduled for delivery in the summer of 2021, after which they will start working under a contract with Ørsted, […]

  • 29 November 2011

    Lately BLRT Marketex and Sure Wind Marine Ltd entered into contract to build four 19,5 m wind farm catamarans. The catamarans are available for projects throughout Europe and built to DNV class and dual UK MCA and German Stability rules to ensure full flexibility. “This is first major contract for BLRT Marketex in wind farm […]

  • 18 June 2019

    The UK-based high-speed craft and aluminium ship builder Wight Shipyard Co Ltd (WSC) is breaking into the wind farm support vessel (WFSV) market with the launch of its new Vortisea brand. The Vortisea brand, designed in collaboration with Australia’s Incat Crowther, is specifically geared towards European and UK wind farms, particularly those further offshore, WSC […]

  • 1 March 2012

    Clements Marine recently supplied the complete stern gear package to the latest project from South Boats Special Projects Ltd, the P&O Maritime crew transfer vessel Chinook. This multi-purpose crew transfer vessel was designed by Incat Crowther, Australia and built by South Boats at Cowes on the Isle of Wight. The vessel has now successfully completed […]

  • 16 August 2011

    Richardson Devine Marine announces that RDM Hull 055 is a new generation 35 metre utility workboat for the Offshore Unlimited Group. RDM’s relationship with the offshore Unlimited Group started in 2008 with Unlimited – a versatile 24m catamaran workboat that was immediately accepted as a practical and economical workhorse, filling a niche in the offshore […]

  • 28 June 2011

    South Boats Special Projects Ltd. and P&O Maritime Ltd. announce that the two companies have signed a contract for the construction of 2 x Incat Crowther designed 17.5m Wind Farm Service Vessels withoptions for further vessels. The two vessels will be built under survey to Lloyds classification at the company’s new East Cowes facility on […]

  • 5 February 2013

    Incat Crowther announced that Briggs Commercial has taken delivery of the 18m Catamaran Survey Catamaran, Severn Guardian. Severn Guardian is the third in a line of such vessels deployed by Briggs Marine to support coastal survey operations for the Environment Agency of England and Wales. Launched by UK’s Mustang Marine in late 2012, she joins […]

  • 2 July 2013

    Incat Crowther announced its role in delivering the detailed design of an exciting new Wind Farm Support Vessel, the SMV 24, unveiled by Supacat at the Seawork exhibition in Southampton last week. The new multi-purpose vessel is a fresh approach to the sector, offering unparalleled operational flexibility, comfort and safety. The new vessel is currently […]

  • 8 November 2017
    Contracts & Tenders, Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    Ørsted has awarded MH-O&Co with contracts to supply three crew transfer vessels (CTVs) to Ørsted’s 1.2GW Hornsea Project One located off Grimsby in the UK part of North Sea.

  • 25 June 2013

    The Supacat Multi-purpose Vessel 24 (SMV24), which will transform support operations in today’s growing offshore wind farm and maritime engineering sectors, receives its official launch at Seawork International. The SMV24 is a new concept in offshore support vessels, designed to provide operators with `one boat to replace many`, enabling operators to conduct a wide range […]

  • 3 April 2012

    The one sector of the whole offshore wind energy industry where the British Isles stand in a commanding position is in the building of wind farm support vessels, of all shapes and sizes. The name “British Isles” is used because it includes the Republic of Ireland, and the yards there, including Arklow Marine, and Safehaven Marine, are just as much […]

  • 5 August 2011
    Operations & Maintenance

        South Boats Special Projects Ltd. announce that they have reached agreement with the administrators of Lyme Boats Ltd. to purchase the assets of the former boat building company. Under the terms of the agreement the company is now able to produce the Vigilante Workboats GRP and Aluminium designs. This will enable South Boats […]

  • 27 February 2013

    The innovation house, Supacat, has awarded the build contract to Mustang Marine (Wales) Ltd for a new concept offshore support vessel, the Supacat Multi-purpose Vessel 24. The first boat will be built at Mustang Marine’s Pembroke Dock facility and is scheduled for launch in August this year. To develop the Supacat Multi-purpose Vessel 24 (SMV […]

  • 20 May 2013

    A new concept in offshore support vessels, the Supacat Multi-purpose Vessel 24 (SMV24), is being unveiled at All Energy 2013 by the innovation house, Supacat. For the first time Supacat is displaying a 1:25 scale model of the 24metre vessel. The SMV24 has been designed as ‘one boat to replace many’ to offer a flexible, […]

  • 6 September 2013

    Supacat is unveiling the Supacat Multi-purpose Vessel 24 (SMV24) to the defence and security market at DSEi. Launched to the wider marine and renewable energy sectors in July, the SMV24 is a new concept in support vessel design, which also has the potential to perform a range of defence and security related roles. Its flexibility, […]

  • 23 June 2011
    Business & Finance

    There was a real vibrancy to the 14th edition of Seawork. While the business of maintaining Europe’s marine infrastructure is important work, the prospects surrounding marine renewable energy are proving exciting. By making the most of these opportunities for business, Seawork continues to reinforce its position as Europe’s leading commercial marine exhibition and conference. This […]

  • 21 February 2013

    The Nordic Baltic group of shipyards, part of the BLRT Grupp, cannot be accused of acting as an old age pensioner, despite its 100 year history. The group follows the various developments in the wind energy market with interest and is ideally placed in Denmark, Germany, Norway and the UK, where it is all happening.  “Customers come to us because they prefer customised […]

  • 4 April 2012

    With the unenviable task of selecting the right boat goes the privilege of leading the designers and yards to build the boats they want. While the hulls are built in different materials and with beam and lengths in various dimensions, the engines, propulsion systems and the fittings remain the choice of the buyer. Even then […]

  • 23 August 2013

    After the news that Conservative Parliamentary candidate for North Devon, Peter Heaton-Jones, joined forces with UKIP party chairman Steve Crowther in a fight against Atlantic Array offshore wind farm, Slay The Array campaign group issued the following press release: Slay The Array spokesman Steve Crowther welcomed a new member of the alliance on 22 August, […]