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11 July 2019 Contracts & Tenders, Wind Farm Update


4 July 2019 Contracts & Tenders


19 April 2019 Authorities, Wind Farm Update


25 January 2019 Authorities, Contracts & Tenders, Wind Farm Update


4 December 2018 Authorities, Business & Finance, Contracts & Tenders, Wind Farm Update

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate will open the bidding procedure for developers interested in building the Hollandse Kust (Zuid) III and IV offshore wind farms without subsidies in March 2019.

3 October 2018 Authorities, Contracts & Tenders

The Netherlands will invite tenders for the Hollandse Kust (zuid/south) III & IV offshore wind sites at the end of this year, Eric Wiebes, the country’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy confirmed, adding that the upcoming process will see some changes despite running under the old regulation.

12 December 2017 Authorities, Contracts & Tenders, Environment, R&D, Wind Farm Update

The Dutch Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State has approved the Wind Farm Site Decisions (WFSD) for zones I and II of the Hollandse Kust (zuid) offshore wind project.

7 November 2016 Authorities, Business & Finance, Grid Connection, Ports & Logistics


21 October 2016 Authorities, Grid Connection, R&D, Wind Farm Update


9 June 2016 Authorities, Environment, Grid Connection, R&D, Wind Farm Update


18 October 2017 Contracts & Tenders, Wind Farm Update

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has published the Ministerial Order for permitting offshore wind energy for the Hollandse Kust (zuid) sites I and II, stating that the application period will start on 15 December and close on 21 December 2017.

13 March 2019 Contracts & Tenders