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  • 27 January 2020
    Environment, Ports & Logistics, R&D, Technology

    The goal of the project, HYPORT® Oostende, is to build the green hydrogen facility in the Plassendale 1 port area and have it up and running in 2025.

  • 1 October 2019
    Business & Finance, Ports & Logistics

    The Belgian Port of Oostende is acquiring the shares of PMV, DEME Group and Artes-Group NV in REBO NV with an aim to stimulate the terminal’s further growth. The Port of Oostende said it wishes to focus as much as possible on the growth of the activities at the REBO terminal and has thus initiated the discussions on the […]

  • 4 October 2018
    Business & Finance

    Norther N.V. and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy have moved into a new building at the REBO terminal in the Port of Ostend in Belgium.

  • 25 January 2012
    Ports & Logistics

    Oostende is ready for the big offshore projects. As the first customer of REBO, C-Power is planning the assembly of wind turbines for the second phase of the Thornton project. Since its founding in 2009, Renewable Energy Base Oostende (REBO) has invested € 15 million in a 10 hectare terminal at the port Zeewezendok. The […]

  • 13 July 2016
    Ports & Logistics, Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    The last 10 foundation components for the Nobelwind project arrived onboard the vessel Drago J to the port of Ostend on 7 July. The REBO terminal at Energy Port Oostende has been in full operation for a few months now. As of March, foundation components have been arriving on the REBO site every 2 to 3 weeks for final assembly. […]

  • 30 June 2014

    Energy Knowledge Platform Power-Link organizes two energy workshops under the event named “Clustering the Future”, one on energy efficiency and the other on blue energy (offshore wind, wave and tidal energy). The event, which will focus on business cases for professionals, will take place at the Science Park of the University of Ghent in Ostend […]

  • 15 August 2018
    Wind Farm Update

    A2Sea’s jack-up vessel Sea Installer has installed 33 of 42 turbines at the Rentel offshore wind farm in the Belgian North Sea, a spokesperson from Otary told

  • 19 August 2013
    Ports & Logistics

    On Monday 19th August 2 new projects officially started at the Zeewezendok in the Port of Ostend: the erection of a new building and an extensive renovation to the existing Rebo building. Brand new locations for two important companies active in the wind energy business: Vestas Offshore and Parkwind. In presence of Mr. Johan Vande […]

  • 10 January 2012
    Ports & Logistics

    Every one working in the Port of Ostend is confident that renewable energy is the future. The port community is banking on the offshore wind sector as the promising alternative to the declining ferry market. “It does not mean that the port is likely to neglect ferries, but it is evident that after 160 years […]

  • 3 September 2018
    Wind Farm Update

    A2Sea’s jack-up vessel Sea Installer has completed the installation of all 42 turbines at the Rentel offshore wind farm in Belgium.

  • 13 April 2016
    Business & Finance, Wind Farm Update

    The European Investment Bank (EIB) has approved a EUR 250 million loan to Rentel NV for the development of the 309MW Rentel offshore wind farm in Belgian waters of the North Sea. Rentel was founded by a consortium of 8 Belgian shareholders, including Otary Offshore Energy and DEME Group. The consortium aims to complete the EUR 1.25 […]

  • 1 December 2010

    This morning, on the premises of the ‘AG Haven Oostende’ on Esplanadestraat in Ostend, a cooperative agreement is being signed by the University of Ghent and six Flemish enterprises, signalling the start of the FlanSea project – a so-called “blue energy” project that, in the future, is meant to ensure the sustainable and reliable production […]

  • 11 December 2017
    Operations & Maintenance, Vessels

    The Esvagt Mercator Service Operation Vessel (SOV) has begun the 10-year contract under which it will support MHI Vestas at the 50-turbine Nobelwind and 55-turbine Belwind 1 wind farms off Belgium.

  • 17 April 2015
    Ports & Logistics, Vessels

    This week, the Port of Oostende welcomed the jack-up vessel Thor for the first time. For the next 3 months, Thor will conduct general maintenance on the C-Power (Thornton Bank) offshore wind farm from the Rebo terminal. A few weeks ago, the seasonal maintenance works started on three offshore wind farms: C-Power, Belwind and Northwind. Besides […]

  • 20 August 2013
    Business & Finance, Ports & Logistics

    Last month, Mr Paul Gerard, MD, Port of Oostende and C.E.O. of REBO (Renewable Energy Base Oostende), was on hand to officiate at the opening of GEOxyz’s new forward operating hub in the Port of Oostende. In July, the GEOxyz Operations department completed their move into a new operations hub in the Port of Oostende. […]

  • 30 August 2019
    Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update

    The 962-ton Northwester 2 offshore high voltage station has completed its journey from Aalborg, Denmark to the Port of Oostende in Belgium. The Port of Oostende will be a temporary home to the substation prior to the installation at the site some 48 kilometres north-west of Oostende. The substation’s journey from the Bladt Industries’ facilities […]

  • 5 January 2017

    REBO NV and Siemens Wind Power have signed a concession agreement for a one-year use of the Port of the Ostend facilities for the pre-assembly of 42 wind turbines that will be installed at Belgian Rentel offshore wind farm. Different parts of the wind turbines, including blades, nacelles and tower elements, will be pre-assembled and prepared […]

  • 3 October 2016
    Business & Finance, Wind Farm Update

    The shareholders and financial partners involved in the 309MW Rentel wind farm project have signed a financing agreement in Brussels which marks the official financial close for the 42-turbine project. The Rentel offshore wind farm is being developed in the Belgian part of the North Sea by Rentel NV, a consortium of eight Belgian shareholders, including Otary Offshore Energy, […]

  • 14 January 2019
    Operations & Maintenance, Ports & Logistics, Vessels

    MHI Vestas Offshore Wind has expanded its presence at the Port of Oostende in Belgium with the opening of a new office location. MHI Vestas is already an established company in the offshore wind industry at the port facility. The MHI Vestas turbines are operated by Parkwind on Northwind (72 turbines), Belwind (55 turbines) and Nobelwind (50 […]

  • 29 April 2015
    Operations & Maintenance, Ports & Logistics, Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    This morning, the jack-up vessel WIND arrived at the Port of Oostende for the first time, where it will pick up parts for the Belwind offshore wind farm. The vessel is carrying out maintenance work on Belwind. The Belwind offshore wind farm comprises fifty five Vestas’ V90-3.0MW (MHI Vestas Offshore Wind). Both Parkwind, the owner of the wind farm, and MHI Vestas Offshore Wind have […]

  • 2 May 2018
    Wind Farm Update

    A2Sea’s wind turbine installation vessel (WTIV) Sea Installer has arrived at the Port of Oostende, Belgium, to load the first turbines destined for installation at the Rentel offshore wind farm.

  • 27 September 2012

    The Sarens Group ltd. (Wolvertem) and REBO ltd (Oostende) have signed a memorandum of understanding on the Rebo site in Oostende on Tuesday 11th September. In this agreement both partners commit themselves to cooperate intensively in the field of logistics of offshore related assignments. The Rebo site, situated at the Zeewezendock in the port of […]

  • 21 March 2012

    REpower Systems SE and Belgian offshore project development company C-Power NV yesterday installed the world’s most powerful offshore turbine, 28 kilometres off the port of Oostende. The turbine with a rated power of 6.15 megawatts (MW) is the first of 48 REpower 6M to be constructed in the phases 2 and 3 of the Belgian […]

  • 13 March 2020

    Those on board the Esvagt Mercator Service Operations Vessel (SOV) have been released from quarantine after the vessel’s 48-hour detainment in the Port of Oostende over concerns about some of the crew members showing symptoms of COVID-19 disease, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. “The SOV ’Esvagt Mercator’ has been in the port of Oostende for […]

  • 4 February 2020

    High Speed Transfers’ (HST) fourth FCS 2710 class fast crew supply vessel HST Euan has arrived at the Port of Oostende in Belgium.

  • 2 April 2018
    Ports & Logistics, Wind Farm Update

    The assembly of the wind turbine towers for the 309MW Rentel offshore wind farm has started at the Port of Ostend in Belgium, Otary Group, the owner and developer of the project, said.