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  • 8 June 2018

    The Danish Parliament (Folketinget) has approved the expansion of the Østerild and Høvsøre wind turbine test centers.

  • 24 April 2020
    Contracts & Tenders, R&D

    DTU Wind Energy has opened a tender for the lease of test stands at the Høvsøre test center for large wind turbines. The call for tenders is conducted as an open procedure and therefore only comprises one phase. The deadline for submitting applications is 28 May by 16:00 local time. In June 2018, the Danish […]

  • 27 March 2018
    Authorities, R&D

    The Danish parliament will discuss the expansion of the Høvsøre and Østerild wind turbine test centers on 5 April, according to DTU Wind Energy.

  • 8 October 2018
    R&D, Technology

    The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), the operator of the national test centres for large wind turbines at Østerild and Høvsøre, has just completed the tender process for the rental of the new test stands.

  • 17 August 2018
    Contracts & Tenders

    DTU Wind Energy has opened tenders for the lease of the four new test stands at the Østerild and Høvsøre wind turbine test centers.

  • 23 July 2019
    Contracts & Tenders, R&D

    DTU Wind Energy is inviting binding tenders for the rental of test stands for turbine prototypes at the Østerild test center. An information meeting will be held on 10 September at 11:00 a.m. local Danish time at the visitor center of the Østerild National Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines. The deadline for submitting applications is 18 October […]

  • 21 March 2017

    Danish Government has approved the expansion of the national wind turbine test centres in Østerild and Høvsøre. Four new sites will be added, facilitating testing of turbines of up to 330 metres.

  • 2 July 2014
    Business & Finance

    Last month, DELPRO signed an agreement with MHI Vestas Offshore to assume responsibility as the operational manager of the high voltage system at the test center in Lindø Industrial Park. The company will prepare and maintain the system and will be responsible for training and appointment of workers, supervisors and team officials. DELPRO has similar […]

  • 30 January 2013

    As DONG Energy, A2SEA and Siemens announced the installation of the first two 6-MW wind turbines at the Gunfleet Sands III site, Siemens has published a video that shows this pioneering work: The 6 megawatt wind turbine from Siemens has already been tested onshore at Høvsøre test center and at Østerild test center in Denmark, […]

  • 9 February 2018
    Authorities, Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance, R&D, Technology

    Denmark plans to set aside around DKK 210 million to fund testing of wind turbines outside the established test centers in Høvsøre and Østerild.

  • 2 September 2011

    The Danish transport company, Brande Maskintransport, recently transported the prototype of the new Siemens SWT-6.0-120 nacelle using heavy goods vehicles from the French manufacturer NICOLAS Industrie. During the 138 km journey from Brande to the final destination of Høvsøre, the 58-m long convoy had to overcome numerous obstacles. Siemens Energy has erected the first prototype […]

  • 15 March 2013

    Siemens developed the SWT-6.0 specifically for the demanding conditions in offshore locations. The first unit was installed in 2011 at the Høvsøre test site in Denmark with a 120 m rotor. It has now operated for well over a year, setting new production records during the testing. The second 6-MW-prototype with a 154 m rotor […]

  • 12 January 2017
    Grid Connection, Operations & Maintenance, Technology

    Siemens’ direct drive offshore wind turbines have generated 2.5 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity since the prototype 6MW direct drive turbine was installed at Høvsøre, Denmark in May 2011. To put the amount of electricity produced by its direct drive offshore wind turbines into perspective, Siemens said that 2.5TWh of electricity is enough to meet the annual […]

  • 3 November 2016
    Authorities, R&D, Technology

    The Danish government is expected to propose new test sites for large wind turbines before Christmas, according to Danish media.  The government will thus be following up on the work that took place in 2011, when the test centre comprising seven sites was established in Østerild. Since then, all the sites have been sold or rented, […]

  • 19 November 2013

    Siemens Wind Power has received the Provisional Type Certificate from GL Renewables Certification (GL RC) for its 6 megawatt offshore wind turbine. The Provisional Type Certificate is a milestone towards the final certification of the wind turbine. It attests the conformity of the wind turbine design, manufacturing and testing processes for all safety relevant items […]

  • 26 March 2017
    Authorities, Business & Finance, Environment, R&D, Technology, Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    Denmark Makes Room for Testing 330m Tall Wind Turbines Danish Government has approved the expansion of the national wind turbine test centres in Østerild and Høvsøre. Four new sites will be added, facilitating testing of turbines of up to 330 metres. BNEF: 237MW of Floating Offshore Wind by 2020 The world could see as much […]

  • 24 May 2019
    R&D, Technology

    The expansion of Test Centre Østerild in Denmark has now reached the point when it is possible for the manufacturers to start casting the foundations on the two new test stands, according to the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Last year, the Danish government decided to expand the Test Center in Østerild with an additional […]

  • 5 March 2013

    Siemens Wind Power has received offshore prototype certification from GL Renewables Certification (GL RC) for testing its new 6 megawatt offshore wind turbine at DONG Energy’s Gunfleet Sands III demonstration project in the UK. This will be the first offshore test of this new offshore wind turbine. Morten Pilgaard Rasmussen, Head of Research & Development […]

  • 21 July 2017
    Business & Finance, Grid Connection, Technology, Vessels

    To remind you of just how interesting the first half of 2017 was, the Offshore WIND editorial staff compiled a list of the most read articles published during first six months of this year. Even though the industry has been notably active since the beginning of July as well, our team has decided to set the time parameter to end with 30 June and thus provide a new overview in addition to our annual Offshore ReWIND.

  • 30 January 2013
    Wind Farm Update

    DONG Energy has decided to build the offshore wind farm Westermost Rough in the North Sea on the British east coast. The construction will represent a total investment of approximately EUR 1 billion including the construction of the transmission assets. When the wind farm goes into operation, the transmission assets will be sold to an […]

  • 12 September 2013
    Wind Farm Update

    DONG Energy’s next generation demonstration site at Gunfleet Sands has been officially opened by Greg Barker MP, the Minister for Climate Change at a ceremony in Harwich. Located next to the existing 172MW Gunfleet Sands wind farm off the coast of Clacton-on-Sea in Essex, the new two Siemens 6 megawatt wind turbines mark a significant […]

  • 8 December 2011

      The renewable energy sector is quickly turning into a profitable business: in 2010 investment in the renewable energy projects exceeded the ones in fossil fuel demonstrating a new trend in investors’ strategy. Offshore wind, with its incomparably high energy production per hour witnessed important developments during 2011:  RWET the fifth largest utility company in […]

  • 9 June 2011

    Siemens Energy has installed the first prototype of its next generation offshore wind turbine in Høvsøre, Denmark, and has today initiated the first trial operation. The new SWT-6.0-120 wind turbine with a power rating of 6 megawatts (MW) and a rotor diameter of 120 metres uses the innovative Siemens direct drive and proven rotor technology. […]

  • 29 November 2011

    Siemens Energy today launched its new 6-megawatt (MW) direct drive wind turbine at the European Offshore Wind Energy Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The new SWT-6.0 will be available with rotor diameters of 120 and 154 meters and is designed for the most challenging offshore sites. It features the Siemens direct drive design with 50 […]

  • 8 October 2012

    On October 6th 2012, Siemens Energy has begun field testing of its new 154 m rotor for the 6-megawatt (MW) offshore wind turbine in Østerild, Denmark. The SWT-6.0-154 turbine is equipped with the world’s longest rotor blades – each blade is 75 meters in length. With a record rotor diameter of 154 meters, each SWT-6.0-154 […]