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5 July 2019 Contracts & Tenders

Energinet has issued a tender seeking a consultant to provide a strategic environmental assessment (SEA) for the Thor offshore wind farm in Denmark. The work will include a number of surveys to be carried out, as well as technical reports of specific environmental and other themes, for the construction, operation and decommissioning phases of the […]

24 May 2019 Wind Farm Update

Energinet has commenced the feasibility studies for the Thor offshore wind farm in the Danish North Sea. Preliminary investigations start immediately, while the first vessels will begin working on the project site after the summer holidays, the Danish transmission system operator said. Energinet's Board of Directors decided that approximately DKK 180 million (some EUR 24 million) […]

20 February 2019 Contracts & Tenders

Energinet has launched a tender seeking a contractor to carry out a seabed survey for an offshore wind farm in Denmark. Energinet is looking for a company to conduct site investigations at the site of the 800MW project and its export cable route in the North Sea and Baltic Seas, respectively. The tender is divided […]

10 October 2018 Business & Finance, Contracts & Tenders

Danish transmission system operator Energinet has issued a tender searching for a provider of offshore helicopter services.

4 April 2018 Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update

Energinet has resumed onshore cable installation works for the Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm after the winter break, and is now ready to start with the final stage of cable excavation on land.

13 July 2017 Grid Connection, Vessels, Wind Farm Update

Danish crew transfer vessel (CTV) owner KEM Offshore has won a framework agreement for providing CTVs for the installation and commissioning of’s two offshore substations on the Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm.

12 April 2017 Business & Finance, Contracts & Tenders, Grid Connection, Operations & Maintenance, Technology

Danish transmission system operator has invited tenders for client representative services both onshore and offshore.

21 March 2017 Business & Finance, Contracts & Tenders, Grid Connection, Operations & Maintenance

Danish subsea services provider JD-Contractor has signed a framework agreement with compatriot for contingency repairs of the transmission system operator's subsea cables.

21 March 2017 Business & Finance, Contracts & Tenders, Grid Connection, Operations & Maintenance, Vessels, Wind Farm Update

Danish transmission system operator is looking for a provider of manned crew transfer vessels (CTVs) for the transportation of service crews between the harbors of Klintholm/Rødsand and the Kriegers Flak platforms KFA and KFB in the Baltic Sea.

20 January 2017 Business & Finance, Contracts & Tenders, Grid Connection, Technology

Danish transmission systems operator and the UK-based National Grid Viking Link Ltd (NGVL) are looking for providers of high voltage direct current (HVDC) cables and converters for the Viking Link Interconnector. The Viking Link is a proposed 1,400 MW HVDC electricity link between the British and Danish transmission systems, connecting at Bicker Fen substation in […]

19 December 2016 Contracts & Tenders, Grid Connection has invited tenders for burial and protection of 150kV subsea cables at Kriegers Flak Combined Grid Solution (CGS). The works include burial and protection of approximately 2 x 24km of submarine cable route, which is to be divided into trenching and jetting work for the Krieger's Flak CGS connection. The contract will also cover, inter alia, boulder […]

10 June 2016 Business & Finance, Grid Connection

Danish transmission systems operator has invited tenders for a marine warranty surveyor for its Kriegers Flak AC and Combined Grid Solution (CGS) projects. wants to purchase marine warranty services to ensure that marine operations carried out by sub-contractors are performed in a sound and good manner in accordance with good practice and international standards such […]

27 April 2016

Danish Energy Minister, Lars Christian Lilleholt, has appointed former Liberal Party MP, Kim Andersen, as a new Chairman of's board. Kim Andersen was energy rapporteur when the Danish parliament formed in 2004. The minister also appointed three new board members: former power plant manager at Enstedværket, Elsam and DONG Energy, Niels Bergh-Hansen; Hans Duus Jørgensen, former […]

16 March 2016 Grid Connection

Subject to approval by Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Building,’s will invest DKK 100 million (approx. EUR 13.4 million) in two interconnection projects. The two projects include electricity interconnector between the UK and Denmark and new interconnection with Germany. Working together with the UK’s National Grid, will connect the two countries’ electricity grid by […]

3 March 2016 Business & Finance, Contracts & Tenders, Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update

Denmark's has re-issued a tender for the detailed engineering, procurement, construction and offshore installation of 2 gravity based substructures for the Kriegers Flak wind farm project in the Danish waters of the Baltic Sea. The first tender invitation, issued in January 2016, was cancelled due to ''an error in the prequalification, '' Jens Christian Hygebjerg, Chief Project […]

5 February 2016 Operations & Maintenance, Vessels is looking to charter vessels for emergency repairs and planned maintenance on submarine power cables and gas pipelines. will award 4-year framework agreements, which will also cover submarine power cable laying and protection. The overall amount of contracts is valued at DKK 200 million (approx. EUR 26.8 million). Deadline for the submission of […]

1 February 2016 Grid Connection

Prysmian Group has been awarded a contract worth around EUR 250 million by TenneT TSO B.V. and for COBRAcable, the HVDC submarine interconnector that will link Denmark and the Netherlands. The contract awarded to Prysmian involves the turn-key supply and installation of an HVDC bipole - using single core cables with extruded insulation technology - […]

15 January 2016 Grid Connection, Technology, Wind Farm Update has awarded DKK 250 million (approx. EUR 33.5 million) in contracts for the supply of technical components for Kriegers Flak grid connection.  The components include transformers, reactors and switchgear for power stations that will connect the offshore wind farm with the Danish grid. The Danish transmission company said this is the biggest purchase of AC components for power stations in its […]

7 January 2016 Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update is looking for an EPCI contractor for two gravity-based substructures for substations at Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea. The scope of work includes detailed engineering, procurement, construction and offshore installation based on the basic design and general specifications of two gravity-based substructures (GBS) for KFA and KFBE offshore substations. The substructures will be used as foundations […]

15 October 2015 Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update

The replacement of two sections of the cable that connects the Anholt offshore wind farm to the grid is expected to take place between 26 October and 23 November, depending on weather conditions, informed. While the work is on, the island of Anholt will be powered from the its own diesel generators. The 400MW […]

31 August 2015 Grid Connection, Operations & Maintenance, Wind Farm Update, the Danish transmission system operator, has decided to postpone Anholt offshore wind farm cable repair. The operation was scheduled for the late September. However, due to an error in NKT’s replacement cables, the work had to be pushed back. A new date will be announced promptly. “The cable supplier is still preparing the replacement […]

22 May 2015 Grid Connection has issued an invitation to tender for survey of Kriegers Flak's cable route. The work is expected to be carried out in 2015. As part of the Kriegers Flak (KF) Combined Grid Solution (CGS), the Danish TSO and the German TSO 50Hertz Transmission GmbH are preparing the installation of two parallel HVDC cables from the KFBE substation at […]

9 April 2015 Authorities, Grid Connection

German TenneT TSO GmbH and Danish are working to reinforce the interconnection across the Danish-German border. TenneT has previously approved an upgrade of the existing 220 kV connection between Dollern in Germany and the Danish border to 400kV-level, and’s Supervisory Board has also granted its consent to the Danish side of the 400 […]

10 February 2015 Business & Finance, Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update is in the process of sourcing the major technical components that are to be used for the grid connection of the future offshore wind farm at Kriegers Flak and has recently purchased the cables that are to connect the offshore wind turbines to the power grid on Zealand, Denmark. Contracts have been signed for […]

12 January 2015 Business & Finance, R&D, Wind Farm Update has invited potential contractors to prequalify for an unexploded ordnance (UXO) survey to be carried out in 2015 at the Horns Rev 3 offshore wind farm site.  The Danish transmission system operator (TSO) is preparing the installation of a 33 km export cable from the planned offshore wind farm Horns Rev 3. The cable extends from the […]

18 December 2014 Authorities, Business & Finance, Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update

On December 16, the Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Building issued an investment approval for units to be erected by in order to connect the forthcoming offshore wind turbines at Kriegers Flak in the Baltic Sea to the onshore electricity grid. The approval allows to enter into contracts for a total of […]