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4 October 2010 R&D, Technology


30 September 2010 Environment


29 September 2010 R&D

The strong winds off the Atlantic Ocean could become a cost-effective way to power much of the East Coast — especially North and South Carolina, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia, a new study released Tuesday says.

29 September 2010 Authorities, Environment


23 September 2010 Business & Finance


21 September 2010 Wind Farm Update

Construction of Germany’s newest offshore wind park has recently been completed. The 21 wind turbines that make up the Baltic Sea wind farm – dubbed Baltic 1 – are now complete and set to enter the commissioning phase, the final step before energy production can begin.

20 September 2010 Authorities, Business & Finance

Following the completion of the first-stage construction of 20 test wind turbines in 2013, instead of 2012, the government will build an “experimental wind farm complex” with 200 five-megawatt wind turbines.