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14 April 2016 Business & Finance, Training & Education

The former university library of the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is set to become a Dutch offshore energy knowledge hub following the opening of the De Oude Bibliotheek Academy (DOB-Academy). DOB-Academy is described as the new education centre and meeting place for professionals in the offshore energy industry. The academy offers training sessions, workshops, seminars for the […]

12 April 2019 Industry Contribution

The Dutch government has introduced the ‘Roadmap to wind energy at sea 2030’ (‘Routekaart windenergie op zee 2030’, source: which states where new offshore wind farms can be developed. New to be developed offshore wind farms that should generate 7.000 MW of electricity. However, is the emerging offshore wind industry ready for this major […]

2 October 2018 Grid Connection

Baltic InteGrid, a project exploring the potential of meshed offshore grids in the Baltic Sea region, is in focus of the second video in the Horizons series, co-produced by DOB-Academy and Offshore WIND with an aim to cover offshore wind topics in an easily digestible way. 

18 January 2018

To bring the industry easily digestible, in-depth and on-topic market information Offshore WIND and the DOB-Academy have started to co-produce HORIZONS. These are two minute (tops) animated explanation videos on various topics like technology, market developments or finance. Offshore WIND and DOB-Academy strive to bring overview in this fast paced and growing industry. Follow this link for the first edition.