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19 August 2019 Authorities


25 July 2019 Authorities, Wind Farm Update


22 November 2018 Authorities, Wind Farm Update

Highland Council’s North Planning Applications Committee has recommended that the Council raises an objection to the Moray West offshore wind farm, located next to the Moray East and Beatrice offshore wind farms.

26 October 2018

Dutch energy major Shell has joined the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) as a board level member.

22 October 2018 Authorities, Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update

The Barnstable Town Council voted unanimously to approve a transmission cable at Covell’s Beach that will connect the 800MW Vineyard Wind offshore wind farm with the regional electric power grid.

1 August 2018

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind has become a member of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), the trade body representing the global wind industry, whose board of directors MHI Vestas representatives will soon join.

30 March 2018 Authorities, Wind Farm Update

The Council of State, a high administrative court in France, has rejected the appeal of several associations opposing the construction of the offshore wind farm off Fécamp, according to the national media. With the appeal filed to the Council of State, the association challenged a decision of the Administrative Court of Appeal of Nantes, which voted in favour of the project in June 2017. 

5 March 2018 Authorities, Business & Finance, Environment

Germany’s Federal Council (Bundesrat) has removed from the agenda a motion for a capacity increase in the country’s 2030 and 2035 offshore wind capacity targets.

6 February 2018 Authorities, Business & Finance, Environment, Wind Farm Update

The Mayor and City Council of Ocean City have unanimously approved a resolution in opposition to offshore wind turbines visible from this coastal town in the state of Maryland, US.

1 February 2018

The 964th meeting of German Federal Council, scheduled for 2 February, will review a motion requesting that the Federal Government increases the targets for offshore wind from the current 15GW by 2030 to 20GW by 2030 and 30GW by 2035.

19 December 2017 Authorities, Environment

On 18 December, the European Council adopted its position on a directive of reaching at least 27% of renewable energy share in the European Union’s energy consumption by 2030.

12 December 2017

A Cable Relay Station (CRS) for the Norfolk Vanguard project could turn out to be a stumbling stone for Vattenfall’s proposed HVAC option, as North Norfolk District Council pointed to this part of the proposal as the one to be further examined, a little after Happisburgh residents voiced their concerns over this onshore solution at Vattenfall’s consultation session mid-November.

10 May 2017 Authorities, Business & Finance

The Baltimore City Council has voted 14 – 0 in favour of a resolution urging the Maryland Public Service Commission to approve one or both of the offshore wind farm proposals currently under consideration, the Clean Water Action reports

20 April 2017 Authorities, Business & Finance, Wind Farm Update

The Council of the Dutch Province of Friesland has approved the proposed EUR 127 million investment in the 320MW Friesland offshore wind farm (Windpark Fryslân), according to local media.

21 February 2017 Authorities, R&D, Technology, Wind Farm Update

Scotland’s Highland Council has decided to raise no objections to the construction of the Dounreay Trì Floating Wind Demonstration Project off the Scottish north coast.

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27 May 2016 Environment


10 March 2016 Authorities


28 July 2015 Authorities, Business & Finance, R&D


15 July 2015 Technology


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23 April 2015 Authorities