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  • 12 July 2017
    Business & Finance

    Together with the UN Environment Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), eleven of the world’s leading banks have committed to developing analytical tools and indicators to strengthen their assessment and disclosure of climate-related risks and opportunities.

  • 18 May 2015

    German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius have invited around 35 ministers from all regions of the world to participate in the sixth Petersberg Climate Dialogue from 17 to 19 May 2015. With the Dialogue, Germany and France want to pave the way for a successful outcome at the United Nations […]

  • 2 June 2017
    Authorities, Business & Finance, Environment

    The U.S. President Donald Trump has announced his intention to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord.

  • 15 December 2014

    UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey has responded to the new agreement reached by UN members to tackle climate change.  Ed Davey said: “This is an agreement that unites all nations, unlocking the door to the world’s first global climate deal in Paris next year. “The talks were tough but the […]

  • 14 January 2015
    Authorities, Business & Finance, Environment

    Climate change represents a serious threat to our welfare society, the business community and individual citizens. However, with the Climate Change Act – passed by the Danish Parliament on January 12 – Denmark is taking its share of responsibility for limiting climate change, according to Minister for Climate, Energy and Building Rasmus Helveg Petersen.  The Climate […]

  • 10 July 2013
    Grid Connection

    “The development of renewable energy capacity should be optimised across the EU through to 2030”, say Friends of the Supergrid. “This would be facilitated through the creation of a pan-European grid that integrates energy sources where they are prevalent and transports power to areas of high demand in a single energy market”. In its answer […]

  • 13 January 2020

    Ørsted and Equinor are spearheading a new Ocean Renewable Energy Action Coalition established to represent the offshore wind sector in the global dialogue on climate action. The Action Coalition also includes CWind, Global Marine Group, JERA, MHI Vestas, Mainstream Renewable Power, Shell, Siemens Gamesa, TenneT, and The Crown Estate. The goal of the coalition is […]

  • 5 April 2013
    Authorities, R&D, Technology

    On April 2, 2013 Climate Minister Martin Lidegaard visited Floating Power Plant at its maintenance facilities in Nakskov Harbor. Floating Power Plant A/S is a clean-tech company that develops, designs and provides a unique patented technology to harvest the limitless energy of the ocean. The company operates Poseidon 37, a hybrid renewable-energy demonstration plant. The first and biggest […]

  • 14 December 2015

    On 12 December, delegates from 195 different countries, gathered at the COP21 climate change summit in Paris, adopted an agreement by which all countries vow to cut their carbon emissions.  Renewable energy plays the key role in reaching the main goal, which is to limit the increase in average temperature to below 2°C and pursue efforts to limit the increase to […]

  • 5 December 2018
    Authorities, Business & Finance, Jobs & Recruitment

    The Danish Government has appointed DNV GL CEO Ditlev Engel as Denmark’s special envoy for Climate and Energy until the end of September 2019.

  • 11 March 2016

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Barack Obama yesterday released a joint statement on climate, energy and Arctic leadership.  The two leaders said they share a common vision of a prosperous and sustainable North American economy, and the opportunities afforded by advancing clean growth. They emphasised the special relationship between the two countries and their history of close collaboration […]

  • 9 November 2011

    European wind power production will meet a massive 31% of the emissions reduction required by the current EU climate target. Today the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) published a new report revealing that by 2020, the EU wind industry would avoid 342 million tonnes of CO2, equivalent to 31% of the EU’s target of reducing […]

  • 27 March 2012

    Since the beginning of March Imtech and CTS Benelux are building a large climatic chamber in OWI-Lab test facility. This brand new facility located in the port of Antwerp will focus on accelerated lifetime testing of large and heavy wind turbine components such as multi-MW gearboxes, transformers, generators, yaw systems etc. For testing cold starts […]

  • 16 October 2017
    Business & Finance

    The European Union (EU) and India have adopted a joint statement on clean energy and climate change at the EU-India summit on 6 October in Delhi, India.

  • 8 April 2011

    Researchers are warning that relying too heavily on wind and wave power as “renewable” energy sources to replace fossil fuels could be a…   (earthweek) [mappress] Source: earthweek, April 08, 2011

  • 8 October 2015

    The Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative for Climate Change, Professor Sir David King, has highlighted the importance of renewable energy, saying it is “key to tackling the huge risk posed by climate change”. He described the renewables sector as “a leading industry” and “a big part of the British economy which will continue to grow”. In […]

  • 20 May 2020
    Authorities, Business & Finance

    The Danish government is proposing to build two energy islands in the North and Baltic Seas by 2030 in its Climate Action Plan. The plan includes using the Bornholm island in the Baltic Sea as a 2 GW energy island, as well as establishing a 2 GW artificial energy island in the North Sea that […]

  • 4 December 2019
    Business & Finance

    The Danish government has allocated DKK 14 billion (circa EUR 1.87 billion) to the Export Credit Agency (EKF) to finance exports of Danish climate technology, including offshore wind. The awarded amount is part of the DKK 25 billion allocated in the budget to Denmark’s Green Future Fund. According to EKF, this is set out in […]

  • 2 December 2015
    Business & Finance, Environment, R&D

    French wind energy players Alstom, Areva, EDF and Eiffage have joined 35 other compatriot companies, including banks and investors into renewable energy, in making a firm commitment to combat climate change. The 39 major French companies, employing a total of 4.4 million people worldwide and generating sales of EUR 1.2 trillion euros, signed a climate pledge to contribute to limiting […]

  • 11 December 2014

    Addressing the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Lima, Peru, Minister for Energy Alex White, TD, said Ireland was accelerating its actions to combat climate change. He said Ireland was playing an active part in meeting collective EU targets and global aspirations for reduced carbon emissions through energy efficiency, renewable energy, afforestation, improved agricultural practices, […]

  • 25 October 2016
    Authorities, Business & Finance, Environment, R&D, Technology

    Thirty-nine Dutch business community leaders, including initiators Siemens, Van Oord, Eneco, Shell, and Rotterdam Port Authority, have joined forces in a Transition Coalition to request the Dutch government to draw up climate legislation to implement the agreements reached at the Paris summit. The Transition Coalition is calling on the government to draw up climate legislation […]

  • 3 June 2014
    Authorities, Environment

    The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) held the 7th meeting of its Council in Abu Dhabi with a record number of country representatives. Delegates from 96 countries travelled to Abu Dhabi to discuss climate change, the socio-economic benefits of renewable energy, and ways to accelerate its deployment in developed economies. The Honorable Governor Deval Patrick […]

  • 13 June 2016
    Authorities, Business & Finance, Environment, R&D

    Wind turbine makers are set to benefit from the Paris Climate Agreement (COP21) as the call for increased investments to meet a targeted reduction in CO2 emissions is expected to positively impact their sales figures, according to Moody’s Investors Service. The increased investment, particularly in emerging markets, directed towards renewable energies such as wind and solar energy […]

  • 30 September 2014
    Authorities, Business & Finance, Environment

    Eco Wave Power Presented its wave energy technology to world leaders, signed the Caring for Climate Business Leadership Criteria on Carbon Pricing and made a commitment to the United Nations to establish a wave energy power plant in Gibraltar by the End of 2015, as part of this forum. Eco Wave Power, the Israeli company […]

  • 15 November 2013
    Authorities, Business & Finance

    Eight European companies call for a strong 2030 EU climate and energy framework based on mutually reinforcing tools and targets, including an ambitious and legally binding target for the share of renewable energy in the energy mix of more than 30%. Collectively, the group represents 176,000 jobs and over €250 billion annual turnover and is […]

  • 5 June 2012
    Authorities, Environment

    Scotland’s Environment Minister, Stewart Stevenson, has highlighted Scotland’s world-leading role in both the development of renewables and in championing the need for climate justice for the world’s poorest communities as he marks World Environment Day. The theme for World Environment Day is ‘The Green Economy’, Scotland has around a quarter of Europe’s offshore wind and […]