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  • 12 May 2020
    Operations & Maintenance, Vessels

    EMS Maritime Offshore (EMO) has signed a charter contract for the WINDEA Three crew transfer vessel (CTV) to service the operating phase of the Trianel Windpark Borkum Phase I offshore wind project. WINDEA Three began the three-year charter in February, succeeding its sister vessel WINDEA One which has been operating on the project since 2013. […]

  • 10 April 2017
    Operations & Maintenance, Vessels

    Colchester-based CWind has officially named the CWind Phantom, a 27-metre aluminium catamaran Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV).

  • 28 January 2019 brings you the top five most read articles in the fourth week of January 2019. Ørsted Freezes Ongoing Supply Chain Contracts in Taiwan Ørsted has suspended the execution of contracts with Taiwan Cogeneration Corporation, China Steel Corporation (CSC) and Century Iron and Steel Industrial (CISI) for the developer’s offshore wind projects in Taiwan, Taiwanese […]

  • 24 October 2017
    Technology, Vessels

    Following a trial of the UK Electronic Solutions’ Oceanic Dynamics system, Dalby Offshore has decided to install the motion and impact monitoring system on three more crew transfer vessels (CTVs).

  • 16 July 2019
    Technology, Vessels

    World Marine Offshore (WMO) has implemented BareFLEET, Reygar’s remote monitoring system, on their crew transfer vessel (CTV) World Mistral. This installation is the first in WMO’s rollout of BareFLEET, which will soon deliver health and performance monitoring across the firm’s fleet of CTVs. A lack of interoperability between disparate remote monitoring systems continues to present […]

  • 8 April 2019

    Portland-based Manor Renewable Energy (MRE) Ltd. has purchased two crew transfer vessels (CTVs), the MPI Cervantes and MPI Cardenio, from Offshore Support Vessels BV for an undisclosed sum. Designed and built by South Boats in 2011 / 2012, the 17-metre vessels will be transported from Teesside to Portland in the coming two weeks, where they will be fully […]

  • 16 October 2019

    Ørsted has signed a contract with CWind for the delivery of a hybrid-powered Surface Effect Ship (SES) for the Borssele 1 & 2 offshore wind project. The hybrid SES crew transfer vessel (CTV) will be operating from the Dutch port of Vlissingen to the Borssele 1 & 2 site located 23km from the coast in the […]

  • 9 May 2019
    Contracts & Tenders, Vessels

    Ørsted has placed an order with WindServe Marine for two purpose-built crew transfer vessels (CTVs) for the U.S. offshore wind market. The first CTV will be built by U.S. Workboats and deployed for Ørsted’s Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project, followed by subsequent service on Northeast projects. WindServe’s affiliate shipyard Senesco Marine will construct the second vessel […]

  • 26 April 2016

    UK-based wind farm support vessel (WFSV) owner and operator Iceni Marine Sevices has issued a visual status report on the construction of their 23-metre crew transfer vessel, Iceni Defender, being built by Alicat Workboats Ltd. in Great Yarmouth. Iceni Defender is a sister vessel of Iceni Venture and Iceni Vengeance. The CTV was ordered from South Boats IOW and […]

  • 3 May 2018
    Operations & Maintenance, Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    German Maritime Search and Rescue Association (DGzRS) responded to a report of a fire onboard a crew transfer vessel near the Nordergründe offshore wind farm on Monday, 30 April.

  • 2 December 2016

    EWE Erneuerbare Energien is looking to award a contract for a crew transfer vessel (CTV) that will be deployed at the Riffgat offshore wind farm in Germany. The company is seeking a vessel that can transport at least 24 persons, but the vessel provider could alternatively place two CTVs which can transport 12 persons each. The vessel will […]

  • 19 April 2018
    Contracts & Tenders, Operations & Maintenance, Vessels

    Vroon’s crew transfer vessel (CTV) MPI Napoleon has secured a charter in the German sector of the Baltic Sea.

  • 24 April 2019
    Operations & Maintenance, Vessels

    Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) operators are driving for more transparency around vessel performance as the market seeks to ‘level the playing field’ in offshore wind support, according to Reygar. Operators including Seacat Services, CWind, Tidal Transit, High Speed Transfers, and Maritime Craft Services have found that taking data monitoring into their own hands through the […]

  • 11 July 2018
    Business & Finance, Vessels

    Njord Offshore has signed a contract with BMT for two 23m crew transfer vessels (CTVs), following the launch of its two BMT-designed 27m CTVs Njord Zenith and Njord Zephyr. The new vessel duo will also be built by Cheoy Lee Shipyards in China.

  • 24 April 2020
    Operations & Maintenance, Vessels

    Three persons were injured, one seriously, after a crew transfer vessel (CTV) allided with a wind turbine at the Borkum Riffgrund 1 offshore wind farm in the German North Sea. The 26-metre CTV Njord Forseti reported the incident at 6:25 pm local time, Thursday, 23 April, German Maritime Search and Rescue Association (Deutsche Gesellschaft zur […]

  • 27 January 2017
    Operations & Maintenance, Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    CWind provided one of its crew transfer vessels (CTVs) to international energy and services company, Centrica to support jack-up operations at the Lynn and Inner Dowsing wind farms off North East Lincolnshire. The vessel MPC 19 CWind Alliance supported the 194.4MW Lynn and Inner Dowsing offshore wind farms operated by Centrica. All work at the […]

  • 16 August 2018
    Operations & Maintenance, Ports & Logistics, Vessels

    The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is responding to the growth of involvement by its members in the marine renewable energy sector by releasing two more toolbox talk prompt guidelines before the year-end.

  • 2 May 2018
    Ports & Logistics, Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    Osbit Ltd has recently delivered a height adjustable boat landing system to Gulf Marine Services’ self-elevating support vessel (SESV) GMS Endeavour currently deployed on Ørsted’s Hornsea Project One wind farm off Yorkshire. 

  • 19 February 2017

    The Netherlands Opens Door to More Offshore Wind by 2023 The House of Representatives of the Netherlands has voted in favour of carrying out further research to determine if new offshore wind zones can be added to increase the country’s target of having a total of 4.45GW of offshore wind generation capacity commissioned by 2023. […]

  • 24 September 2012

    BMO announces the first sale of the Vessel Black Box to Frisia Offshore, Germany. The Vessel Black Box is a flexible, integrated vessel movement monitoring system. Innovative sensor solutions from the aerospace industry are used, with superior performance and much lower cost than conventional sensors used in the offshore industry. A complete system will be […]

  • 13 May 2015

    South Boats IOW Ltd., the UK’s manufacturer of Wind Farm Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV’s), has delivered the second of class South Cat 23m, ‘Iceni Vengeance’ to Iceni Marine Services Ltd. The vessel marks a milestone as it is the first South Boats IOW contract to be sub-contracted to sister company, Alicat Workboats Ltd. and built […]

  • 5 May 2015
    Business & Finance, Vessels

    The crew transfer vessels (CTVs) Offshore Wielingen and Offshore Waddenzee are the first of ten former Offshore Wind Services B.V. (OWS) vessels that have been painted in their new Acta Marine colors. Both Damen-built vessels were delivered in 2014. Offshore Waddenzee is currently on charter with Van Oord, working on the construction of Eneco Luchterduinen offshore wind […]

  • 1 December 2016

    Following the delivery of the fourth and final crew transfer vessel (CTV) built for CWind – the Hurricane TOW – in July 2016, Aluminium Marine Consultants (AMC) issued a release on 29 November, saying the four vessels have been built as “future-proof” for a booming offshore wind market.  According to Hurricane TOW’s AIS data, the vessel has […]

  • 22 April 2016
    Business & Finance, Technology, Vessels

    Massachusetts-based Imtra has recently delivered a searchlight, wipers and LED lights to the first US-flagged offshore wind farm crew transfer vessel (CTV) – the Atlantic Pioneer. Imtra has supplied the Colorlight CL20 high-output searchlight, Decca Straight Line wiper system, and LED deck, interior and engine room lights for the Blount Boats-built, 69-foot CTV. The vessel was locally […]

  • 31 March 2017
    R&D, Vessels

    The Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) has issued a report on safety analysis for high-speed offshore vessels carrying up to 60 persons, which can be used to harmonise safety on board offshore vessels carrying wind turbine technicians.

  • 6 June 2014

    At Seawork Southampton and at Windforce Bremen the new product MIR – Motion impact recorder will be launched. Using a remote controlled truck the functionality will be presented to the professionals. Ship owners, service providers and windpark operators can benefit from the attractive conditions for the first customers. MIR Maritime is a newly established partnership […]