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2 May 2016

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27 May 2014 Grid Connection

Cable installation at the 576MW Gwynt y Môr wind farm site is well underway. A total of 92 array cables have been laid so far at the wind farm, located 13 km off the coast of North Wales. Cable laying vessel Sia, owned by CT Offshore, is conducting the cable laying operation and it has […]

6 May 2019 Vessels

Ulstein Verft has held the keel laying ceremony for Nexans' DP3 cable laying vessel (CLV) Nexans Aurora. According to Ulstein, the keel laying, held on 24 April, marks the start of assembling the grand blocks of the 149.9m long vessel. The hull is being built at Crist in Poland while the engineering, outfitting and system integration, […]

5 March 2019 Ports & Logistics

Swan Hunter has executed the final work scope of the Norther offshore wind farm export cable storage project at the storage and spooling yard in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. The last sections of spare array and export cables were transpooled from the Van Oord CLV Nexus, and the DOC-Swan Hunter 4750Te onshore basket carousel, to long […]

17 July 2018 Wind Farm Update

The cable laying vessel (CLV) Siem Aimery will commence the third inter-array cable installation campaign at the Beatrice offshore wind farm on 17 July, according to the latest Notice to Mariners from the project's marine coordination team. 

10 July 2018 Vessels, Wind Farm Update

The walk-to-work vessel Stril Server, together with the crew transfer vessel Marieco Mariah, is currently working on cable commissioning works on wind turbine foundations at the Beatrice project site, in preparation for the installation of wind turbines.

8 May 2018 Grid Connection, Vessels, Wind Farm Update

The topside of the second Siemens Offshore Transformer Module (OTM2) is currently being installed on the Beatrice wind farm off Scotland, Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Ltd (BOWL) said in the latest Notice of Operations.

15 January 2018 Contracts & Tenders, Grid Connection, Ports & Logistics, Wind Farm Update

Swan Hunter has secured the Norther offshore wind farm export cable storage contract for Van Oord.

4 December 2017 Vessels, Wind Farm Update

Seaway Heavy Lifting (SHL) has installed the 86th and final four-pile set at the Beatrice offshore wind farm site. SHL carried out the piling work with the heavy-lift vessel Stanislav Yudin, which will now re-mobilise for jacket foundation installation.

10 November 2017 Wind Farm Update

The first inter-array cable installation campaign at the Beatrice offshore wind farm started today, 10 November, as the cable laying vessel Siem Aimery, supported by CSV Siem Stingray, is set to install up to 24 cables in the south part of the project site.

28 August 2017 Vessels

Nexans has announced the start of construction of a new cable-laying vessel for submarine high voltage (HV) cable systems installation. Being built by Uljanik Group, a Croatia-based shipyard, the high capacity Nexans vessel is designed for worldwide installation of large volumes of HVDC and HVAC cable systems, even in the most severe weather conditions, the […]

23 August 2017 Vessels, Wind Farm Update

VBMS has installed the final inter-array cable and the second and final export cable on the 336MW Galloper offshore wind farm off Suffolk, UK.

20 December 2016 Grid Connection, Vessels, Wind Farm Update

In December 2016, VBMS completed the installation of two 16 kilometre-long 150kV HVAC export cables for the Rampion offshore wind farm situated off the coast of Worthing, UK. To overcome some environmental challenges in this very shallow water, VBMS had to extend the pre-installed landfall HDD’s with duct extensions of approximately 480 metres each. VBMS […]

2 May 2016 Vessels

Remøy Management AS applied to fill several positions on ABB's new cable-laying vessel, to be delivered next year, and advertised job vacancies. Deemed the world’s most modern cable-layer, the vessel is under construction at Kleven shipyard in Norway, with delivery expected in the first half of 2017. ABB's new vessel will be built according to SALT 306 CLV design, and […]

9 June 2015 Grid Connection, Vessels

CT Offshore installed the first inter-array cable at Dong Energy's Gode Wind 1 + 2 offshore sites yesterday. Crew on board cable laying vessel (CLV) SIA had been prepared since Thursday, waiting for good weather conditions to install the J01-I02 cable. The company is using its new trencher ROV, the CTO 107-1100, which has an operating depth of 100 […]

4 February 2015

In October 2014, VBMS installed the export cable for the Eneco Luchterduinen offshore wind farm, executed by the CLV Ndurance and the Trenchformer. The unique multi-purpose trencher, developed and built by VBMS and Boskalis, used its jetting sword to bury the cable 3 metres deep near the shore. The installation of the shore end landing and […]

19 November 2013 Business & Finance

MAKE – a leading strategic advisor to the wind power industry – expands its global footprint with the establishment of a Hamburg based branch office. This office will be managed and led by MAKE’s newly appointed Managing Consultant – Jean Huby – former CEO of AREVA Wind and an accomplished expert in the field of […]

11 September 2013 Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update

Last week, VSMC completed the first part of laying 52 infield cables for the Nordsee Ost offshore wind farm. VSMC started their work on 3 August and completed the installation of the 25 cables within a month and ahead of schedule. VSMC was able to bring the start of the project forward by temporarily using […]

3 September 2013 Grid Connection

CT Offshore is currently working on the West of Duddon Sands Offshore Wind Farm in the Irish Sea. A total of 108 cables are to be laid, and by 25 August CT Offshore was halfway through the project with laying and installation of 54 cables. “It is a very important project to us and I’m […]

30 April 2013 Technology

Siem Offshore has entered into a shipbuilding-contract with Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. in Poland. The contract has been signed for the construction of a dynamically positioned Cable Lay Vessel (“CLV”) scheduled for delivery in April 2015. The associated gross project cost for the first vessel, ready for operation, is approx. USD 85 million. The CLV has […]