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  • 18 November 2015
    Business & Finance

    The Board of Directors of China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited (Ming Yang) has formed a special committee to evaluate the proposal from its Chairman and CEO, Chuanwei Zhang, to acquire all of the company’s outstanding shares not already beneficially owned by him. The Special Committee is composed of independent directors, Dabing Zhou and Steve […]

  • 24 January 2014

    Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) for offshore renewable development have identified a need to evaluate potential interactions between offshore renewables and marine wildlife as a matter of priority so that appropriate mitigation can be investigated and applied. Concerns with respect to the potential impact of tidal turbines on marine mammals have been raised with focus on […]

  • 14 March 2014

    The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) announced that it is seeking public comment as it prepares an Environmental Assessment (EA) to analyze potential impacts from proposed wind energy research activities offshore Virginia. The Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME) has requested a research lease and proposes to design, develop, and demonstrate a […]

  • 10 April 2018
    Authorities, Contracts & Tenders, Wind Farm Update

    Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( has launched a market orientation procedure to determine which contractors are willing and able to carry out a morphodynamic assessment of the Hollandse Kust (noord) wind farm zone.

  • 7 November 2012

    The Offshore Energy Research Association of Nova Scotia was commissioned by the Energy Department to perform a strategic environmental assessment in Cape Breton, which will focus on tidal, offshore wind and wave energy. Commercial tidal power projects there can proceed after the assessment is finished, which is expected to be by summer 2013, according to […]

  • 10 April 2015

    A team of students from Brighton school got an opportunity to work with Mott MacDonald on a project in Newhaven. Namely, 12 students together with engineers from Mott MacDonald have been working to assess the power and energy potential at Newhaven Harbour, reports Brighton and Hove News. The company is working on what is to […]

  • 8 October 2012

    Despite the previous announcements about the Sikka l-Bajda offshore wind farm, the Labour Spokesman on Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Leo Brincat has questioned the Maltese government’s commitment to the renewable energy, reports DI-VE site. He also said that Malta is at the bottom of the EU’s list for alternative energy produced by the […]

  • 25 October 2017

    The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) has published an assessment of 18 Massachusetts ports and waterfront sites, and a supply chain directory of 320 state and regional small businesses that can contribute to the offshore wind industry.

  • 23 March 2012

    Monitoring the environment at sea in a region where waves are usually some five metres high is obviously challenging. That is what Vattenfall plans to do off the coast of the Shetland Islands in Scotland, the site of the company’s first wave-energy farm. The location for the wave energy farm was chosen because of the […]

  • 7 August 2013

    EWEA has announced its first offshore Comparative Resource and Energy Yield Assessment Procedure (CREYAP) exercise. Participants will receive wind data and information on turbine layout to assess the expected energy yield for a wind farm and submit their results for comparison. The results will be presented during EWEA Offshore 2013 (Frankfurt, Germany) as part of […]

  • 8 March 2013

    A study for the assessment of tidal energy potential in the country has been conducted by the Central Electricity Authority. According to the study, there is an estimated potential of about 7000 MW in the Gulf of Cambay, 1200 MW in the Gulf of Kutch in the State of Gujarat and about 100 MW in […]

  • 27 November 2014
    Business & Finance, R&D

    The Netherlands plan to increase their installed offshore wind capacity to 4,500 megawatts by 2023. With the related roll-out reaching round 3, one of the first tenders issued will be the 700 MW tender for the Borssele coast area. The Dutch grid operator TenneT has been designated to become the operator of the offshore grid. […]

  • 2 June 2016

    Jee, a subsea cable engineering company, has completed a project for an unnamed wind farm operator to assess the risks to the array cables within a UK offshore wind farm. With concerns about the integrity of cables on the wind farm, the operator awarded Jee a contract in March 2016 to compile a risk framework […]

  • 3 November 2017

    Ohio’s Black Swamp Bird Observatory (BSBO) and American Bird Conservancy (ABC) have contested the environmental assessment (EA) of Lake Erie’s 20.7MW Icebreaker offshore wind farm which states that the proposed project would have little or no impact on birds and bats.

  • 12 March 2020
    Ports & Logistics

    The U.S. state of Maine is set to examine the Mack Port Terminal in Searsport for opportunities to support the local offshore wind sector. The assessment will review current site characteristics, provide an analysis of potential port users and identify structural improvements or capital investments that may be needed. Additional analysis and review will be […]

  • 2 April 2014

    AXYS Technologies will be presenting at the Windpower Wind Resource Assessment (WRA) event from April 8-10 in London, UK. Windpower Monthly’s 3rd annual event is looking at the latest wind resource methodology to reduce uncertainty estimations and improve project bankability. Graham Howe will be presenting on Day 3, April 10th at 11:30am about the “Application of […]

  • 28 August 2015

    Ecofys has assessed the offshore wind climate for the Borssele offshore wind farm zone in the Dutch North Sea. Combining offshore wind measurements with mesoscale model data, Ecofys found all of the analysed trends reasonable for an offshore site and consistent across modelled heights from 10 to 150 m. The calculated mean wind speed at […]

  • 3 March 2016

    The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is conducting a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of a draft plan to enable future leasing for offshore wind, as well as wave and tidal devices. The authority published the UK Offshore Energy Strategic Environmental Assessment 3 (OESEA3) report, and opened the consultation period which closes on 29 […]

  • 6 October 2014

    Chesapeake Biological Laboratory of University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science in cooperation with Marine Scotland Science and Institute of Biological and Environmental Sciences of University of Aberdeen worked on recent publication reviewing the assessments carried out for offshore wind farms. The article describes the lessons learned from recent experiences in the European offshore wind industry […]

  • 14 June 2018
    Authorities, Contracts & Tenders, Wind Farm Update

    The Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( has released a call for an independent assessment of the wind resources at the Hollandse Kust (noord) wind farm zone.

  • 29 March 2012

    As part of President Obama’s all-of-the-above energy strategy, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Director Tommy P. Beaudreau yesterday announced that Interior is taking steps to assess the conventional and renewable energy resource potential in the Mid- and South Atlantic. The draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS), released […]

  • 24 March 2016
    Authorities, Business & Finance, R&D

    Vivid Economics published a note on the impact of the UK leaving the EU, the so-called Brexit, on the UK’s energy sector. The note builds on the company’s work for National Grid from November 2015, when it was asked to assess the impact of the Brexit on the UK’s energy sector, finding that the overall impacts are likely […]

  • 23 September 2013

     The potential ecological impact of the introduction of anthropogenic sound to the marine environment has received increasing attention in recent decades. Most interest has focused on acoustically sensitive or ecologically or commercially vulnerable species. Potential impacts vary in severity from direct physical trauma and hearing damage through to behavioural disturbances, exclusions, fright responses and the […]

  • 16 September 2019
    Contracts & Tenders

    Electricity Supply Board (ESB), Ireland’s state-owned electricity company, has opened a tender for environmental impact assessment (EIA) services for offshore wind projects in Ireland and the UK. ESB plans to procure works, supplies and services through a framework agreement related to environmental assessment and consenting services for the offshore and onshore elements of offshore wind farms. […]

  • 27 February 2015
    Environment, R&D

    In a new paper, environmental scientists from Brown University (Rhode Island, USA) suggest that the way to fill vast gaps in knowledge about the ecological and socioeconomic impacts of ocean energy development is to consider how the benefits provided by ocean ecosystems change before and after the placement of ocean energy infrastructure. The authors examine […]

  • 12 July 2016

    The US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s (BOEM) Environmental Studies Program (ESP) has published new findings from a Pacific Region study. ESP released the final report on “Determining the Infrastructure Needs to Support Offshore Floating Wind and Marine Hydrokinetic Facilities on the Pacific West Coast and Hawaii” online at its Environmental Studies Program Information System (ESPIS) website. The study […]