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  • 26 February 2018
    Business & Finance, Technology

    Savvy Technologies Ltd, the owner of HiDef Aerial Surveying Inc, will launch a new camera rig on 1 March. According to the company, the new technology is less expensive to produce and will thus decrease the cost of surveying. The current version of the HiDef technology, which has been operating since 2012, will no longer be built.

  • 8 August 2014

    By 2020 the percentage of Scotland’s energy coming from renewable sources will increase. Studies have identified that there is a need to research how offshore renewable developments affect wildlife populations. The Marine Scotland Science released a report on how marine development could affect sea birds and marine mammals. The surveys presented in this report will help […]

  • 16 August 2018
    Environment, Wind Farm Update

    UK environmental consultancy APEM has completed offshore wildlife surveys for the proposed East Anglia ONE North and TWO wind farms, photographing a combined area of over 1,000 square kilometres.

  • 4 March 2015

    HiDef Aerial Surveying has completed a 7 year licensing deal with Biodiversity Research Institute (BRI) of Maine, USA, for exclusive rights to manufacture and sell HiDef’s Collision Avoidance Technology in the USA. In September 2014 the partners received $1.1 million from the U.S. Department of Energy to further develop HiDef’s Collision Avoidance Technology which seeks […]

  • 5 January 2016
    Grid Connection, R&D

    HiDef Aerial Surveying Limited (HiDef) will carry out aerial surveys for one of National Grid’s latest projects.  National Grid will provide a connection to the electricity transmission network for the proposed new 3.4GW nuclear power station, Moorside, in West Cumbria and export energy produced by a number of offshore wind farms in the Irish Sea. Following an […]

  • 9 May 2013
    Business & Finance, R&D

    HiDef Aerial Surveying have strengthened their position in the European market with two new German offshore contracts. New orders include consenting surveys for Dong Energy consultant, BioConsult, as well as baseline data acquisition for the University of Kiel. Both contracts will provide marine bird and mammal population data using HiDef’s unique extreme definition video technology. […]

  • 7 November 2019

    APEM Ltd has begun conducting aerial surveys at the Thang Long offshore wind project in Vietnam. Under a contract with Enterprize Energy, APEM is conducting baseline digital aerial surveys to collect data on birds and marine mammals at the project site offshore Ke Ga Cape. According to the UK-headquartered company, the surveys will be collected […]

  • 28 April 2015

    HiDef Aerial Surveying Limited (HiDef) has extended an agreement with Centrica Energy for the delivery of high-resolution digital video aerial survey services for Lincs Wind Farm. HiDef has already delivered ornithological and marine mammal survey services to Centrica across its portfolio of offshore wind projects.  The survey’s design was driven by the results of a […]

  • 28 March 2012

    HiDef announce they have been awarded a contract by the Scottish Government to conduct aerial surveys off the west coast of Lewis, which has the potential to capitalise on some of the best marine energy resources in the country. If the Scottish Government is to deliver on the areas potential it is vital to assess […]

  • 23 July 2012

    A scientific paper written by Professor Stephen Buckland, published in the Journal of Applied Ecology, compares HiDef’s digital video survey platform with another digital aerial survey method and the traditional visual aerial survey method. His comparison study, based on surveys flown in Carmarthen Bay, Wales in March 2009, showed that the digital methods are more […]

  • 6 August 2015
    Environment, R&D

    Wildlife surveys by HiDef Aerial Surveying played a crucial role in yesterday’s granting of permission to build the UK’s largest offshore wind farm almost 100 miles into the North Sea, the survey company said. HiDef began extensive aerial surveying of marine mammals and birds across almost 3,500 square miles of the Dogger Bank in 2009. During […]

  • 5 January 2015

    HiDef Aerial Surveying Limited (HiDef) has been commissioned by DONG Energy to undertake high resolution digital video aerial surveys at the recently consented Burbo Bank Extension project. These surveys, which may continue into the operational phase of the Burbo Bank Extension, have been designed to determine how red throated diver, an important seabird species, may […]

  • 25 January 2016
    R&D, Technology, Wind Farm Update

    Swedish design and engineering company Hexicon AB has submitted a scoping report to Marine Scotland for its proposed floating wind demonstration project off Dounreay, Scotland. The Dounreay Trì project will consist of a single semi-submersible platform and two wind turbines with a total capacity of 8 to 12 MW, installed approximately 6 km off Dounreay, Scotland. Renewable […]

  • 6 October 2014

    HiDef Aerial Surveying Limited (HiDef) announced the appointment of Kit Hawkins to the Board of Directors as Commercial Director. Kit joins HiDef from international renewable energy consultancy TÜV SÜD PMSS and has a wealth of project management and development experience, having held senior roles on a number of major offshore wind projects, including with Centrica […]

  • 24 July 2012

    APEM staff based at Hawarden Airport near Chester have moved into new offices following two years of spectacular growth. Originally housed in portakabin-style temporary buildings, the staff have moved to a larger, better equipped facility that offers room for continued growth, improved IT and better working conditions. The Hawarden Airport office is now home to […]

  • 15 July 2016

    APEM is carrying out an initial first year of post-construction aerial surveys at the Gwynt y Môr offshore wind farm, located off the coast of North Wales. The works commenced this month with the initial contract running for 12 months, with a potential extension for a further two years. Ultra-high resolution aerial surveys will monitor birds and marine […]

  • 19 October 2018
    R&D, Wind Farm Update

    Monthly surveys of offshore wildlife in the proposed Empire Wind offshore wind farm area off the coast of New York state have passed the half-way point.

  • 14 February 2012

    HiDef Aerial Surveying deployed the latest version of its digital video technology within the intertidal area of the Wash on the east coast of England. The survey provided complete coverage of the near shore cable routes for the LID/Lincs and Race Bank windfarms for Centrica Renewable Energy. Conventional methods for cable route surveys have proven […]

  • 6 February 2012

    In an attempt to address the perennial problems of land access and intensive labour requirements for infrastructure surveys, HiDef has developed a video inspection survey service which has been employed by Forewind, the developer of the UK’s largest windfarm Dogger Bank. HiDef deployed its super HD camera technology from fixed wing aircraft in a similar […]

  • 17 May 2018

    APEM has completed the sixth digital aerial survey carried out as part of a three-year study involving twelve such surveys of offshore wildlife off New York’s Atlantic Coast. The campaign has been commissioned by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and is being performed by Normandeau Associates and APEM.

  • 1 March 2012

    HiDef has been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy to undertake an extended program of aerial surveys as part of the federal governments ‘smart from the start’ initiative. The contract award, worth $1.4 million will see HiDef conduct digital aerial several surveys over the lifecycle of the three year award with extensive coverage of […]

  • 20 June 2014

    Marine Scotland have partnered with HiDef Aerial Surveying to develop a sound aerial survey strategy for Scottish waters, to meet requirements for the sustainable development of offshore marine renewables and a network of Marine Protected Areas. HiDef will install their patented digital video technology into Marine Scotland fisheries aircraft, up to 10 large scale surveys […]

  • 5 May 2016
    Environment, R&D, Technology, Wind Farm Update

    DONG Energy has selected HiDef Aerial Surveying Limited to undertake ultra-high resolution digital video aerial surveys for birds and marine megafauna across the Hornsea Project Three offshore wind farm.  The Hornsea Zone is located adjacent to the River Humber, approximately 200 kilometres south of Newcastle and 75 kilometres north of The Wash. Hornsea Project Three is the latest […]

  • 10 July 2014

    APEM Ltd has supported East Anglia ONE offshore windfarm from the project’s earliest days to its recent successful consent, providing data, assessment and expert advice on the development’s potential impacts on seabirds and marine mammals. The company planned and flew a two-year campaign of aerial surveys over the windfarm area to collect baseline bird and […]

  • 26 December 2012

    HiDef announced it has been selected to conduct Digital Video Aerial surveys for First Flight Wind for its proposed offshore wind farm in waters off the Co. Down coast, Northern Ireland. It is envisioned that the project will have a capacity of 600 Megawatts (MW). A wind farm of this size could generate up to […]

  • 20 November 2014

    Maps showing the density of bird populations in and around a major wind farm in the German North Sea have been released following aerial surveys by APEM. The maps illustrate the number of guillemots and razor-bills recorded during flights in February and March 2014 over an area of about 2,500km2 in the region of the BARD […]