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10 August 2016

The ranked top 25 global wind asset owners owned 170GW of grid-connected capacity at the end of 2015, comprising 41% of global cumulative capacity, a decline from 42% in 2014 and 47% in 2012, as global ownership continues to become more fragmented due to smaller owners outside of the top 25, according to MAKE Consulting's […]

28 July 2016 Authorities, Business & Finance, R&D

Around 12.5% of electricity generated in the UK in 2015 came from wind, according to the latest annual energy statistics issued today by the UK government. The contribution of offshore wind grew by 30% in 2015, while onshore wind grew by 23%. Total wind generation in 2015 increased by 26% compared to 2014.The UK Department for Business, […]

11 April 2016 Authorities, Environment, Grid Connection

Renewable generation capacity increased by 152 gigawatts (GW) or 8.3% during 2015, the highest annual growth rate on record, according to new data released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Renewable Capacity Statistics 2016 finds that as of the end of 2015, 1,985GW of renewable generation capacity existed globally. “Renewable energy deployment continues to […]

4 April 2016 Business & Finance

In its preliminary 2015 results, DNV GL has reported an operating revenue of NOK 23.389 million (approx. EUR 2.5 million) for 2015, which is an increase by 8.2% compared to the previous year (NOK 1,766 million; approx. EUR 186,413).  Group President and CEO of DNV GL, Remi Eriksen, said: "Given the challenging market conditions, particularly in the oil & gas industry, […]

31 March 2016 Business & Finance

Driven predominantly by work in the offshore wind industry, Bladt Industries wrapped up 2015 with an annual profit of DKK 63.5 million (approx. EUR 9 million), after a challenging 2014 which ended with a loss of DKK 6.7 million (approx. EUR 900,000). The company's 2015 EBITDA was DKK 139 million (approx. EUR 18.7 million), a significant increase from DKK […]

31 March 2016 Authorities, Business & Finance, Grid Connection, Operations & Maintenance, Wind Farm Update

Wind farms offshore the UK generated 17.4 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity in 2015, a 30% increase compared to 13.4 TWh of power generated by offshore wind in 2014, according to a report released today by the UK Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC). The 30% leap in power generated by offshore wind farms was attributed […]

30 March 2016 Technology

Bachmann Monitoring's condition monitoring system (CMS) is covering 22 percent of German offshore wind turbines installed in 2015. The company is planning to equip further projects in 2016, said Ulrich Oertel, head of the Monitoring Technologies Development department at Bachmann. "This includes, for example, the extension of the conventional power train CMS and structure monitoring." All 80 turbines at the Global Tech I […]

21 March 2016 Grid Connection

Transmission of wind energy from the North Sea to German mainland has increased sixfold in 2015, with around 7.4TWh fed into the national grid, compared to 1.25TWh in 2014. This means offshore wind power produced in the North Sea in 2015 accounts for 9.6% of the total wind power generation in Germany (77TWh). In the previous year, this […]

8 March 2016 Business & Finance

The commissioning of new wind farms with a total generating capacity of some 1GW, including Nordsee Ost and Gwynt y Môr, had a considerably positive impact on 2015 financial results of RWE's Renewables Division.  The unit posted an operating result of EUR 493 million, more than double the amount it marked the year before (EUR 186 million). On the other […]

3 March 2016 Business & Finance

130MW of offshore wind capacity added to the Dutch grid in 2015 helped the country grow its generation of electricity from wind turbines by nearly 20 percent last year, according to the data gathered by Statistics Netherlands (CBS). In 2015, 13 billion KW of electricity was generated from renewable sources in The Netherlands, approximately 11 percent of total […]

29 February 2016 Business & Finance

China-based wind turbine manufacturer Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology (Goldwind) ended the Fiscal Year 2015 with CNY 2.85 billion (EUR 398 million) net profit, a near 56% increase compared to a year earlier, making 2015 the company's best year ever in terms of wind turbine sales and overall financial results. Goldwind became the world’s largest […]

25 February 2016

The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) today released its December 2015 energy statistics that allow a provisional assessment to be made of trends in energy production and consumption in 2015. Low carbon energy production rose by 13.8%, with growth due to increased nuclear availability following outages towards the end of 2014, and […]

22 February 2016 Business & Finance

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s (BNEF) annual rankings, Siemens was the number one offshore wind turbine manufacturer last year by a wide margin. The company commissioned 2.6GW in 2015, more than four times the second-ranked Adwen, a joint venture between Gamesa and Areva, BNEF said. Offshore wind statistics published by EWEA have also shown Siemens' […]

17 February 2016 Business & Finance

RWE's Renewables Division more than doubled its earnings in 2015 compared to a year earlier, but EUR 3 billion in write-downs and impairments have resulted in the German utility posting EUR 200 million net loss for the year. Based on unaudited pro-forma figures, RWE posted an operating result of EUR 3.8 billion, as well as EUR 1.1 […]

11 February 2016

European offshore wind saw some big numbers last year, with EUR 13.3 billion invested in the sector and a total of 3,019 MW of new grid-connected capacity added. Even though 7 wind turbines were decommissioned (two at Robin Rigg and all five at Yttre Stengrund), 419 newly installed ones were there to overshadow this.  Fourteen projects were completed in 2015, with work […]

9 February 2016

Wind energy added more new capacity than any other form of power in Europe in 2015, the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) said. Across the 28 EU member states, wind accounted for 44% of all new power installations, connecting a total of 12.8GW to the grid – 9,766MW in onshore and 3,034MW offshore. The volume of […]

4 February 2016 Business & Finance

The global wind tower market was valued at more than $26 billion (approx. €23.3 billion) in 2015, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.4% during 2016-2022, according to a report issued by P&S Market Research. The factors driving the growth of the global market include the increased government support for wind power projects, increasing global […]

2 February 2016 Authorities, Business & Finance, Grid Connection, Operations & Maintenance

Offshore wind investments in Europe doubled in 2015 to EUR 13.3 billion in a record year for financing and grid-connected installations, with a total of 3,019 MW in new capacity coming online in European waters in 2015, more than double of what was connected to the grid in 2014, according to European Wind Energy Association (EWEA). Europe's total offshore […]

29 January 2016

Offshore wind marked a record year of activity in 2015 with over 3.7 GW brought online, Navigant Research said. In its Offshore Wind Market Update report, the company reported that preliminary confirmed project commissioning in all global markets shows that offshore wind reached nearly 12 GW of cumulative capacity by the end of 2015, up from […]

15 January 2016 Authorities, Environment, Grid Connection, Operations & Maintenance, Wind Farm Update

Energy generated by wind turbines covered a record-breaking equivalent of 42.1 per cent of Denmark's electricity needs in 2015, data gathered by shows. The last year's result is a 3 per cent improvement compared to a 39.1 per cent equivalent of Denmark's needs covered by wind-generated electricity in 2014. The result could have been […]

14 January 2016 Business & Finance, Environment, Grid Connection, Wind Farm Update

Global clean energy investments reached record-breaking USD 329.4 billion in 2015, with the largest projects financed last year being offshore wind arrays in the North Sea and off China's coast, according to data gathered by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The offshore wind projects in the North Sea which attracted largest investments in 2015 include the 580MW Race […]

13 January 2016 Business & Finance

RWE Innogy UK has invested all-time-high GBP 2 million into British communities in 2015 through its community investment funds. 2016 is expected to be another record year as the second largest offshore wind farm in the world, Gwynt y Môr, came on line mid-2015 and so too did its GBP 19 million community windfall, according to RWE . The Gwynt […]

11 January 2016 Grid Connection, Operations & Maintenance

Following a record final month, 2015 proved to be a “huge year” for wind power in Scotland, with wind turbines providing enough electricity to meet the electrical needs of 97% of Scottish households, according to the data gathered by WeatherEnergy and analyzed by WWF Scotland. Wind turbines generated a record 10,392,439MWh of electricity in 2015, an increase of 16% […]

5 January 2016

Giant technology and scaling steps The world's first close to shore offshore wind farm, Vindeby, built in Denmark in 1991, features 11 semi-standard 450kW Bonus B35/450kW turbines (now Siemens) and is still in operation today. From today's perspective the look of these tiny three-bladed turbines in shallow water is largely similar with today's 6 to […]

5 January 2016 Authorities, Business & Finance, Grid Connection, Operations & Maintenance, Wind Farm Update

New official statistics from UK's National Grid show that 2015 was a record year for wind energy generation, with onshore and offshore wind farms supplying their largest ever amounts of clean electricity to Britain’s homes, factories and offices, according to RenewableUK. Overall, 11% of the UK’s electricity was generated by wind last year – up […]

4 January 2016 Business & Finance, Grid Connection

The German electricity system has reached a new milestone, generating 85.4 billion kWh of wind power in 2015, which is the highest amount ever recorded and 66% more than in 2014, according to Strom-Report. Nationwide, wind energy accounted for 13.3% of German electricity generation during the last year. According to grid operators, storm ''Bjarni'' set […]