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  • 5 May 2016
    Operations & Maintenance, Technology, Vessels, Wind Farm Update

    Forewind has used its latest operations and maintenance trip to the meteorological masts on Dogger Bank to trial new technology and methodology. The trip enabled aerial inspection and survey contractor Cyberhawk to utilise a new advanced camera technology to inspect the overall status of the met masts and condition of bolts along with the structure of the lattice […]

  • 10 June 2015

    Tidal Transit’s windfarm service vessels, Eden Rose, has recently been chartered by Great Yarmouth based Dawson Energy, part of the 3Sun Group, to undertake the first 500 hour service of a number of Siemens wind turbines at the Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm. Situated 8km off the Yorkshire Coast, north of Hull, Westermost Rough Offshore […]

  • 10 April 2015

    Offshore WIND’s photo of the day: Tidal Transit’s personnel transfer vessels (PTVs) Katie Louise, Eden Rose and Ginny Louise at the Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm.  Ginny Louise and Eden Rose have been in permanent use on the Greater Gabbard and Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farms since their arrival in the UK. Katie Louise was hired last month […]

  • 2 May 2013

    Tidal Transit’s personnel transfer vessel, Eden Rose, has been on charter to Scira Offshore Energy since May 2012. Initially it was transporting construction workers building the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm to site, and since this 88 turbine power plant was completed late last year, it has been taking maintenance technicians to the wind farm […]

  • 15 November 2016

    Tidal Transit’s crew transfer vessel (CTV), Eden Rose, has completed its latest charter contracts for Dogger Bank and Hornsea offshore wind farm sites, where it supported upgrade works on met mast monitoring equipment. According to Tidal Transit, Eden Rose’s deployment on the two projects, which included five visits to the sites, has given the company a chance to prove […]

  • 8 January 2013

    Eden Rose, one of Tidal Transit’s growing fleet of purpose designed vessels for use by companies involved in the planning, development, construction and operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms in the Greater Wash and the southern North Sea, made its maiden visit to the Outer Harbour at Wells-next-the-Sea in North Norfolk on Sunday 6 […]

  • 28 November 2012

    For the second year running, North Norfolk’s Tidal Transit Limited, which provides state-of-the-art, purpose-designed crew transfer vessels for use by workers on the North Sea’s offshore wind farms, has made the Eastern Daily Press’s Future 50 List. Future 50 is a list of companies that, in the opinion of the judges are the ones to […]

  • 1 May 2012

    Vessels on display at Seawork 2012 International [22-24 May 2012] have immediate access to Southampton Water, and visitors to this event who are involved in the offshore wind industry should be sure to visit the Tidal Transit berth [V34] to go aboard Eden Rose.  Eden Rose, the second of Tidal transit’s fleet of wind farm […]

  • 12 July 2012
    Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance

    Leo Hambro from Tidal Transit has announced an extension of contracts for both of its state-of-the-art transfer vessels working for wind farm development companies in the North Sea.  “One of the vessels, Eden Rose, is under contract to Scira Offshore Energy Limited, the company developing the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm, an 88-turbine wind farm […]

  • 4 October 2017
    Technology, Vessels

    Tidal Transit’s crew transfer vessels (CTVs) Eden Rose and Tia Elizabeth are the first two in the company’s fleet to be fitted with Marfle data collectors, after the UK CTV operator signed an agreement with the marine fleet productivity specialists Marfle.

  • 17 June 2013

    Tidal Transit has just celebrated the completion of 10,000 safe passenger transfers from its two personnel transfer vessels to wind turbines situated in the North Sea. The Ginny Louise and Eden Rose sail to the wind farms on most days from either Wells-next-the Sea or Great Yarmouth to transfer wind farm maintenance technicians and their […]

  • 10 April 2012

    Eden Rose, the second of Tidal Transit’s fleet of windfarm service vessels, was launched on 30 March 2012 by its Spanish boat builder, Mercurio Plastics. Like its sister Ginny Louise, it is a state-of-the-art, purpose designed vessel for use by companies involved in the planning, development and construction of offshore wind farms in the Greater […]

  • 21 May 2012

    From 28 May 2012, Scira Offshore Energy, the company developing the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm [88 turbines between 9-17 miles off the coast of North Norfolk,] is to charter Eden Rose, one of Tidal Transit’s innovative wind farm personnel and equipment transfer boats, to service the site development. The Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm […]

  • 11 November 2011

    MV Ginny Louise will be in UK waters in early December. She will be touring the UK’s East Coast in December starting in Southampton and stopping at Ramsgate, Sheerness, Brightlingsea, Harwich, Felixstowe, Lowestoft, Great Yarmouth, Wells-next-the-Sea and Grimsby. MV Eden Rose due in the UK in January (the second of 10 vessels that TTL plan […]

  • 16 December 2013
    Operations & Maintenance

    On 10th December 2013, Tidal Transit celebrated the completion of 20,000 safe passenger transfers from its three personnel transfer vessels (PTVs) to wind turbines situated in the North Sea. Announcing this achievement, Tidal Transit Commercial Director Leo Hambro said: “I suspect that very few people realise the scale of offshore wind farm operations that now […]

  • 20 June 2013

    It was planned that Tidal Transit’s latest vessel, Tia Elizabeth, would be delivered and formally handed over at Seaworks International 2013 on 25 June 2013. However the delivery of this latest addition to the growing Tidal Transit fleet of innovative offshore wind farm personnel transfer vessels has now been delayed into next month. Ginny Louise […]

  • 5 November 2013

     Tidal Transit has won a long-term contract for its Ginny Louise, the first of a potential fleet of ten crew transfer vessels. This is a second 18-month contract awarded by Scira Offshore Energy to Tidal Transit. The Ginny Louise will be working alongside her sister vessel Tia Elizabeth servicing the operation and maintenance needs of […]

  • 23 May 2013

    When Mantsbrite (stand A173 at Seawork 2013) became the sole UK distributor of the David Clark Marine Wireless Headset Communications Systems in 2012, one of the first users was fellow Seawork exhibitor Tidal Transit (V32). Some years earlier, Tidal Transit had realised that offshore wind farm development off the east coast of England was going […]

  • 24 May 2012
    Operations & Maintenance

    A team of RES engineers visited the Hornsea Round 3 meteorological mast for maintenance, This is Grimsby news portal reports. Chris Holden, offshore operations manager at RES said that the first visit to the mast is significant because it shows Grimsby’s capability of undertaking O&M activities and potential to build sustainable business in the future. […]

  • 23 February 2016

    Tidal Transit Limited has shared a photo of two of its crew transfer vessels (CTVs), Ginny Louise and her sister Eden Rose, looking ‘‘clean and ready for a busy spring” the company said in an Instagram post. The sisters have been employed on the 317MW Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm on and off for the past four years, […]

  • 16 April 2013

    When Mantsbrite became the sole UK distributor of the David Clark Marine Wireless Headset Communications Systems in 2012, one of the first users was Tidal Transit, a fast growing North Norfolk company providing a new generation of personnel transfer vessels for use by offshore wind farm developers. Some years earlier. Tidal Transit had realised that […]

  • 3 December 2013
    Business & Finance, Operations & Maintenance

    Leo Hambro, Commercial Director of Tidal Transit, has announced that the company had just been awarded its third 18-month vessel charter contract by Scira Offshore Energy Limited. This will see the Eden Rose working alongside its sister vessels Ginny Louise and Tia Elizabeth transporting turbine technicians from the Outer Harbour in Wells-next-the-Sea to the Sheringham […]

  • 3 January 2013

    Strainstall Marine have undertaken a vessel motion monitoring trial on a transfer vessel operating at an offshore wind-farm off the UK’s east coast. Strainstall’s new Vessel Motion Monitoring System™ (VMMS™) provides accurate motion monitoring for wind turbine transfer vessels to improve safety during transfer operations, as well as impact load measurement combined with a data […]

  • 25 September 2013

    In an exciting renewable energy supply chain development, Tidal Transit Limited has been awarded an 18 month contract by Scira Offshore Energy Limited for its latest personnel transfer vessel, Tia Elizabeth, to service the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm. Announcing this contract, Tidal Transit’s Commercial Director Leo Hambro said: “Tia Elizabeth only arrived in the […]

  • 16 October 2015

    As a ‘thank you’ to the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm for the continuous employment of Tidal Transit’s vessels, Leo Hambro has commissioned a painting by local artist John Hurst. One or more of Tidal Transit’s personnel transfer vessels have been on charter to the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm for three years. They have played […]

  • 23 August 2012

    Leo Hambro from Tidal Transit announced that the developers of the 140-turbine Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm off the Suffolk coast, the SSE and RWE npower renewables partnership, has extended the contract for the company’s crew transfer vessel Ginny Louise. The Ginny Louise and its sister vessel Eden Rose, are state-of-the-art, high specification and purpose-designed […]