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  • 15 August 2014

    Year: 2012  Type: WindServer 25  Length (m): 24,00  Classification: 100AS II OWFSC, HSDE-MC  Deck Area (m2): 71/12  Max. Load (t): 10  Crane: 3,000kg TMP900K  Engines: 4x Scania DL 13 368kW  Propulsion:   Fuel Load (l): 22.000  Sleeping Berths: 4 

  • 20 February 2015

    Year: 2017  Type: DP II Heavy Lift Vessel Length (m): 108.00m Classification: Lloyd’s Register of shipping Deck Area (m2): 2,000m3 Sleeping Berths: 78

  • 23 October 2020

    Tasks and Responsibilities: •Responsible for all technical and project management related activities for primary and converter technology of the platform and the land station; •Responsible for all technical and project management related activities for auxiliary power supply of the land station; •Support of project management with regards to risk, scope and contract management; •Monitoring of […]

  • 8 June 2017

    Markets Outlook: NORWEA Ocean energy act The Ocean Energy Act (havenergilova) was constituted in 2010. The law states that zones must be opened before offshore wind applications can be made – with exceptions for experimental projects and oil- and gas powering initiatives. Moreover, the secondary legislation under the law was missing. Now movement is back on […]

  • 30 May 2017

    Mukran Port More than 210 wind turbines, 280 jacket piles, 70 jacket foundations, 60 transition pieces and 76 km subsea cables have been transshipped via Mukran Port since 2014. During construction of the wind farms “EnBW Baltic II”, “Wikinger”, and “Arkona”, the port contributed with its infrastructure and extensive know-how to more than 1000 MW […]

  • 30 May 2017

    Bladt Industries We specialise in: • Offshore substations from PC to EPCI projects; • Offshore foundations: monopiles, transition pieces, XL foundations and jackets; • Constructions for the utilisation of tidal and wave energy. Offshore substations Bladt Industries has been a dynamic and innovative player in the market ever since the very first offshore wind farms […]

  • 8 January 2019

    Markets Outlook: Belgian Offshore Platform Offshore wind energy in Belgium Today, 6 projects, C-Power, Belwind, Northwind, Nobelwind, Rentel and Norther, representing 1,556 MW, are fully operational and meet the electricity needs of about 1.5 million homes. The projects Northwester II (219 MW) and SeaMade (487 MW) are currently being constructed and will be commissioned in […]

  • 30 May 2017

    Acta Marine Our fleet Our versatile fleet delivers services during the whole lifecycle of Offshore Wind Farms. We have more than 40 vessels including: DP2, Walk-to-Work OSV’s; DP multicats; Shoalbusters; crew transfer vessels; survey vessels; barges. Ultra Shallow Draft A substantial part of our fleet is distinguished by vessels with extreme shallow draft whereby we […]