OEEC 2021

This is where the energy transition takes place

Get in touch with your offshore wind colleagues at our annual event Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference on 26 and 27 October 2021 in Amsterdam RAI, the Netherlands.

Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference is Europe’s leading event for the entire offshore energy industry and an opportunity to reach business leaderds, highly qualified experts and professionals across global markets.

Be part of this event filled with networking opportunities, collaborating with peers, doing business and broadening your horizon.

The event is an opportunity to get in touch with industry players like Damen Shipyards, North Sea Port, BigLift Shipping, Royal Wagenborg, ELA Containers, GSS Marine Services, Smulders, Hetraco, Temporary Works Design, KenzFigee, Bow Terminal, Peutz, Boskalis, Pavilion by Netherlands Maritime Technology, AAA Propulsion, Saltwater Engineering, Holland Shipyards and many more.

The event is organized by our colleagues from Offshore Energy, also part of Offshore WIND’s mother company Navingo

Join this gathering of the entire offshore energy industry on the 26th & 27th of October and take the opportunity to network. Join round-table sessions, go 1-on-1 matchmaking, watch the live talk shows and meet the exhibitors.

Supporting Partners

  • IRO
  • Netherlands Maritime Technology
  • Koninklijke Vereniging van Nederlandse Reders (KVNR)
  • Nederlandse vereniging voor Energie uit Water (EWA)
  • Nederlandse WindEnergie Associatie (NWEA)
  • EBN
  • Dutch Marine Energy Centre
Endorsing Partners

  • AYOP
  • nhn
  • NOF
  • Decom North Sea Awards
  • Asia Wind Energy Association
  • Business Network for Offshore Wind
  • Ocean Energy Europe
Media Partners

  • Ship & Offshore
  • The Maritime Executive
  • Dockyard Magazine
  • DVV Media Group
  • Grey Sells Global
  • TB Petroleum
  • Oil and Gas Advancement
  • ON&T
  • Offshore Source
  • PES Wind
  • Guangdong
  • Renewable UK
  • ReNews
  • ROV Planet
  • Shiff & Hafen
  • Sea Technology Magazine
  • WorldOils
  • Business Network for Offshore Wind
  • Kormarine 2021
  • Ocean Energy Resources
  • Wave Tidal
  • Recharge
  • Upstream
  • OER-Hollands
  • SeaWork
  • WindpowerNL
Sonja Chirico IndrebØ
Power Plant Manager for Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm Ltd & Hywind Scotland Ltd at Equinor
This is a very good event where you get the chance to see across your own industry and you have a chance to copy from the best. So, we are looking at renewables and we are also looking at how to decarbonize our oil and gas
Mr. Julian Manning, CEO
Paradigm Group B.V.
Exploring technologies that are adopted in other industries is a proven pathway of consideration for the offshore energy industry.
Exhibitor 2019
Nice location, easily accessible, good decor and wide variety in exhibitors.
Ms. Liz Burdock, President & CEO
Business Network US Offshore Wind
With the offshore wind pipeline increasing in the United States, there is a supply chain capacity issues. So we need European companies to partner with US companies.
Exhibitor 2019
It’s a very nice-market oriented exhibition where you can get a good feeling of the current situation in the offshore market.
Exhibitor 2019
Extremely helpful staff, prompt replies to any questions, positive to new ideas and suggestions
Mr. Bart van de Leemput, Executive Vice President
Shell Operated Upstream international
How can we build on our experience in oil and gas? What is there to be explored? We need to go into unknown territories and discover what we can bring for the next phase in energy.

Two days full of networking opportunities, broadening your horizon within the industry and shaping the future of energy, together.

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