Maersk Launches New Offshore Crane Training

Maersk Training has launched new offshore crane operator programme designed to grant crane operators and their companies access to offshore lifting operations worldwide.

The comprehensive training programme targets crane operators at all levels and consists of three stages, each followed by strict qualification assessment including requirements on documented workplace experience in-between.

By completing all three stages, the course participant will become a qualified offshore crane operator able to administer any lifting operation unsupervised across the world, as the programme is DNV approved and complies with LOLER, API, BS7121-1 and BS7121-11 standards, Maersk Training explained.

“In a market squeezed by declining margins, mobility of resources becomes more and more important. We have developed this offshore crane programme exactly to meet this demand, giving our clients the possibility of quickly relocating their most skilled crane operators and hereby cut costs,” said Frank Holst Christoffersen, Chief Commercial Officer at Maersk Training.

The company said its Offshore Crane Operator programme utilizes highly advanced fully immersive offshore crane simulators alongside real-life onsite training, thus bridging theory with practice in order to increase safety and operational performance.

“Candidates with little experience as well as more seasoned crane operators will greatly improve their knowledge and ability to operate an offshore crane both safely and efficiently,” says Andrew Monie, senior crane instructor at Maersk Training.

Photo: Photo: Maersk Training